Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Sexiest Glasses

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Didn't enjoy this at all, there are hundreds of top 5 lists on YouTube, I didn't smile once while watching this.

Would there still be all the love for this if it was a guy doing it? I'm guessing not.

That's not a cat.
It's more like a panther.

Good video.


Lisa Foiles:
Top 5 Sexiest Glasses

This week, Lisa takes a look at her Top 5 sexiest specs.

Watch Video

Actually, the way you pronounce 'Fan' it means the devil and is the swedish swearword of choice.
Similar in use to the english 'fuck'


I'd say she has a slightly french accent when speaking swedish. Quite fun that she included it at all. :D

Aslo, "fan" is closer to "shit" than "fuck".

Enjoyed the show, but isn't having a Top 5 instead of a Top 10 gonna instill more nerdrage because a character doesn't make the list? Good job, hope that future shows go great, and the skirt made me do a double-take.
>_> -_- >_>

Just sayin'.

It was ok for a first episode, except that the audio could use some work, also, opening and closing with a 4th wall breaker is not the best thing to do imho..and of course, it can't help the first impression that I very recently discovered the awesomeness of PressHearttoContinue aka Dodger on youtube :)

(Shameless plugin for a favorite youtuber notwithstanding, I'd argue that Gordon's glasses, the way they were presented are not sexy so much as character-defining, but who am I to talk >.<)

More fun than I thought it was going to be. Will continue to watch.

Lisa Foils from Angry Joe? Wha?

Here on the Escapist! NO WAY! COOL!


I enjoyed the show.

Well done Lisa. Welcome to the Escapist.

Still a little that needs to be done with delivery it felt a bit forced but that could just be me. Overall it was a good performance and it will make another great addition to the site.

hey I rember her from the angry joe show she is cool

Anamanaguchi on the intro = pro
Travis Touchdown & Physics Master Gordan Freeman = Pro!!!
Very nice


If that's what she chose to wear, then I still assume the reason was to simply entice the audience. Do I have any way of knowing this? No, but that's what I'm seeing here. Besides, considering the amount of posts drooling over her good looks and clothes, regardless of the intended effect the outcome is plainly obvious.

In short, you've come to a conclusion, and no amount of lack of evidence on your part will sway it. And then people wonder why women are so hard to find in our hobby.

All I saw is: she knows she is attractive and wore something that she felt she looked good in. Is it impossible that she did so to pander to the "horny nerd" demographic? I'm not quite cynical enough yet not to give people the benefit of the doubt. Her outfit isn't even that provocative.

And finally, she can't control whether people drool over her or not. This being the internet, those posts (along with obligatory round of "tits or gtfo" "lol good one dude") would have cropped up even if she wore a raincoat or burqa.

FYI I'm gay, so I'm certainly not in the "drooling" demographic, I just find it irritating that women are typecast no matter how they dress. She dresses the way she is, she's enticing the droolers; if she dressed more conservatively, you'd have people complaining that she was deliberately avoiding the droolers. Nobody would even consider that she chose that outfit for her and not us. Women can't win.

I am not sure how I feel. I prefer my discussions a bit more intelectual, the light heartead (dare I say bimbo-ish) tone is off-putting, but still not a half bad first ep. Resonably good looking woman wearing a short ski- I mean wide belt, discussing something frivolous like the sexyness of glasses in games. It might go somewhere. I'm deffiantely giving this series a chance.

EDIT: Ah, a previous poster said it more succinctly than I.

A new series? Not too bad so far, I like that Anamanaguci was chosen for the music and the topics seem like they'll be fun. I agreed with the list, though Lisa is possibly a bit too perky for my tastes, however I assume this is a deliberate character choice.

I do feel a bit stereotyped by putting her in a tight fitting shirt and really short skirt though. Yes she's attractive, but that's not why I plan on watching this show and I feel somewhat insulted they think the Escapist won't enjoy game discussion if it doesn't have a hot girl dressed in a somewhat provocative fashion.

We aren't game trailers or IGN here.

Regardless, I will keep watching the next few to see how it turns out, good luck to everyone involved!

This. Full agreement.

This is a bandwagon I have jumped onto.

Oh my goodness, does this show need some better topics.

