Review: Crazy Taxi

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I'm sorry, the video was a little vague, I thought.

What would be the best adjective to describe this game?

Ummmm... I see what you did thar.

Yeah, nostalgia is a bitch.

Russ Pitts:

No offence, Russ... But what was the point of this review?

*snipped for length*

Fair enough.
I'm not really sure if you mentioned that it had come out on the XBLA... *goes to check*
Oh, so you did. My bad, I somehow missed that bit.
Well defended, Russ. I concede.

CrazyDave DC:
Wait... so is The Simpson's: Road Rage basically just a cheap rip-off of Crazy Taxi? If that's the case, I feel so used... :'(

Yup...In the same vein that Hit and Run was a GTA3 clone
Y'know that South Park episode "Simsons Already Did It"? Someone needs to show Mat Groening Crazy Taxi and GTA3

huh...I've heard of the infamous Offspring song... (off to look it up)

oh well i downloaded and played the Demo on XBLA but it sure missed the offspring tracks
so i did not buy it
instead i dusted off my Dreamcast and put the disk in and it still is as much fun as it was 10 years ago
i might still get the XBLA version but the omission of the original soundtrack is a Big disappointment maybe even a dealbreaker

i am not sure if i will get it on Xbox
but hey my DreamCast won't last forever is it?

Oh boy, I remember wasting a lot of tokens on this at the arcade. In fact, it was pretty much the only arcade game I ever got in to. One night we played so late the arcade staff pulled out the cord of the machine while I was still going. I think the version I was playing was CT3, it had a Las Vegas map and one more... can't remember. But it still had the awesome soundtrack.


I once found an arcade version of this in a hotel in France, which had two extra maps and three extra drivers on it.

Where did they come from? Why aren't they on my PS2 version? Did the original game have Give it All by Rise Against on it or is my memory lying to me again? What does grade 'S' mean? Why did I never have enough speed to jump that river in the middle and still make it to the rooftop on the other side?

I may have to start the game up again...

Grade S is Special. It means you found a secret or beat a high score... I think. Also France may have been outside of the original copyright for the game. Especially if it's the English or original Japanese version. Because of this, local developers can safely add whatever they want to the game without any nasty lawsuits or anything. I once saw one of the original Contra arcade console that came from Germany. They had changed the name to "American Fighting Men" and it was four players instead of just two. The game was all in English too.

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