Review: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

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the last need for speed games I played were for the ps2 "need for speed:hot pursuit" and "need for speed:underground"

this game does look fun but I rather play Forza or Grand Turismo instead.

What I do not understand, is that the video is reviewing a racing game and yet the video does not cover or mention the most important aspect of a racing game which every reviewer of a racing game should cover, the handling mechanics! All that I saw was the bells and whistles of the game. Those are the bonuses and it does not make me buy the racing game. What is the use of having all those bells and whistles, but the handling sucks? Keep this in mind next time a review of a racing game is done.

Take it there is no modification in this game? It also seems to focus mainly on super cars so I suppose that's understandable.

Still I enjoyed Driving my Renault Clio V6 in NFS:MW.


For PC players, I found this game to be incredibly unoptimized. You've been warned.

That, and no LAN support. Again.

Plagued with tons of problems for the PC player, and no DLC either.
Criterion, recently announced they don't have the resources to support all platforms, yet didn't mind releasing it on all platforms.

NFSHP is probably the worst game I've purchased as a PC player in the last 10 years.

Just picked this up for the 360. The progression is awful. You only get new races by getting gold on a percentage of the ones you've already unlocked, so if you run into a spot where you've just got supercar time trials that you suck at, no amount of grinding easier races for levels will get you new races.

Personally, I think it's not worth the going rate and I would rather get the old NFS: Hot Pursuit for PC, again. That game was awesome. Outrunning the cops in my Lister Storm...

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