Question of the Day, December 7, 2010

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Question of the Day, December 7, 2010


Geek-beloved actor Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Spike Video Game Awards this Saturday. Who should get their chance next year?


Patrick Stewart would be awesome, but I'm not sure about a great host.

Bruce Campbell would be awesome, and a great host.

Of the choices, Felicia Day. Wil Wheaton would be fun too.


He's Still Alive, right?

I'd say Fillion, but Felicia Day is also a pretty good idea.

Fillion just seems to be really in touch with the geeky side of his fandom. Bruce Campbell would be awesome but I personally am not his biggest fan ever, and I don't think Patrick Stewart gets the nerdiness of it quite as much.

Fillion and Felicia are unapologetic nerds, and I wouldn't have them any other way, and that's why I think they should host the next VGA awards.

Maybe Vin Diesel should be on there. He's practically one of us as it is.

I voted for 'Other'. Why? Because Vin Diesel, that's why!

Patrick Stewart, he would do it too, you know how I know? American dad.

Avril Lavigne would be good too. image

And heres something with nothing to do with this topic

Bruce Campbell
but with a chainsaw hand

btw i always thought that Neil Patrick Harris was less "geek beloved" but just plain and simple a good actor

Patrick Stewar of course, no doubt about it!

Fillion or Day.

Both are excellent. Maybe they could co-host? That would be nice.

Why Patrick Stewart and William Shatner and not Leonard Nimoy?? He'd get my vote...

At the moment I would go for Zachary Levi although Nathan Fillion would otherwise get my vote

William Shatner! Bruce Campbell would be awesome as well.

I'm glad that Bruce Campbell is currently in the lead. Nathan Fillion is oh-so-overrated, as is Felicia Day.

Bruce Campbell, without a doubt.


I went with Patrick Stewart, although Nathan Fillom and Leonard Nemoy are close (tied) seconds.

Unfortunately, I believe NPH would be an incredibly hard act to follow, due to his general awesomeness.

Maybe Patrick Stewart or Bruce Campbell could probably match the awesome, but I'm afraid I just love NPH.

How about Vin Diesel? That could be...interesting.

Why the hell is Adam Baldwin not an option?!

You've all disappointed me. :(

Tom Hanks. Why?
Just 'Cause....2!

Either that or they could get the cast of Twilight, and arm the audience...

Don't make me choose between Bruce Campbell and Nathan Fillion! It's like Sophie's Choice all over again! :-P

No offence to NPH, but HIMYM has gone downhill with this last season... and I don't think that should qualify NPH to host the awards.. but I suppose it's not his fault the show is getting worse.. at least not entirely..

But I vote for Nathan Fillion, and my second vote goes to Bruce Campbell.

He'd never do it, but I'd love to see Stewart do one. Then maybe i'd actually watch the show for more than two minutes...


Christ, is there any question?

I went with Felicia Day. I think it should be hosted by a fellow geek. While Patrick Stewart is a big tech geek, he doesn't play video games so that disqualifies him in my opinion. Also she is better eye candy (I guess since we're being geeky it should read iCandy).

Bruce "don't call me Ashe" Campbell all the way!

Please, let's have a Felicia Day year-free.

Patrick Stewart.

His voice is like sweet, sweet melted butter on my ears...

The Rock.

The only problem with Sir Patrick is that I think he'd actually bring too much gravitas to the show. It is Spike, after all.

Thus I'll go with Nathan Fillion. Any exposure for him is good. (Especially since he's my best hope for knocking Richard Armitage off the top of my wife's "guilty pleasure hottie" actor list.)

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