The Big Picture: A Nerd By Any Other Name

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Mind = Blown.

Well, Mind < Blown, technically.

Bob one word...genius.

That is a valid point man so the next time some punk-ass sport fan says "your nerd for liking warhammer" ill remember what you said and say to them that...your..a..nerd too?

Huh now that i think about i'd probably punch them in the face, still good point though.

Honestly at my school everyone thats really into sports are also really into videogames. This of course only applies to the older students who are mature enough to not hide their inner nerd.

Oh boy did the Pats be the Jets up and down the field also i fit the mix i love sports and am i total Nerd as are alot of my friends

And all the sex they're not having _O-

You had me good bob.

A Nerd By Any Other Name

This week, Bob examines parallel nerds.

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Yeah, wow. I've made the exact same jersey-to-scifi-costume comparison before a few issues back when we were talking about abandoning space. The conclusion I've come to as to the difference?


The more imagination an endeavor requires, the more "childish" it is. We pretend it's about practicality, but (as you also pointed out) sports aren't practical. I'm looked at as a goof for enjoying fencing, but I'm far more likely to end up in a swordfight than in a situation in which my only hope of survival is kicking an oblong balloon through two uprights a fair distance away.

When my dad bought the same equipment Tiger Woods was using for golf, it was because a tiny voice in his head wanted him to pretend to be Tiger Woods. That's imagination talking. And we're forgetting the immense value it has in our ability to improve ourselves and our world... or even solve basic problems. How can the world get better if there's no one with the ability to imagine what that "better world" looks like?

Really, the difference between "sports nerds" and "nerd nerds" is the difference between the child that swims in the deep end and the child that sticks near the side. Keeping one hand on the edge allows the child to act like the pool is shallower than it really is. It doesn't change reality, it just changes the amount of control the child feels they have over reality. Meanwhile, the other child is able to fully enjoy the depth of that other end of the pool, but at greater risk.

The negative traits ascribed to nerds are, to my mind, a result of how they've been treated. We tend to think that nerdy people like nerdy things. I think the opposite is true--I think that people who like things that are considered "nerdy" are treated in a way that causes them to, eventually, behave like nerds. Introverted, even anti-social. Awkward. Obsessed. All of that stuff.

People don't understand the significance of the "nerd subject matter." Why does Spiderman's height or weight matter? They conveniently forget to ask why Babe Ruth's home run record means a damn thing, of course. But it's not about the subject itself.

It's about immersing yourself in something. It's about giving your imagination some exercise. And yeah, it's about entertainment and having fun with something. But part of why we can enjoy it is that it's not "practical" or "useful." It's not work, it's play. And God help us, the world would be better off if adults would play more (and admit to doing it).

Heh. Moviebob makes a pretty good Mario.

I think a lot of people are confusing jocks and sports nerds. A sports nerd would be someone who knows the how many yards after the completion Randy Moss had during his second year in the NFL. A jock would be Randy Moss. He probably doesn't care about his yards after completion.

A Nerd By Any Other Name

This week, Bob examines parallel nerds.

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I completely agree with Bob's assessment, but I *do* know what the difference is.

People dressing up as Brett Favre, are dressing up as a *real* person. The continual schismatic line between the two groups is that sports fans are celebrating people of actual prowess in a physical venue. A Much better example would be comparing sports to professional gaming. If I wore a 'Slayers Boxer' costume in Korea, I'd probably get similar reactions.

My general thought has been that a 'normal' is really a person who limits their aspirations. They only aspire to being a person that exists, and they have read about. As opposed to a nerd who could aspire to be a person that has been made up, and is purely fictional.

Was gonna say that it's because nerd culture has gone mainstream and enveloped an equal share of 'non-geek' nerds (people who don't fit the Asperger's theory paradigm.) But then you went on the sports tirade and my point became so irrelevant that I can't even remember what it was in response to and I don't care. I'm about to send this to 100+ people and see if they don't rage about it or just die from laughter.

