Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Sexiest Glasses

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does anyone else think she looks like Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist?
maybe it's the skirt.

Didn't get that, but yay for Full Metal!

On topic, pretty entertaining :)
I'm glad to see some content filling the slot on Tuesday.

Alright, since this is the first video I'm going to be lenient. I can't help but feel like this is someone writing up a script, and giving it to some hot girl for her to read and give the impression she's a gamer. But I may be completely wrong on this, and am willing to give them a few episodes. Music choice is great, can never go wrong with Anamanaguchi. Quick word of advice, don't look off camera, or edit those shots out a bit better. I noticed a few times where you looked over and felt like you were waiting for someone to tell you what to do next, which breaks the flow of the video. Contentwise wasn't bad, but saying Gordon Freeman is #1 at something is almost always going for the lowest hanging fruit around. Could use some improvement, but I'll hold off on judging for a few episodes.

After the first, gee, 20 seconds I didn't expect it ending up being as funny as it was, especially the way the at first way too simple lollipop joke ended). Coconut, heh. I like coconut though. Do switch around The Duke and Freeman by the way. Freeman is overrated, but he's still awesome so go figure, and the Duke is so much more cool.

Oh and really, her...*ahem* body is like a TARDIS or something.

that was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.
does anyone else think she looks like Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist?
maybe it's the skirt.

The really long blond hair helps as well. It'd be funny if miss Foiles would tinker with her own car.

OK... Not sure where this was headed, because it didn't look too convincing from it's description.

But you know what? That was also quite entertaining.

Also, will I get in trouble for saying Lisa is hot? XD - I believe that's technically against the forum rules...

Oh well.

Yeah a new Escapist show, now if only they'd update the side bar so we could get to everything quicker.

compared to the horrors that came out of 2009´s contest, this was actually really good. i enjoyed this thoroughly.

This doesen't make any sence! Why is this here?!

Wow, that was pretty friggin awesome, and I just loved the Hot Topic joke with the "BURN" right after. Finally something else on The Escapist to brighten my day.

The outfits may prove to be a deterrent for me, but that aside, it was better than I originally thought. [You don't want to know what I originally thought.]



Little disappointed the Sniper didn't make the list, but whatever. Maybe the rifle was a bit too intimidating.

This was meh and didn't feel like Escapist quality. On just the structure of this show it feels very "youtube-y" and forced. The list seemed like something thrown together at the last minute and delivery felt weak. The guys didn't strike a comical note with me, perhaps mildly amusing at best. I could see this going somewhere but if it stays at the level it is now I don't think I will continue to watch. The girl is pretty though.
Continue to work and flex the ideas and you could have a gem.

That is a big cat. I want one.

I knew that she would be in it, because it wouldn't fly without something to distract you from the boring sub par commentary on worthless topics.

Not as bad as Game Dogs... but still pretty bad.

well... I predicted 3 of the 5(6)

Travis Touchdown
Gordon Freemen
Duke Nukem

I didn't like it. It felt like the editors decided to throw up an attractive blonde to act all perky and draw in the 15 year old male demographic that is, admittedly, a large portion of the users of this site. The list felt phoned in, and the scenes where she asked the two guys what to do just felt off to me. Overall I was unimpressed, although I'd be willing to give Ms. Foiles a second chance if the Escapist would be willing to put her in a show that doesn't hinge on sex appeal.

I'm not too sure how I feel about this. While I appreciate the pointlessness (I love Daily Drop), I consider myself more of an intellectual, losing brain cells when I encounter those with less than enough to form sentences without "like" and "oh my god". The bubbliness is what is really off-putting for me, but she's hot and it's an okay show, but even then, it's just "okay".

Folks who don't like Lisa Foiles astound me. I AM ASTOUNDED.

And yes to the poster that lamented the absence of Quistis. That whip... *_*

(Also, The Spoony One's not dating Lisa Foiles. Though I have seen him joke about it with his actual girlfriend on Twitter...)

Move. Microphone. Closer. To. Sound source.

I guess I am the only one thinking about Lucca from Chrono Trigger.


C'mon, Quistis, I agree, is also hot...but No love for Lucca?

First episode: meh. Will give it a few more episodes before drawing a firm conclusion, but right now there's a risk this could descend to another I Hit It With My Axe.

I don't like the idea of exploating woman's looks even if she does it by herself and she's selfaware of that... I prefer did this with just pictures like Bob or Yathzee do... cause I liked the idea.

BTW. I hate cats.

I think it would be better if they didn't try humour, it just fell flat

Very cool, lists are always fun. They ignite both introspection and debate. Something forums were intended to foster. I loved the list, Freeman for the win! Keep it up. :) and welcome to the Escapist.

Interesting segment. A little bit hesitant since the first episode revolved around glasses, of all things, but it has potential.

Let's just remember the reasons why we hate G4, eh?

Also, our dear host seems to have found a Bag Of Holding and keeps it in her shirt. Hammerspace, ho!

First episode: meh. Will give it a few more episodes before drawing a firm conclusion, but right now there's a risk this could descend to another I Hit It With My Axe.

IMO once I hit it with my axe got over all the innuendos and "omg I'm a porn star" jokes and situations it became a lot better. The more recent episodes are basically 100% about the D&D game which is much more interesting to me.

An unexpected treat! Now you know what would be super-dee-duper? A cameo from Angry Joe!

holy shit she's pale

I like that, very,very much. :D

But, entertaining piece of video and I have to say.

It will not always be about accessories, will it? I'd be impressed if you can get a very long show out of that.

Great list and I'm already looking forwards to the top five moustache list that simply has to come at some point.

I was drinking some water while I watched the video and then the Alma part came up and I almost choked..

Saw photolink to new series on frontpage. Read title as "top 5 sexist games." Thought "hmm this might be thought provoking" & clicked it. Spent 5 minutes watching a fake blonde talk about fashion while periodically pulling items out of her cleavage...

...Is this some kind of ironic troll?

not sure how I feel about this... is that chick actually a gamer? Maybe I'm being prejudgemental here...

and Gordon Freeman? That's not sexy What the bloody hell?

Travis is sexier, if not more awesome. They just said that because people love half-life!

So, I do not know this Lisa Person, but so far my thoughts:

Kathleen Devere - Real deal, obvious nerd, not over the top, seems like someone who I could relate to in real life.
Rebecca Mayes - Real deal, obvious nerd, slightly different type than I am, but I could imagine her being in my friend circle
Lisa Folies - Not sure if she's just reading a script someone else gave her.

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