Daily Drop: Foot Lamp

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Where's the part where Paul drops it? I loved that part :)

How is this 42 when Koosh 2 was 39?


Still! Very nice video, whole sparks and stuff was very nice to watch.


Oooh. Koosh was labelled wrong.

For some reason, during the preview for this one, I thought it was a lava lamp. I was a little disappointed at first, but then I watched and joy ensued. Still,


Next time, a giant poop!

The next video.... a yule log?

That wont break even with a sledge hammer...and crowbar (cuz I know everyone is gonna ask)

I loved the flash and the sparks were an awesome surprise. I think the next drop is wrapped in a blanket or something.

Good choice to have it ON when you dropped it :D

Lava lamp next? :D

Martin Vaaden:
Lava lamp next? :D

That would be awesome! But incredibly dangerous... Hot wax flying everywhere and all.

Gotta love those sparks and how the impact turned it on as it broke.

Where the hell did you get that from.

AWESOME, loved the fact it was plugged in. Perhaps when you start dropping video game consoles (like the 360 in the trailer) you should plug them in as well? Then we would be able to capture the precise second when a 360 red rings!


Dublin Solo:
And it's the 42nd daily drop.


The universal answer.

So this drop really should have been a bunch on petunias in a whale shaped planter....

PLEASE tell me they're going to drop a bowl of petunias at some point. :D

I loved the fact that it was plugged in. You could see the flashes and sparks.

Actually, before it broke, you could even see the AC power fluctuating the amount of light in the light bulb.

I still miss the Paul dropping bit. Can you guys bring that back?

Any possibility of seeing it actualy get dropped at normal speed, and then slow-mo, like it was?

I don't know if they plan on bringing this series back after this run. They bought 150 or so objects, and basically dropped them all in a day or two, because the slow motion cameras are stupid expensive to buy and rent.

Oh well, that's the way it is though.

Drop a lava lamp.

Holy shit! You had that thing plugged in??

Well, the sparks speak for themselves.

Interesting drop.

Way to bring out the awesome for #42!

i would LOVE to see one of those plasma lamp things

i would LOVE to see one of those plasma lamp things

Awww, poor footed lamp.

Best one yet. You guys need to drop more things that explode on impact.

Remember kids, nothing is worth doing if it ain't potentially disabling!

How about a lava lamp next time?

Edit: Ninja'd, dammit.

Possibly better than the beer drop.

Well at least it was better than Ice...

That was quality. There was I, innocently expecting an average drop, and suddenly POW!!

Kinda pretty :)

Drop a lava lamp sometime.

Ninja'd... Twice :/

From the preview at the end of the previous episode I was expecting it to be a lava lamp. I am disappoint.

So... the next one is... some kind of log-shaped... beer cooler, I think? There looks like bottles peeking out the top of it as it fades out. Wierd. Must be getting into the holiday season.

We can has stupid massively-lit up decorations being smashed up for Fun and Science pleez? Don't forget the rubber insulating handle (ie a double layer of trojans) for the crowbar.

Ok, THAT, was totally fucking awesome.

MOAR pl0x

Electricity firing out? Hazardous work conditions. Paul should file a grievance.

Dublin Solo:
And it's the 42nd daily drop.


The universal answer.

Foot lamps are the universal answer?
They broke the universe?!
Eh, it was worth it.

OT: The flashes, the flashes were cool. Me want more things like that!

I also wonder what your dropping next week...I cannot tell what that thing is, but im probably just stupid.

Best one so far. Can't stop watching it :D

Wow the electricity moments are awesome and the glass shatter ain't half bad either! Awesome one :D


This was an entertaining episode. So far it's my favourite non-crowbar ep.

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