I can understand lists. They're fun, easy to do and hell, they offer some good opportunities for humour. Just look at Cracked or GamesRadar. But websites like them use better topics than "Top X Clothing". If you're struggling, take an old idea and give it a twist. For example, GamesRadar recently did a "Top 7 Fighting Games You've Never Played", and the "you've never played" keeps it from becoming the same stale subjects brought up.

There's hope for this series yet. I like the host and the tone and the attempts at humour were admirable.

My thoughts, in order:

1. Why am I watching this on The Escapist? This silly "Oh look at me I'm a hot girl doing this video with almost no content but you should watch anyway because I'm hot and I reach down my shirt into my breasts for stuff and I have a short skirt on LOOK AT ME I'M A HOT GIRL" kind of stuff belongs on YouTube. I mean really that's all it is, there isn't all that much content here. Top 5 glasses in gaming? Really? That's not exactly deep stuff here, I'd rather stick with stuff like the magazine style-articles and Extra Credits. Thought provoking content beats "I'm a hot girl watch me do stuff" any day.

2. They need to make a Burn Notice video game, because Michael Westen would own all of these fools.

3. I wonder how many people in the comments page are going to be on probation/suspension for violating that new rule that was added after people went nuts after that one ENN episode. (a few I see)

But in short, now that my mind has stopped drifting, I don't think I'll be coming back to watch the next update unless the tag for what's being listed seems like something that might have a bit of depth. Good luck on the series though.

Logic Sword:
Would there still be all the love for this if it was a guy doing it? I'm guessing not.

I'll put my money down on "Hell no" as well.

I liked I Hit It With My Axe, so I'm sorry to see it go, but I'll give anything a fair chance to impress me. And I do appreciate how many things she is capable of hiding on her person.

One good gimmick and the outfit do not save the poor writing and the slapdash editing.

It's not a completely dead idea, but it decidedly needs work.

There was a cat? I didn't notice it from my retinas being seared by your whiteness.
Stop filming on the surface of the sun?

Holy crap, that cat was huge!

I dunno.... nothing for me but I'll give it a few chanses before not giving a crap but I must say this but in a more civil form from the rest.

What a stunning woman she is.

Btw. why all the fuzz about the cat... I yust thinked it was unessesary and misplaced specally whith the glasses...

lol nice That 70s Show referance.

how many things does she keep between her tits?
not saying i don't like it, though :D

I', yeah this is exactly the type of girl I'd love to meet. God damnit, I wish I saw more girls like her around here...or any at all -_-

Good show though, made me smile more than enough times to warrant my continued viewing. The guy at the end talking about your outro was awesome. Definitely make that your exit!

I was hoping to see a pair of goggles. Were's my Raz?!

Oh well, this was pretty entertaining, and I'm looking forward to next week.

Logic Sword:
Would there still be all the love for this if it was a guy doing it? I'm guessing not.

I'm gay, and I thought Lisa Foiles did this incredibly well. Maybe it's just because I remember her from that one episode of Malcolm in the Middle, but I think she's naturally charismatic.

Michael Logan:
Okey so where do I know this girl from? I know Ive seen her before!

i think she writes for Kotaku, and she frequently appears on the Angry Joe Show on Blistered Thumbs.

I hope the cat will be a recurring theme. You really can't go wrong with cats...

Welcome to The Escapist, it's great to see you here as well.

Sex sells then, eh.
It's in the title and the host.

So count me in the camp of wtf is this doing on the escapist. This is Youtube material.

And stop playing with that cat.


Yeah...I went there.

Ok, in all honesty it's not terrible. It's certainly better than Game Dogs or anything involving MovieBob. But this is hardly what I'd call an original idea, there's thousands of people out there who make lists like these on youtube. Also I take issue with lack of Quistis Trepe on this list, as well as anyone calling Gordon Freeman sexy. If he's a sexy beast, I'm a sexy vermicious knid.

She does get points for humor, and parodying that "hold the sexy girl" crap with a faceplant. And a big bonus for the Galaga bonus round jingle.

Bayonetta deserved the #1 spot, imo. But damn she scored so many points by picking Wesker!

