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Thumbs up to Paul for epic pose.
When the hell will Bill showup on camera again?

He's on his 24 hour driving shift today, so just pop in soon and you will see him.

Do it for the Duck guys
Do it for the Duck...

You guys have a mopkin too?

Hahaha, that is AWESOME! I was there for a lot of that because it was on Saturday, which I stayed up for 28 hours after work. I caught about 15 hours of Desert Bus that day. I've only been able to drop by periodically since then though :(. I really REALLY want to donate, and I think I'm gonna have enough money left over, but I'll have to do it on a day I'm actually here...and I don't know how long they have left.

Also, Yay, I'm in the trailer! At 3:39 "You'll be smashing that for a long time." I almost remember what I was talking about.

this was great. Although after seeing the word "desert" so many times I kept thinking it said "dessert".
Maybe I'm just hungry.

Also Morgan's pants & shirt = awesome magician wear


Keith K:
Ruh Roh!

Flagrant misspelling of Rosco in your own trailer! Oh no!

No, it's Roscoe.

There is, however, a flagrant misspelling of "thrilling".

Maybe you should Google it. He has his own wiki.


Just putting a message here to say what you're doing is great! And watching DB is strangely addictive :P
88,495! Looking good!

now to the question everyone has probably thought....what the hell happened to morgan??? lol xD

Ah fond memories of desert bus already.
Also, needs more whargarbl.

It was weird seeing the room from different angles // Plus that TV screen was huge! and was used all for the chat? No wonder you guys could read what we where saying


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