Why the Movie Is Better than the Game

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Well, fans really dig the LOTR game, Battle for Middle Earth 1 & 2. There are still mods going hard for those games.
And for me, best video-game movie adaptation is Riddick. Great stuff.

Isn't suprising. Vin Diesel is a big gamer himself and has a part in the studio that made the Riddick games. He purposefully made sure the Riddick games didn't suck because he knows license games usually do.

Gotta love Vinny, even if he is in mostly I couldn't care less about.

I like the HP games & I'm enjoying Lord of the Rings Online way more than I enjoyed the movies.

[quote="Falseprophet" post="6.246979.9066346")Most of the Bond games are competent, even if they can't all hold a candle to Goldeneye, because the Bond setting and formula have been inspirations for hundreds of games themselves. The typical Bond plot incorporates FPS, stealth, combat driving, and puzzle solving (mostly via gadgets). You can even work in roleplaying if you wanted to. Yeah, mixing genres usually makes the whole game shallow, but honestly, Bond films in general are shallow (and I say that as a huge fan of the franchise).[/quote]


Notably absent from the original article (which I felt was a little weak, I'll be honest) was the fact that adaptations of films to the video-game market often try to link together a few genres. James Bond does lots of shooting and lots of driving - to Goldeneye's great credit it never really bothered with the driving part and so development was focused on the FPS side of things.

Merging genres is hard enough, but building a game which covers elements of more than one invariably leads to disaster. Mini-games and silly side stuff can be dropped into a second genre but to have key gameplay levels which switch from one to another always, always ends in a poorly cobbled together game, poor balance and certain levels suffering.

Don't be too critical of film adaptations either, this is true of non-film games too. Did anyone else feel that Mass Effect's driving section felt off-key? It was as if the people who designed the Mako and the people who designed the Mako plot levels sat in totally different buildings, there's no link there (especially when you see the fun climbing you can do with the Mako in the random planets) and that's just a start...

Hm, actually Avatar the Game was good. But then again the movie was not just good, it was phenomenal and outstanding, so I guess this game also didn't live up to the movie.

I think the only successful adaptations were from the "Star Wars" and "James Bond: 007" worlds.

Spiderman 2 the game was fucking amazing

The LEGO Crossover series (LEGO Star Wars series, LEGO Batman, etc.). They seem to work because, well, they aren't rushed to be released at the same time the movie comes out. Though the first LEGO Star Wars game was intended to come out at the same time as Revenge of the Sith, it also covered The Fantom Menace, and Attack of the Clones. The second one came out decades after the movies that it covers, the third one is just the first two combined into one game, and the fourth one was based on expanded universe material. LEGO Indiana Jones was a game based on the first three movies set to release a couple of months after the fourth one, and the second LEGO Indiana Jones was just the previous two plus the fourth movie. LEGO Batman has an original storyline, though launched within what, a year of The Dark Night (Ironically, LEGO Batman is closer to, say, The Batman (More serious than the Adam West series, but a bit more lighthearted than the 90's animated series) than it is The Dark Knight)? LEGO Harry Potter was based on the first four movies/books and was launched about six months prior to the seventh movie.

Also, there's the Harry Potter game on the GameBoy Color, which is a turn-based RPG that lets you explore a bit, and includes stuff that was left out in the transition from book to movie, essentially making it "Harry Potter: The Game of the Book", as opposed to "Harry Potter: The Game of the Movie of the Book" like the other Harry Potter games.

Independance Day, the game was pretty good. It was an arcade flight sim that took place in under the alian city destroyer ships. Supposidly you played as some of the unnamed pilots who destroyed the rest of the alian ships while Will Smith was playing space cowboy. The game forced a time limit on the user as a count down till the city destroying beem was fired. It also implimented many other plot elements as game mechanics. Games like this and Star Wars Battlefront are the best way to tie games into movies, but they only work when there are heroic actions to be preformed outside the main story arc.

Goldeneye? That game is amazing. It loosely follows the movie plot, and is still really really fun.

Hercules from the Disney movie.

Awesome game.

Riddick: Escape from Butcher bay, Wanted: Weapons Of Fate, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy(never played any other SW game)


Well, fans really dig the LOTR game, Battle for Middle Earth 1 & 2. There are still mods going hard for those games.
And for me, best video-game movie adaptation is Riddick. Great stuff.

Yeah, and hell am I then only one who loved the third lord of the rings game on the Gamecube? Sure it wasn't GREAT but I loved it still.. One of the best film to game adaptations I have ever played.

the only ever movie adaptation i liked was the LOTR series on XBOX/PS2 :P

also the problems are everything that has been mentioned and possibly more, u cant blaim just one thing.

The biggest problem is the cost to acquire the license, usually the largest chunk in making a tie in. It deeply cuts into the budget of actually creating the game, so the product will inevitably be inferior to an original ip with the same budget.

Michel Ancel's adaptation of Peter Jackson's King Kong was excellent. I hold that up as easily the best movie tie-in game ever made. Of course, it helps to have a great designer like Ancel at the helm.

I liked Dune as a video game much more than the movie.

Ghost in the shell, I really shouldn't have to say more than that, the games were PURE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The anime isn't great either dude.
The movie was okay, but the tv-show . . . bleh.

I don't know how people can watch 22 minutes of people sitting around in vans and on chairs and shit, not even moving their lips because they have some telepathy implants. At least do some lip sync.

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