Daily Drop: Turkey

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...I dont know how you do it, but you end up dropping most of the things I find memorable from my childhood. *gets mindraped* XD

wait a cooked turkey was memorable? O_O

kinda. I live here in germany, we dont really celebrate thanksgiving (at least not in my family and I dont know anybody who does, so), and dont have turkeys under normal circumstances. but while I was 6 or 7 my grandma made one, and it was fantastic.
Also: Left of the chair I sat on was a vitrine, and on it a clock exactly like the one from the preview of todays episode.

sadly, my grandma died some time ago, so yeah, they're happy childhood memoriesXD

and dont let me start with the polaroid cam T_T

I was not thinking how much the turkey absorbed the blow. also the arms wiggling around looks like it is trying to run away.

If anything the turkey looks like it Poo'd out it's stuffing XD

That turkey held up fairly well, but ugh, I hope you guys don't actually eat any stuffing you had inside the bird carcass, definitely not a safe way to do it! Just stuff it full of veggies to flavor the broth and cook your stuffing in its own trays, and that way you can get a lot more of it, mm!

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite American national holiday, though the sorts of food we cook up around here for 4th of July and Memorial Day come close.

Apparently, the turkey was eaten afterwards (hence the polyfilm). Looking forward to the antique clock.

It damn well better have been! A part of me died inside, and I'm crying! Well.. crying may be an exageration! But then again, so are you!

Huh. I was really hoping for the crowbar on this one....

This one was kinda yucky, with all that stuffing flying around. Bleh!


So, can I have the breast?

Okay, that clock up for tomorrow's drop?

That better be one of those cheap battery-powered imitations you find in cheap gift shops. Or, at the very least, a genuine incarnation that was pronounced wholly unsalvageable by a noted horologist. Otherwise, I am going to be... perturbed.

I own one of these, you see, and you could never pay me enough to see it or even its distant kin destroyed. They're absolutely wonderful pieces of machinery.

I sure hope you guys ate that afterwards, I would hate to see such a delicious (and tenderized) turkey goto waste. Seeing as you guys set down a film it should still be sanitary. Happy Thanks Giving and keep on busing!

PETA would be pissed :)

Turkey courtesy of MAN Cooking.

The question remains: are they still going to eat it?

Fantastic! Best drop yet I reckon XD

If you ask me, that turkey is still mostly intact.

Also, dropping it is a more useful exercise than eating it. Turkey is yuck.

this need's to be sent to peta

... I'm hungry now.

Is there any particular reason that there is an American flag present in this video? Is the Escapist giving you marching orders?

Kind of strange that they would have this now, they're Canadian and have their Thanksgiving at the end of October...

Huh. I was really hoping for the crowbar on this one....

...It's a turkey.
They should've swung a carving knife at it!


Huh. I was really hoping for the crowbar on this one....

...It's a turkey.
They should've swung a carving knife at it!

Yes. It is a turkey.
All the more reason to smack it with a crowbar.

Haha! Apple Slices flew out of it's Butt!........wow that sounded Juvenile.

Less exciting that anticipated, but still pretty good.

Now that looks delicious, I would love to gobble it up.

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