The Escapist Presents: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Unboxing

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The Collector's Ed is indeed beautiful, it was defo worth the extra pennies to me.
The art book is amazing, just having that would have made it worth the money to me so the other stuff was a bonus.

Nice beard you got going there John. Looks well groomed as well. Keep it up!

John Funk:

Massive ROLF at John Funk trying desperately to maintain a thin veneer of journalistic integrity and not weep like an over-excited fanboy who just wallpaper-pasted his boxers to the inside of his jeans.

Bravo to you sir! :)

There's nothing wrong with having fun. I like doing unboxing videos because they *are* fun. People like seeing what's inside them; we like seeing what's inside them. It's all entertainment :)

Damn right! It's that enthusiasm that makes this a great website- we can see that you guys are real gamers...

Made me smile though... I really wanted you to just drop the poker face at the end and go "OH MY GOD CHECK THIS SHIT OUT THIS IS AWESOME!"

P.S.- I should totally check in more often... I only just spotted this.

....oh. Fasinating.

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