Daily Drop: Gourds

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So yeah, am I the only one to notice the sounds doesn't match the video? Im pretty sure Im not, but still, have to point that out just in case.

That reminded me of some deep space footage - asteroids revolving in zero G. You should place/drop little triangle (Asteroids game!), shuttle glued to one of them gourds (X2 or Homeworld series), or Millenium Falcon :).
On the side note - I think that lack of directing kills the whole thing a bit, but that's just my opinion.

Hrm... No smash, I can accept. No mid-air collisions? It needs something.

I got a fever, and the only prescription...is more crowbar!

I concur. In fact, I watch many of these drops for similar reasons a lot of Nascar "fans" go to the race, just to see an epic crash (crowbar!).

I concur with my internet-ers, needs more crowbar :/

What's a gourd? Minipumpkin?

Also, no crowbar?!

There's a clear lack of destruction in this video.

...yeah... needed more crowbar me thinks...

fake or otherwise, the general tagline for this series has been "today, something meets its end"

i agree with the interwebs - needs more cowbell.. err.. crowbar [sorry, old habits ;) ]

I have the same robo puppy

That was lame. No FAILURE? No Crowbar? Come on, you guys!

Bouncy drops are not cool. Splatty and breaky! Splatty and breaky! And crowbar!

WHERE WAS THE.... Crowbar... :'(

hey, hey!
Drop a lamp i would like to see something crash with the speed of light XD

Disappointing episode, no crowbar!

Gourds are better as decoration pieces and being turned into drinking jugs. Should've smashed them to bits with the crowbar.

Love how the light glinted beautifully off that big mother in the middle.

Well that sure was Gourdgeous :-p

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