Please Stop Making Me Hate The Simpsons

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it used to be that you could watch individual episodes of the simpsons after the season had it's run and have a good laugh. right now I'm not sure if there area even individual gag that are worth watching. And Family guy is just so much funnier(if you are into that kind of humor)

Glee is meh, I never liked it the concept is high school musical, only in sitcom form. I have no problem with people who watch it, I have trouble with people who make it out to be the best show ever made (the people I refer to as Gleetards), It runs Family Guy and American Dad because as we all all know, animated "Slice of life" sitcoms are guaranteed to do well (They have yet to suffer from the ravages of age). House is good if a bit predictable, they guess disease, get it wrong, house shows up, calls everyone else idiots and cures patient, rinse and repeat (Don't get me wrong I love House). Secondly Bashing Fox for dropping series is kind of a moot point if you look at the wall of series they've run over the years if anything Fox is willing to let try out new things.

The Critic, nooo!!!

Jay, We love you...please come back.

Too right, The Simpsons nowadays quite frankly sucks ass.

On a similar note to the topic at hand, here's a site chronicling just how badly the Simpsons has gone downhill in recnet years. That'll really make you miss the other shows featured in this article.

Titus was another show that got cut down despite being three seasons' worth of gold. Hell, it even got into some really dark territory like suicide, child abuse, rape, and homophobia that gave it some hefty moments that most shows don't.

Arrested = Good.

Futurama = airing on comedy central.

King of the hill? :(

Also, I'd like them to cancel anything related to family guy. And that includes those other copy pastas by that guy, but that'll never happen, you know what, hell, jst get that preachy ass hole out of TV in general. I can dream, can't I?

I only watch the TV Show every once in a while. At the moment, the comics are, in my opinion, a lot better than the TV Show. That, and it's a lot easier to go back and enjoy the comics again and again. Sure, they're not canon to the TV show, but the writers work with that to do insane stuff that the show could never get away with. Like an issue about how the world would change if the Comic Book Guy were to die.


I think your misunderstanding the influance of the mainstream on TV. The Simspons might seem unfunny to you after all this time, but then agin your here on "The Escapist". Odddly I think you overestimate the everyman. Ask yourself how things like Pro-Wrestling continue on, and they have been around longer than "The Simpsons".

"The Simpsons" is one of those rare productions that hits solidly in that 'sweet spot' for the everyman. It's simple, uncomplicated, and can make your typical person chuckle and think themselves clever. It takes someone outside the mainstream to really look at it and go "you know this is really pretty insipid".

On top of that the series has become iconic. "The Simpsons" have spawned a merchandising empire and become as well known as Disney characters and the like. What's more you'll notice that "Universal Studios" has a pretty substantial ride and an area built up around it as one of their attractions to compete with Disney.

Personally I don't think anyone thinks they're clever by getting a joke on The simpsons.
Though I do agree with everyone can find it funny.

To me, it seems that Fox isn't big on keeping their shows. Some of them I find funny end up being cancelled with only 1 to 2 seasons. The last show I remember on Fox that got cancelled was Sit Down and Shut Up. It was okay, but I only watched cause Kenan voiced the principal.

But, if the Tick had done better we might not have the venture bros. and I would rather have that.

Kind of funny that I have all the shows on DVD.

The grand dad Simpson
The father Family guy
The son American dad

Futurama wierd uncle

OT: I did enjoy the simpsons back in the day but I agree their humor is a bit dry, I'll still watch them though and probably will jsut to see how they bring the show to a close.

Yeah, Fox is a bunch of dolts. Family Guy has pulled that "list as many fox shows that have been canceled" bit twice now and is probably looking for a third sometime soon.

Looking back, I'm not even sure Simpsons was ever really that funny, Rather just unique and given a lot of nostalgic points. Maybe it was the 2 times a day seven days a week syndication, but I'm really tired of even the early stuff I used to enjoy. (for the record, the same happened to futurama. After so many season, it struggles to come up with anything new to do. Describing a recent episode to a friend I basically said it was Bart's lastest run-in with Nelson and Lisa's annual identity crisis. The shows still good for a few eipsodes a season, but tow are usually the halloween episode and the short story episode with one or two good ones snuck in between. In fairness, Family Guy and South Park suffer the same problem with less garuntee of a good episode and Seth McFarlane's other two shows don't even get that.

Of course we all know when the Simpsons will end: The day when they are faced with replacing one of those half dozen voice actors that do dozens of characters. They can't last forever.

