Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Sexiest Glasses

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I'm not the only one who has a cat named Samus? AWESOME.

She has been handing out ties since the first episode!

I'm quite pleased you didn't just do "girls with glasses" as even guys like me have to admit. "Duke Nukem has more sex appeal than most other game girls with glasses" (with the exception of Bayonetta, as no man can compete with her sex appeal).

I found it odd you picked Gordon Freedman as the #1 as I don't think sexy when I think Freedman, as much as I think "cool".

"nummer ett fan" can tecnically be translated to number one fan if you are mixing swedish and english words.

you see "fan" dosent mean the same thing in swedish as it does in english. It actuallly a synonym for "the devil" or can also be used as something simillar to "damn".

The Swedish translation of "Fan" is actually "Beundrare".

I should know I live in sweden.

I love how the cat was all OMGWTFBBQ GET IT OFF ;P

So slow to watching things >_<
OT: Love the list, but personally I'd definitely include Richter Abend.

End with a cat, so true.

Girls with glasses are the most sexiest, hottest, underwear catapulting babes ever. ALL of my previous girlfriends have worn glasses. Nothing hotter. ^_^

For the record I love cats, I love all animals actually. I'm a big hearted animal guy. My grandparents on the other hand hate cats with a passion. I dunno why they do but when I was younger, I vaguely remember them saying something about them smelling or something.

The sunglasses from Deus Ex: Human Revolutionare the coolest I've seen.

Morpheus's sunglasses from The Matrix videogame are almost as cool.

Ooh I definitely agreed with her #1 for Gordon Freeman :)

Glad I'm not the only to photoshop my face over Alyx's in that picture! Haha

man, what happened to this series. Was fun

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