Escape to the Movies: Love & Other Drugs

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I was sold at "Anne Hathaway as a sexy free spirit." No Offense to all the other lovely ladies, but IMHO Anne Hathaway is the most beautiful actress of this generation. I could gaze into her bright smile and eyes all day.

I was a little worried her talent was getting relegated to the "Pure Virtuous" Typecast.I am not at all completely familure with all of her movies, but I watched her go from Princess Diaries to Bridewars to Devil Wears Parada Smart. (Lets face it, not a good movie) Yeah, she has a sexy moment in Devil Wears Parada, but its just to contrast her loyal character. In Get Smart, her character's sexieness just felt contrived because of the omoage to the original character she was portraying. (And yeah, Anne's characters all had spirit, but it took a back seat to the virture in those movies.)

But as a genuine, sexy, free spirit... Horray. I guess what I'm looking for in this movie is her spirit taking the lead over her usual virtuosity... oh and her hot naked body.

OK, Mr. Movie Bob, I usually take your recommendations on blind faith, but for a Rom-Com I simply cannot go that route this time. The problem I see with Rom-Coms is that they rely on emotional pablum (a.k.a. 'the Hallmark crap' you see in most of these movies) to manipulate the audience. Perhaps this movie's motivations are grounded in reality (sex), but if that reality still bends to accommodate the standard Rom-Com emotional manipulations, then I can't see myself enjoying this movie. Although I will keep it in mind if I happen to find myself a date in the next couple months - which I also can't see myself doing. Looks like another night of MST3K-&-bong-rips sophistication for me! 8D

EDIT: Case-in-point to demonstrate my weariness: I saw Morning Glory recently on the promise that it would offer a glimpse into the world of television production. I got a decent taste of that, also got a nice shot of Rachel Adams in a very sexy pair of panties. But seeing what I came to see with a side of hot booty did not overshadow the emotional manipulation in the movie - the obvious cues for girlfriends to coo and go "Awwwww! Isn't that SWEEEEET??" Harrison Ford resolves the movie by cooking a fritada on the air. There's no fritada in the world that would keep me away from the Executive Producer's job on the Today Show and the huge bankroll that comes with it. NOT ONE FRITADA, ANYWHERE, MADE BY ANYONE.

Couldn't care less if Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway spent the entire film dressed only in a strategically placed fig leaf and their best intentions; but if you thought the script was clever, why not?

Nothing wrong with a romantic comedy.

While I can admire your honesty, that's about all I can admire here.

Good review, but I'm not seeing the movie. I'm far too much of a cynic and had my heart crapped on far too many times to sit through the myriad of terrible cliches you mentioned. Love stories are only good when they are tragic, or at least involve tragic occurrences. Love is like faith, not truly interesting or worthwhile until it's been truly tested.

That old picture of you at the end is kind of nice. And you've worked in retail for 13 years? Dang... And now all you have to do to get paid is complain about stuff. And review movies. Nice!

Simply brilliant review, Bob!

You're welcome? lol
Eh... even tho you say it's good I probably won't go see it xD

Daystar Clarion:
Soooo, sex makes everything better? ALERT THE PRESS!
Good, review, I'm not gonna check it out of course because I hate those kind of films.

You can't forget the fact that Megaman makes everything better as well

Great, now I have to decide between this and Tangled. Why do films I actually want to see all come out at once so I don't have time?

Likewise, I heard Tangled was to be really good. I'm rather surprised that Bob didn't tear this movie apart considering it's a bloody rom-com deal.

I'm starting to mistrust bob, every time a terrible movie comes out with an actress getting nude that he wants to bone, it gets a good review, last one was a movie with Jolie in and i watched it and it was as bad as this film looks.

Bob if you have a pent up need to fuck, thats fine! take a name badge and join the HUGE group, but don't sacrifice integrity.
It's like getting a movie review from myself when I was 13.... "Yeah the movie is pants but fast forward to the nudity, he he boobs" Jesus Christ!

How about from now on you review movies on their actual merits and i'll find my own porn.

Oh and how dare you link this piece of hollywood trash to the indie genius of Clerks, for shame

I wish more relationship movies that weren't strictly girl meets boy or vice versa were made. This one can be as well written and nudity filled as it likes, its still the same plot and formula more or less.

