Daily Drop: Cranberry Sauce

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Pleeease drop something on fire! Or maybe some of those exploding things you throw on the ground.


No wonder they had plastic sheets around ground zero. :D

Thanks for shortening the video, I'd rather have multiple drops with different speed of drop/throw than have one drop drag out 30+ seconds.

I actually thought it was cranberry sauce in a glass container before I actually watched the show. Nice splat though. Always up for things that go splat.

Liquid Paradox:
hmm... was I the only person who was a bit worried that the cranberry sauce sort of held it's shape in the end?

Yeah, I know, eh? We eat that stuff?

Hungry Donner:
While far from my favorite Daily Drop that was still very satisfying to watch :)


Looks like the next drop is gonna be done Dexter style. Are you gonna cut the turkey up afterwards and put it in hefty bags?

I have to sit through a 30 second warcraft ad every time i want to watch a one minute video or give you money?


Cranberry sauce is a condiment that goes well with savory meats. If you're just shoveling it into your mouth, you're doing it wrong. Properly prepared (not the dreadful canned stuff) it brings out the flavor of a good turkey. Heck, it'll even make bad turkey and dry dressing edible, especially if there's some gravy to go around.

The best part of this entire series is the credits, in that it amazes me how many names you have to put on a video of someone dropping crap from the top of a ladder.

It was everything I hoped it would be.

Pretty dull I'm going to bed.

(incase you didn't understand this pun, Cranberrys are harvested from beds)

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