Zero Punctuation: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

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He likes it Mikey! He likes it!

I always did see a similarity between Yahtzee and Assassin's Creed's Shawn.

All he needs is the hat (and maybe to swear just a little more.)

yeah the sarcasm cynism and narcisstic nature he's got pegged so

Ubisoft can expand on Ezio all they like, but he still isn't Altair.
Ezio may have better weapons and a bit more charm but somehow, he will never be as badass as Altair.
The only reason why the money is so unbalanced is because the weapons and armour cost fuckloads.
However, AC:B have done exactly what AC2 did and gave away the best armour in the game for free so the money for the armour is made redundant, so you get enough money to fill a swimming pool with and then some. In fact, Ubisoft should have included a swimming pool at the villa so you could do exactly that.

Glad to see he liked Shawn so much. xD Though not completely surprising. They have some vast similarities. I don't know if the attitude was based off of Yahtzee, though I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was, but I do know that his looks and his voice are based off of Danny Wallace.

Still, I can agree with this review quite a bit. I loved the game to death, but even I am willing to nod or cringe at some of the less... desirable parts. (Like how damn long it takes for you to even recruit your Brotherhood. OMG. :|)

As a big fan of Ass Creed I loved this one. Had the best story line of the three, and the Desmond parts were the best of the three also. It also had the most interesting city design, and a massive amount of things to do in Rome.

ah man...I thought I was sick of Assassin's Creed after playing 2 to like 150% but then I started working on AC1 (horrible at first but once past that it's fine)...and now Brotherhood is $20 off at GameStop...errghh oh all right (it's what I get for being too busy to do parkour in real life)

Mr. Bojangles:

I always did see a similarity between Yahtzee and Assassin's Creed's Shawn.

Except Yahtzee has a point most of the time and curses more.

LOL true that

The list of systems is wrong, it won't be out for PC for a while.

i finished this game today, it was great, although it didnt feel as right as ACII

Erecting a Sentry:
Was eh pretty cool review that killed monsters and aliens and didn't afraid of anything

At first I was like ? and then I was like

You know, the multiplayer required more thought than the campaign did.

I just bought this game a week ago and have been spending way too much time playing it since. Wish ACII had been more like this. Should not have listened to this review or the opinions of those who said it should have been DLC. Was completely worthy of being its own game. I found the story for both ancestor and Desmond to be more interesting in this game than it had been in the past.

Biggest complaint I have is that some of the 100% criteria are ridiculous given how far you have to backtrack to retry. I'm sure the asshole who put the 1 vs 2 tank battle in a confined space at the end of a 10-minute memory and required us to get through it without taking a hit is a Templar.

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