I don't know, I don't care much for sports, and I'm a nerd. Also, to me at least, sports fan = jocks and jocks = bullies that beat up nerds and take their lunch money.

Sort of. What you say makes a lot of sense, but sports fans seems to be mostly what you call "douchebags". You know, the same guys you claim are the worse people imaginable, the kinds of people who genuinely like The Expendables and the Transformers movies and troll Xbox Live?

'even their own furries' LMAO :D

best one of these so far, and some very good points made and food for though shoveled onto my plate for me to devour......maybe later, ill heat it up, hungry :(

Excellent commentary :) Well done!

I'm also seeing a general sentiment of residual butthurt of nerds toward jocks.

Nearly half of the comments here are either strongly implying or outright saying that sports fans are big dumb brutes that spent their whole lives stuffing nerds into lockers. Just because that was what happened to you when you were in high school doesn't mean that's the way all sports fans have become. Even the high school linebacker has to grow up sometime; just because he doesn't give swirlies anymore doesn't mean he's stopped being a football fan.

It seems that most geeks and nerds around here forget that for every beefed-up quarterback with a cheerleader on his arm, there's a glasses wearing geek that delights in speaking in impenetrable jargon. Both are looking to make the other feel inferior.


Browncoats: Raiders fans

oh HELL no, the Browncoats are clearly Cleveland fans, the Raiders fans are simply mocking the "Dawg Pound".

As a side note, my Brownies won last weekend.

No. Raiders fans are the 501 Stormtroopers.

Browns fans can have the browncoats. Now what about us Bengal fans?

If Yankees fans are Twi-hards(and they SOOOO are), then what are Red Sox fans?

Harry Potter?

That is exceptionally true.

If Yankees fans are Twi-hards(and they SOOOO are), then what are Red Sox fans?

We're Harry Potter Geeks or possibly Chronicles of Narnia Fans. As a Bostonian, I swear, that one joke won me over. Well played Bob. Well played.

On a side-note, Sports fans aren't entirely accepted in most cultures either. I'm not a nerd, but I like nerd culture. I'm not a fan, but I like some sports and following the sports. So...I guess I fall somewhere in the middle.

All I can say is: Thank you, Bob.
For years my view-point has been that everyone is a nerd in one way or another and sport-fans are emphasized on that point. Thank you for this!

Oh, and about nerds and sport-fans living together: It's happening. I have a friend who is incredibly nerdy, but plays basketball, fencing and SOCCER. Give it some time and you'll see it'll happen^^

Way to go, Bob. That was awesome.

I have always hated it when a sports fan refers to the team they're supporting as "we". You don't play in the God damn team. You have no influence on the team. They don't even know you. I'm a Valve fan, but when they release a game, I don't say "We just released a game!" Why? Because if I did, I'd sound like a fucking idiot. Guess what you sound like when doing that with sport teams?!*

*The answer is "fucking idiots."

It's important to note that sports franchises go the extra length to make fans identify with individual players and are obsessed with maintaining a positive, friendly image. Video game corporations often appear just as that - corporations - which we often associate with cold, uncaring, faceless entities.

People can also attach themselves to a team more easily than a video game company due to the nature of a team belonging to a city. The team isn't just a team anymore, but, in the mind of the fan, a representative of the city and the people in it. For example, if the Steelers beat the Bills, a Steelers fan can say, "We won!" because it wasn't just the Steelers beating the Bills, it was Pittsburgh beating Buffalo.

I think the general thing keeping sports nerds &, uh, nerd... nerds, is that they are very different in expression. Sports nerds like to play sports. Nerd nerds read comics, watch tv, & play games. The difference, is that our interests can't be recreated to the same level. We can play sports, but we can't cast magic, shoot webs, jump on turtles, etc. The sports fans practice their sport & get stronger, and muscly people get cool and popular (becuase our culture praises strong people). Nerds don't do any of that, and are left as outcasts because we don't have a tangable link to the real world in our interests, and we can't practice them in a public manner like sports.

