Zero Punctuation: iPhone Games

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I hope to god i'm ont the first person to say this but I had to stop the video immediately as I got to "Angry Birds", as it's really just a ripoff of a certain flash game, but instead of people and cannonballs you have a bunch of less impressively detailed objects that you would almost swear resembled an animal of some sort. It is not only a game that blatantly steals from an existing game, but it also manages to cost money at the same time, for what ends up being an inferior title.

Highly entertaining.
Yeah I never worked out that star rating thing on Angry Birds either.
Wonder what Yahtzee would say about Infinity Blade?

I just got an iPod touch, and have been playing Fruit Ninja, and while playing, all I hear is yahtzee yelling "FUCK FRUIT"

I breathe quite fine on Mars, what with me and my little, pink, out-dated RAZR phone.
Also, fuck Apple.

I don't know why I enjoy Angry Birds, but I do. I will be unsatisfied until I get three stars on every level. So long, social interaction!

How I learned to breath on mars. By Timmy

I breathe on mars using an app on my iPhone.

Wait what?

Oxygen tank seems to work :)

Well I think I found the source of most of sonic's haters.

C'mon guys your incredibly underrating sonic colors, in comparison to the crap SEGA spewed since the days of Sonic 06 this is an even greater step forward than Sonic UNLEASHED. I personally think sonic unleashed on the 360/ps3 is better than colors cause it can process more graphics and the sense of speed is more embracing. Sonic colors SPEED WISE feels like sonic UNLEASHED beta. But overall COLORS is the better game.

I still wish Yatzee would review Sonic Colors, but his few statements about it sum it up. The gameplay is as fun as flying on a rocket, and the cutscenes are bullshit. The difference from Unleashed is that the controls are twice as good, the cutscenes have twice as much bullshit, and the speed is twice as often.

As of right this second the top 4 iPhone games are all make birds fly for different reasons games. Yahtzee prediction of clones was kind of right.

i brought a tree and lived in it

I don't live on Mars, I just don't see the point in owning an iPhone.

remember the times wen phones were use to on them o________________________o
in today's world it is propostues if you make a phone that will not do your taxses, make your bed, brush your teeth, and reed you a bed time story
Christ i am ok with technology wen it solve a problem, but what problem dose iphone solve ?

aaaaaand i bread on mars buy imagining ear
that works better then trying to image NEW stuff that you can make iphone do :>

if cat + internet doesnt make a youtube then the game is shit. well apparently i coudl breath on mars, good to know, since each day i want to live on this planet less and less.

Christ i am ok with technology wen it solve a problem, but what problem dose iphone solve ?

While im not christ i will answer. Iphone solves the idiots marking system. Hiler used Stars on Jews. Apple use Iphone on idiots.

P.S. capcha: thoery: ctypp trololo.

I'd really like to see another video about more recent Apple/Droid OS titles. Like for example, how does the mobile version of Minecraft stack up to the PC and XBLA versions? Also is Dark Summoner at all worth it?

I genetically modified an octupus to become my bitch and produce oxygen out of sand.

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