Why We Love Zombies

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Why we love zombies? I never really got the impression that too many people like zombies. I definitely never cared for them. They're a fairly lame enemy. The typical zombie can't do much, and usually being a corpse or mindless infected it wouldn't be long till their bodies deteriorate.

Really the only zombies I like are sentient ones. Zombies that may crave flesh but you could still hang out with and talk to them. Those kind of zombies are far more interesting. They're dangerous to other people but never really want to be. Also, sentient zombies can bring about guilt for killing them or sadness as you watch them fall apart. Sentient zombies are also the only true scary zombie because they can plan out how to catch and eat you. These zombies are like the sadistic serial killers of reality except they can't feel pain.

I can't really say I agree much with this article. Not to mention I swear I've read the same points in at least 4 other articles. Well in articles that didn't make the writer seem so...pathetic.

Good article. Now I will stop procrastinating and start writing so I don't fail the course.

This was an incredibly good article. I didn't even care about the main theme when I loaded it (don't really care that much about zombies), but wow.

I guess what really got me was the last paragraph and how well written it is. I especially loved the end of it, when you realize you're projecting (again).

Very good points, mr. Yahtzee. Personally, I'd rather go of old age and know that the world will go on than witness as my loved ones are nearing their deaths and know that there's nothing that I can do but comfort them with the inevitable end. But hey, that's just me.

Why can't we have more werewolves as enemies? They're actually a credible threat, whereas a zombie "plague" wouldn't last a week. They're slow stupid you can spot them long before they reach you and their reproduction and food source is also their top predator.
Werewolves on the other hand are stealthy, quick, occassionally smart and incredibly strong. Oh and they hunt at night and during the day you've got no clue who they are. Where's my movie/game/book about a plague of werewolves breaking out?

It's true, somewhere inside we all hate eatchother.... even of some show it directly whithout hiding it like me.

I only decided to look at the article because i read Zombies and subconsciously clicked it. I can't even read it cuz i dont have the time right now, I was just mind controlled.

lol i read it anyway, it was awesome and i agree with everything, but would like to add that they are awesome because they can be HORRIFYING! Just one bite turns u into one of them which means that when these grotesque things creep up on u and touch u on the shoulder, u scream!

To the recent werewolf people:

For all the reasons we just read, killing zombies is more fun than werewolves, u missed the entire point i suppose. I would feel bad killing a werewolf, or at least would not have as much fun as killing a zombie, and in fact I would probably want to join the werewolves. They are still alive, people who can live normal lives except for a silver allergy and at night they have to eat an animal or person. Once everyone is a werewolf the world would be fine, that's STUPID!

See MovieBob's first few minutes of his ZombieLand Review for more info.
This did sound a lot like it.
But it was still a pretty good article, interesting points.

We're being conditioned to love zombies because it's all part of a plot by the zombie industrial complex to lower our natural defenses so that when the day comes, we'll be defenseless against the undead hordes.

The zombies are using the market, politics, and the media to make us more susceptible to them. Why do you think there are so many soaps and shampoos with fruit flavors? It's to marinate our skin with a sweet tangy taste for the zombies to feast on. Why do you think the US is fighting two wars at the same time? So that when the zombies come, we won't have an army at home to defend ourselves. Why do you think Hollywood is pushing 3D movies? So they can one day have the best film makers in the world make a 3D zombie movie that's so realistic that when we're watching the movie, we won't even notice when a real zombie apocalypse breaks out.

Zombies are the one big bad that everyone likes to fantasize about killing because most people, deep down, don't believe that zombies will ever actually exist. So it's easy for them to imagine themselves doing Super Bad-Ass things during a zombie apocalypse. Not fearing something releases your mind from all the "What if?"s that can plague creativity.

Anyone else noticed "a bunch of novels"? So when's the sequel to Mogworld coming out?

Also: Yahtzee seems to be reaching 30 pretty fast. Fast for him, anyway.

Another reason zombies are appealing: usually, when people are so chin-deep in a collective mindset that they actually hate all other human beings, even people who are of no significance to them. They tend to hate themselves even more. people who hate themselves are comforted by zombies, comforted by something unquestionably more depraved than they. Which they can hate condemn and destroy, thereby leveling up their own, slightly less disgusting cocks.

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