Yeah...I don't agree. OK fine the problem with most romantic comedies or romantic movies in general is that they are fake. Yes the lack of sex makes it feel know what I mean. But here's the deal...I like those kinda movies...Yes they are awful and yes 99% of the time it never happens this way but I still love them because I'm a hopeles romantic with the stamp: "I support love not lust" written all over my face. I started my first relationship when I was 16. I got my first kiss (and her first kiss) exactly an year later. We were togheter all the times. We moved to the US because that was always her dream. And here it comes...*drum roll*...We had sex when we were 22...Yeah...OK look the point I was trying to make was that I know that this is the way to make romantic comedies but I don't like it and even though I support the thruth and nothing but the thruth I still like the other kinds because my life was basically a movie. I'm gonna put up my shield now...

I'm with you for that last bit there. I wear the hopeless romantic stamp too, and that's why I'll put up with some of the crap romance movies that come out. But hey you know what, maybe it's finally time for that change, the change that says "We're gonna start making movies with REAL PEOPLE" I hope that was part of the director's intent to push the envelope with the movies here...

I was hoping for Tangled. :(

Oh well. I already know it is awesome.

I had a feeling that having Ed Zwick direct and co-write would churn out a better film than expected. Good for him (please make another epic, Senor Zwick). Still, I won't see this film in theaters mainly because they're just not my thing. I'm just gonna watch Back to the Future on BD.

Sandra Bullock good films:

Speed, Demolition Man, Miss Congeniality

The rest...yeah.

You had me at Donkey Kong.
Now I'm definitely going to see this movie, when it comes out on DVD, so I'm not accused of going all Paul Reubens in a crowded theater.

I'm not a sucker for romance (usually <_<) but you seem to be making a valid point, therefore I might check it out :P

Da Joz:
I too hate romantic comedies and how they unrealistically portray relationships and how that can affect people into making them think that one day some magical person will come a take them away from the shit hole that is they're lives. Even though this sounds like a refreshing take on the formula I think I am going to skip it.

Oh and by the way I'm surprised Bob didn't mention (500) days of summer, that movie was quite good. Although some could argue that its not really a romantic comedy.

Yeah, it's kind of a tough call. 500 Days of Summer has romance and comedy in it, but it's so different from the usual rom com formula that it feels weird to call it that. I'd call it a "dramedy" if that term didn't make me want to punch my own face.

I'm on the fence about this one too, myself. MovieBob's review came dangerously close to calling it "a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, except people bone." If that's the core basis of its appeal, then I'm not sold. The cast does look good, though.

Eh... I probably won't go see this on my own, but if someone else wants to, I guess I'll let them drag me along.

Also, in response to Bob thanking us for him not working in retail anymore, I'm just gonna call it even, since he's the sole reason I went to see District 9 and Daybreakers.

My mom LOVES horrible movies like this.

unfortunately bob, i can tell you right now that because these movies are made for "your mom", that is precisely why they are so successful and why teenage girls all over the country and world go gaga for these films

because they want to see their ideal man, their prince charming, doing nice things for them and not thinking about sex. Seriously, i ask any teenage girl which is better "Love and Other Drugs" or "Dear John", i can 100% guarantee that the girl will say "Dear John". They want to see us men as they fantasize us for once, and sex comedies like this aren't exactly like that.

Megaman truly does go with everything and you are welcome.

Very nice review. Anything with Anne Hathaway naked has me. Plus it kinda does sound vaguely interesting.

... So I'm the ONLY one who liked The Spirit?

Well, OT: Moviebob did nothing to convince me this film was good. He pointed out it's dozens of cons but batted them all away with a single pro. And at this point, the whole idea of them meeting in an embarassing sorta way that wasn't glamorous isn't even all that new. I really can't see it being balanced out.
Still, I'll... Probably go see it for Jake Gyllenhaal >_>
Nah, sex isn't exactly a motivation to go see a movie for me. It could be a factor, sure, but if a film has NOTHING else going for it.. I mean, there's other options. Clearly. >_>


That old picture of you at the end is kind of nice. And you've worked in retail for 13 years? Dang... And now all you have to do to get paid is complain about stuff. And review movies. Nice!

You mean this picture? You do know that's not him right, but Dante Hicks from Clerks. Don't mean to sound smug, just not sure if you knew or were kidding. I wouldn't have realized if I didn't watch that movie several dozen times.


Not everyone needs sex in a movie to make it fun for them. I freely admit to being a fan of a lot of romantic comedies (though not all) and a large part of the reason for me personally is that they take away the sex aspect.

I am fully aware that there is an animalistic lust involved in a lot of relationships, I am aware that people in adult relationships will generally have sex, I am aware that having sex is perfectly naturual, usually fun and depending on the person a perfect representation of the physical love you hold for one another.

