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get a console

because it's true, every OS sucks.

if you're talking about for work then?
Apple - good for MultiMedia
Windows - good for corporate/professional business

Linux - as the video said "for elitist nerds" XD if you know how to run it, you may have no life

Well stated, Wes.
By the way, don't know how to install Linux? Ask Paul -- he can install it on ANYTHING! ^_^

Yeah Graham, doesn't this go against your beliefs as a Linux based platform?


Which is a very bittersweet victory, as the only reason you get less viruses with Mac/Linux is that more people use windows (therefore it makes sense for virus designers to specifically target it).

Or because with Linux, everyone can see the source code so security holes get patched shut about as quick as they're found. Or because with a completely transparent security system it can just worry about security, rather than making it completely black box. Or because the average Linux user is a lot more tech savvy than your average Windows user so they wouldn't be as likely to pick them up.

Nahh you're right, it's just that one reason. :p

<- Windows user.

Or because getting any stupid program to work consistently in Linux practically requires rewriting the kernel, so the idea of getting a virus to run on any percentage of Linux boxes is a joke. Linux isn't an OS, it's an unpaid job.

In reference to that previous post there, Macs at this point actually tend to be more likely to have viruses than Windows PCs. This is because there are now quite a few Mac viruses out there, but the sort of person that buys a Mac still believes all that crap about them being virus free despite the fact that their computer is crashing and hanging up way more than it did when they first got it, so they refuse to buy an anti-virus. It's pretty hilarious, really.

Nicely done, this and the Magic one is your best yet.

Yes I loved seeing Wes sing this song twice during Desert Bus and while this video was a bit toned-down version I still think it was very well done

vid refused to load for about 5mins =P stop moking me lrr =P

I like Windows, it never crashed on my new PC, there is plenty of software for it and everyone knows how to use it. Its not the best but besides that there is just Apples OSX for which you have to pay with your soul. And everything else besides that is built on top of the Kernel, I wouldnt be surprised if one day scientists would discover that human brain works on top of the Kernel. Anyway even for the most simple Linux distro like Ubuntu you need to be a computer scientist to know how to work with it properly, its hard to setup (even though its much more opened then Windows or OSX) and it has more bugs then rain forest.

get a console

Because we've never heard of any problems with the Wii, Xbox or the Playstation...

Good video, great song. I like the idea of having computers be girls, just owning matt.
Poor matt. That guy never gets a break. His roommate uses his toothpaste, his friends sell his Transformers collectibles, and now girls are really computer representations that always fail him.

Loved it - LRR is quickly becoming one of my favorite features here.

Very nice song. A bit of truth there too.

Although I'm not to keen on trusting a guy who wears a hat with "Troll" on it...

I have been anticipating this since you said during desert bus that you were making this video, and I loved it. Lol at the bluescreen of death.


Prof. Monkeypox:
Every OS sucks indeed. There are competent programmers in the world, I know it. Why aren't they working to fix this? The first person to create a moderately priced reliable OS will surely make a killing.

Its not really possible. You start out with good intentions but you have to make compromises almost immediately. You can pick any two of scope (how many supported devices, programs, formats, etc..) quality (how well it runs) and cost. Actually, I'm not even convinced you can do both scope and quality since scope means you have to interface with other peoples broken drivers/apis/formats/etc...

In the back of my mind I know this- I'd just like some quality, you know, it's very frustrating when people can get fabulous wealthy on inherently flawed and genuinely broken products.

So is LRR related to 3 Dead Trolls?

Only because I don't think anyone else has said it yet... nice xeroxes. I don't know, I was always quite fond of System 7 or 8 for Macintosh. Those just felt right. The only major problem I remember involved a bug in second generation imacs running 8.6 that made it impossible to run the modem at 56k, but it only took me like two months to figure that out. I remember downloading the 8.6 update from Apple, which took about 3 hours on a dial up line, which was practically a miracle to have a sustained connection that long at the time.

LOL! I totally didn't notice the TROLL hat until right at the end.

Crazy Eyes Girl as Linux was a great choice.

I must have that Troll hat! :D

Also, awesome song...my compliments to the artist.

My Linux hasn't crashed while it's been running. :3

Also, I'd so switch to Google so fast if they fucking released it already. I remember when they said late 2010.

Great song, awesome video, and the stinger was pure brilliance!

I haven't read all the way through the thread, but I'm sure I won't be the first to mention that Linux is not itself an OS.

Anyway, there are plenty of examples of OSes that don't suck. Who doesn't love BSD? ...oh yeah, everyone.

Actually Windows XP didn't crash on me (in any way) for over 4 years now :).

Awesome *wipes tears of mirth from eyes* =D

Quite amusing. The most stable system I've witnessed is an old Unix server clocked at 200mghz; used as a training system for the Unix classes.
It ran for 3 years straight (on backup power when the weather turned foul) and hosted up to four classes of 30 students each at the same time.

Sure, we were doing really mundane shit and just learning syntax, but 120 simultaneous users PuTTY'd into a cheap ass 200mghz machine is impressive no matter how you slice it.

Ironically (or fittingly) enough, when they retired that box and loaded a distro of Linux onto their new system (a 2ghz, dual core), it crashed every other week doing the same shit.

I saw this on desert bus, it's so trye.
And before you say 'Oh, but Linux is so cool and good.' no it's not! If the OS can't run a single bloody programme then it's not a good OS!

I can run any program you want it too. In my experience the number of things you can get Linux to run is directly proportional to user intelligence plus a constant of 1 (for the shell).

i agree something about the raw acoustic guitar during desert bus sounded better the this version but still a funny song.

sad but true, not a day passes without a program or OS locking up on my Vista Laptop

get a console

because it's true, every OS sucks.

if you're talking about for work then?
Apple - good for MultiMedia
Windows - good for corporate/professional business

Linux - as the video said "for elitist nerds" XD if you know how to run it, you may have no life

Linux is great for stuff like servers or if you want PC,s on the cheap for a company it basicly runs on everythign that,s equiped with a optic drive

My computer crashed while i was watching this.
Oh, irony, you're a dick.

So true

7 weeks and 5 days uptime now on windoze 7.
Last bluscreen I got was three years ago, and that was because of a faulty sound card.

Crazy Eyes Girl as Linux was a great choice.

Agreed. Missie pretty much steals any video she's in. :) Everyone did a great job, though!

The second computer we had at home ran Windows ME.

So.. yeah.

Worst years ever, computerwise.


Good one!
never heard about that Xerox thing though

This is the quick and dirty Wikipedia summary.

Alternatively, watch the fictionalized, but humorous interpretation from The Pirates of Silicon Valley:

Really old song, I think I heard it ten years ago, but a great little rendition on the Escapist.

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