I do feel a bit stereotyped by putting her in a tight fitting shirt and really short skirt though. Yes she's attractive, but that's not why I plan on watching this show and I feel somewhat insulted they think the Escapist won't enjoy game discussion if it doesn't have a hot girl dressed in a somewhat provocative fashion.

We aren't game trailers or IGN here.

Guys, why are we automatically assuming Lisa's dressed the way she is because the Escapist made it so, than that she simply felt like wearing that outfit? Isn't that assumption even more sexist?

That's why I didn't complain that the escapist made her do it :P I doubt the escapist makes their film producers dress in certain ways, it just screams "Look at me, i'm a hot girl in a skirt".

But can you actually take her seriously in that outfit? Because I can't. I was watching the video thinking the entire time "This definitely isn't aimed at my mindset and has next to no humorous content"

Ya know I think the reason we are being volatile towards her(aside from the skimpy outfit, seriously I'd want you to wear something like that if we were about to have intercourse and not talk about a topic) is that we don't know her or really see any character. Seriously a Top 5 list which has had articles written by the escapist staff acknowledge while cheap are still popular with people. However the character suffers because she is really forced to pander towards the list instead of the audience and actually get into the deep reasons to understand who she is as a character and why we should like or dislike her.

Personally I thought this episode was weak, and probably for the first time I was turned off by a woman with really long hair(it was probably the bangs, not really doing anything for ya my darling. They just hang there flat covering your forehead).

Upon knowing that Lisa here actually worked with Angry Joe acknowledges that she has been to E3 and she wouldn't be doing all the crazy stuff with Joe without a passion for video games. by doing some indecisive intro of "what should I do guys?" I actually got more character out of the bumbling buffoons on the couch than Lisa. The guy with glasses is uncreative and lazy and the guy without glasses has an insane imagination that could take me to the next frontier. Lisa gave me pandering and while I will say she is physically an attractive person I'd like my characters with depth as to why they wear what they wear and do what they do.

Now Lisa doesn't have to go all business woman or plain jane on us but she has to create a character that she can be comfortable with. It's like that Gamer Girl topic Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits did on Youtube. Sure it's nice to know that you are a gamer girl but flaunting that with looks doesn't exactly help make a good first impression and if anything create volatile responses by the community. I don't know if I want to take you to bed with me or sit down and share a bit of passion about games.

Remember character matters because that's what strikes us to understand who you are. Daniel Floyd is the podium speaker with a squirrel voice, Yahtzee is a british man who to my knowledge audio edits his reviews together to be fast talking, Moviebob is a fat and jolly but critical critic who isn't afraid to ruffle some feathers being an American. What is Lisa however? Is she going to be a woman that I want to have a one night stand as she dresses like the girls from Jersey shore that is just cashing in on the whole video games are mainstream? Or is she going to be a woman that I want to get to know that can put on the great appearance and know that when I talk to her she is going to be smarter than I and that I can show my friends(and in private...well you know).

If anything you have a history already Lisa and using that will help us to understand and get to know you.

EDIT: I would like to make a proposal to Lisa and the Escapist Staff. I'd like her to write an article on who she is or something she wishes to discuss about that involves her character or past history.

The reason I ask for this is because while I realized that while I've been quite lucky to be introduced to a good deal of the video makers of the Escapist(Daniel floyd, Mr.Moviebob chipman, and of course Mr.Crowshaw) I've always had an experience to get to know their work beforehand. Other characters and sadly the women like Ms.Mayes and now Ms.Foiles I know nothing about of their work and their introductions were if anything foreign and not to my tasters.

So I want to get to know Ms.Foiles and her character Lisa and her past work and her style. Please realize that I am not asking for her biography or personal information but if anything more about her character's experience with the video game industry and who she has worked with and why she is taking on such a challenge(seriously turning any Top 5 list to be entertaining is really hard).

that was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen.
does anyone else think she looks like Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist?
maybe it's the skirt.

If anything it would be the skirt. Her bangs just hang there while that anime character has the fixed slight to the right.

The Escapist got its own gaming girl!

Is it chauvinistic to point that out? Yes, but I blame the cultural tendency to sexually objectify anything remotely titillating.

Good first vid though. I want that cat.

You know I would have watched the video anyway, without there being a girl in a short shirt and a tank-top.

It's the Escapist I watch everything here no matter what. :p

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