What I also am is a romantic, an old fashioned guy who would like to believe that sometimes you can be kind and chivalrous to a woman without wanting to get into her pants. And a lot of romantic comedies play directly to that aspect of my likes and interests. I am the sort of guy who has done the 'resolving difficult relationship issues by yelling at someone across a crowded room' (it's about as fun as it sounds) I have stood outside someone's window at 2:30 am and recited poetry to them (It worked) and I am the guy who thinks all of the crazy stuff guys do in romcoms is actually a sign of a not inconsiderable amount of love and bravery because let's face it, if you're prepared to look like that much of an idiot, then you probably feel something pretty deeply towards the person you're yelling it to.

So stop making jokes about sex, and please don't imply that the only thing that would make a romantic comedy is good is the inclusion of sex. Either that, or go back to reviewing action and sci-fi and things that you like and know something about. I wouldn't pretend to know anything about sports games, so if asked for my opinion I don't give a response, I don't pretend to know anything about cinematography, so when asked about films I reserve my comments to the story and characters. It feels like you don't know anything about romantic comedies, so don't try to talk about them until you do.

Now if I only had a girl that would like to watch it with me... I guess I'll have to ask one out XD
Thanks fro the review, Bob. I liked the sparke part XD

Well, sex is part of life so it has to be shomewhere, and it's a important part of relationship. Good sex isn't just a part of good relationship - good sex should be natural outcome of good relationship and mostly because of that love aspect...

I know Bob pulled this apart quite well, but it is true that romantic comedies are usually bad, because they are all the same! It is good to know that someone mixed it up a bit. Hopefully this happens more, but not too much or the changes to a similar formula will make them bland all over again.

A romantic Comedy, with sex *looks around*

I mean really how hard is that to ask, I mean all a romantic comedy does is stretch out the awkwardness of the first date and mixing it with slapstick, WHICH DOESN'T WORK!! I mean really how hard is it for you to have sex, I don't care if all I get is a Mass Effect-style sideboob, AT LEAST GIVE ME SOMETHING MORE THAN HAND-HOLDING AND THE WHISPERING OF SWEET NOTHINGS!!!!!!!

I hate 99% of Romcoms, but Contact, Meet Joe Black, and The American President were the balls.

Go ahead, laugh.

I liked that main man in Jarhead
and Glory was awesome, and theres a reason everyone "borrows" from its soundtrack

Sooo... You only liked it because you got to see Anne Hathaway naked and having lots of sex?

You say that like it's a bad thing.

To sum up my reaction to this review:

- Mega Man DOES go with everything, go ahead and apply liberally in future episodes
- I'm glad that when mentioning Zwick, you added "since Glory" to the phrase "best movie". If you even tried to put this up against freaking Glory, I would have had to stop you right there.
- It's funny that you showed Toy Story Barbie and Ken in your review, since I actually got a lot more out of those two than the principal characters in most romcoms... the ones that really weird me out are the ones with odd couplings: David Duchovny and Minnie Driver in Return to Me, James Woods and Dolly Parton in Straight Talk, Hugh Grant and... well, ANYbody...
- I saw you hiding back there, Judy Greer...
- Nice to see Oliver Platt doing his Kevin Pollack impression again. Kinda hard to bag on him, though, because the truth is, he holds his own against Pollack when it comes to character roles.

Glory was awesome, and theres a reason everyone "borrows" from its soundtrack

Because Horner borrowed from Carmina Burana?

I'm allowed to make that joke because a). it's true and b). I'm a huge James Horner fan.

Damn, Bob.

Once again, one of your main selling points is basically "Ooh look a woman! With tits! In a movie! Best movie ever!"

I haven't really taken you seriously as a reviewer since Avatar, but you're certainly not making an effort to change that impression.

Really now, am I the only heterosexual male who simply does not give a shit about what women look like in movies? If I want eye candy, I'd go to a questionable site. When it's movie time, I want depth. Substance. An experience. Not hot women. They don't make movies better, and they add nothing to the overall experience, unless you're 12. GOOD movies are not about pretty people, nor should they be.

"We see them fuck, so it's like they're real people!"

That's what I got out of this.

Apparantly it still has every other romcom cliche in the book, the fack that they get it on doesnt sound like enough reason to stop this from sounding like another immensely annoying movie to watch.

That's not what he was saying. There are plenty of rom-coms where we the stars have sex scenes but from what I understand is that the main reason they start to like each other isn't because the man is some kind of mixture of Jesus and Edward Cullen and the woman is just missing something from her life. It's because they see each other and basically just want to bang each other and the relationship evolves from there, much more like real life.

And yet strangely enough, just about everything you said completely put me off the movie.

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