I agree 100% but not on the sports issues. I'm a football (soccer) fan and I have favorite teams in the US, Mexico, Germany, Spain, and England. The reason I like Chicago Fire, is because I live in Chicago, I like Club America (Mexican team in Mexico City) because my family all loves them, because they live in Mexico city. As for the German, Spanish and English teams, theyre the most popular and most viewed teams so why not. For England, a Mexican international player is a big star, so winenr by defult. I only have a Club America shirt but it has my name on it.
Question: If the jersy has your name on it, is it not a costume them. I guess not since you can make your own costume of a similar reference to a certain francise or game etc.
I dont know where Im going with this O.o
Oh right teams I guess.

Loved the Yankees comparison. ha ha
I agree, too. I'm a huge sports fan (got my Giants world series shirt on right now) and a bit of a nerd. We must come together.

Well, i agree in (nearly) all aspects of this "le big picture"...but, You forgot 'bout somethin'. At least in central/eastern europe sport-fan/nerds are mostly seen as a big chunk of meat on steroids with a baseball bat that will kick your teeth in...with his 10 "sport-nerdy" friends if you say something wrong :D

A jersey is a widely accepted piece of clothing. So wearing it is like wearing normal clothing. If your favorite character's costume is a T-shirt, then wearing it would be the same thing. No one will mind if you wear a shirt with the trekky ^ thing on it (don't eat me, not a Star Trek fan).

If you walk down the street with football gear and a Brady face mask (and it's not a football game), people will look at you funny. It's the same thing as wearing a costume to comic con.

Your logic is so flawed it's not even funny.

While I agree with most of Bob's point, I'd argue that there is already a significant overlap between nerds and sports nerds. I definitely have tons of friends on both categories. What's more, I have friends that are anime nerds AND sports nerds but hate videogames and sci-fi. I have friends that play obscure videogames compulsively and could recite every lineup of their favourite team but won't read a manga.

If anything, my definition of nerd is shifting these days. A nerd is starting to be an *annoying* nerd. The kind of nerd that posts around here on permanently cynical and contrarian views. They never like anything anybody else likes, they think they know better than their favourite writers, directors or developers, they think that everybody who makes money has sold out and all the stuff they interacted with as children is infinitely superior to anything done these days.

So, basically, like music nerds.

Don't get me started on those, by the way...

shit man this makes sense

I have pointed this out to my family and several other people I know before, but I dont think most of them got the point. I am glad it seems that others are on the same wavelength as me.

If Yankees fans are Twi-hards(and they SOOOO are), then what are Red Sox fans?

Cool. Or awesome. :) Bob, Boston FTW!
OT:That was quiet an exercise in logic. Well done. Also the Pats won last night! (I'm not really a sport fan. I just live near Boston)

Now I have an ammo clip named "Movie Bob's Point" loaded into my Argument Gun whenever my dad asks why I don't want to watch football with him.

Hubert South:
Japanotards are not nerds.

By the way, the _ONLY_ thing separating, in this context (however limited it might be), sport fandom and nerd fandom, is time.

Sport nerds have been aroundf for 5000 years. Nerds for 50.

That and because of that time span, sports has become more acceptable in society. I'm in high school right now and if you ask most people if they like sports or a sports team, they'll have something. But if you ask the same for, say, video games, there are some people who never touched a game. And the many who have played a game say video games are for nerds, because they play Call of Duty which is more acceptable.

What a coincidence that you mention the Pats and Jets, when the pats, literaly, murdered the jets last night. or at least their defense. wow. that was fun to watch.

I always thought that Dallas Cowboys fans were the Twihards of sports but then Bob is from Boston so I should expect some cheap shots at New York.

Browncoats are the Raiders fans of the geek world? That's a little harsh Bob.

Oh Bob, sometimes you sound like an idiotic fanboy twat (that gameoverthinker episode about meroid other m) and other times (right now) you sound like a benevolent being sent by the gods offering wisdom, teaching tolerance and giving people a good metaphorical bitch slap for acting like absolute cunts.

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