I really hope that live-action clip of was posted by accident, because there is no way in hell anyone enjoyed that tripe over the hilariously superior cartoon; the live-action Tick came off as a cheeky and sad parody of itself, as if the franchise became self-aware and decided to spontaneously combust itself in favor of Steve Martin-esque piss-and-fart jokes.

How many Arrested Development fans who complain about it getting cancelled actually watched it when it first aired? How many of those fans are currently watching either The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret or Running Wilde? If you don't watch either of those two shows, then you have absolutely no right to complain.

And why no mention of Andy Richter Controls The Universe? That show was genius.

I always hated Fox after cancelling Keen Eddie and John Doe. Man those were two awesome gems of the television, yet, they lasted little to nothing. I forgave Titus, because I knew what was going on ont the background, and even if Fox were to blame, it was business alright. But those 3 series should lasted longer and The simpsons had to end long ago, I stopped watching it around the 5th.

I'm with you.

Fox was insane for cancelling the critic I still watch the dvd regularly and have the theme as my ringtone.


Firefly... Great. Now I'm sad. Thanks Escapist!

PS I love you. </3

I knew that Firefly was going to make this list. :)

I would also like to bring up Kitchen Confidential. That show is by far one of my favorite TV show that very quite made it thanks to FOX. I still pop in my copy of the complete serious every now and then when it is late at night and I don't feel like gaming.

Rant incoming: Heres the thing, Fox is a Republican network and to paraphrase Peter Griffon: A Republican is a big fat white guy who is afraid of change. Anything new, exciting or original will always be canceled in favour of the same old tried and (no longer) true.

Don't forgive them Elizabeth, it will only make them think they continue to get away with it as long as there is one brief (occasional) gem in a sea of sludge.

It just seems like the simpsons are more of a time capsule because no matter how much things change the simpsons will never die.

Well people like re-runs and T.V shows with double digit season numbers because of familiarity! It gives us a sense of belonging, we don't like change and we love routine and predictability! Though that is a generalisation. I too am convicted of watching re-runs and enjoying them.
Though this is a bad thing, we should really get out of this 'cultural rut'! T.V and Film have never been so terrible and I'm not the only one thinking like this.

You're also not the only one wrong either.

There's always been shit. You just don't realize it because shit doesn't survive (except the damn Simpsons). I think you're blinded by nostalgia, but I'll forgive you, because an apt point: I've seen every episode of Futurama (the old ones) like 5 times already.

Article: well written. Firefly: what could've been...

EDIT: Oh yeah, you should've mentioned Titus. One of the best comedians has a show with hilarity and pathos and they puss out.


I loved that show. Did wonders for ol' Andy in my opinion. Never watched Conan at that time in my life, but I just found that show clever and refreshing.

Ah, well... he still has late night.

I agree, the Futurama episode "Jurassic Bark" is one of the best examples of animation storytelling. I remember watching that episode when it was first aired when I was younger and how powerfully bittersweet the ending was. I decided to watch it a couple months ago thinking that it might've lost some of the magic that made it so special, but no, it still hit me pretty hard and is still one of my alltime favorite episodes of any show.

I actually really enjoy The Simpsons still. Is it not as good as it was? A million times worse, of course. But compared to the entirety of mainstream television, The Simpsons remain, even if only slightly so, light-hearted, enjoyable, and colourful.

If they stopped it 12 years ago, it would be remembered as the best show ever to grace our screens. But even as it declines more and more in originality and humour with each passing season, it is still a damn good show, and I'm glad it's still on TV.

Oh wow, with the exception of that second show (which I'd actually never even heard of until just now), I find myself in 100% agreement on each and every one of those shows Fox unceremoniously canceled, whilst keeping The Simpsons on long past the point where it was consistently funny (or funny at all depending on the episode). The Tick alone was so funny it hurt!

I weep for what might have been.

I personally despised Arrested Development as well as the live action "the tick" (as the cartoons were so amazing!). However, I do concede that the Simpsons has been running MUCH too long, the episodes are beyond stale at this point.

I was honestly a bit disappointed with firefly. I saw it a lot later than everyone else, after years of my friends telling me several times a week to watch it. To the show's credit it basically needed to re-define my very notion of cinema to even remotely live up to the unreachable expectations my friends bestowed upon it, so I was thus let down.

Fox is run by idiots, simple as that. You can tell by the way they keep sucking up to Seth MacFarlane and The Simpsons, canceling good shows like you said (I'm reminded of Futurama in particular) and heck, even watching their news.

The Simpsons is a brilliant, influential and masterful piece of work. And now, like all good things must, it's time for it to be euthanized for its own good. Funny, I was just having ths conversation right before I found this article.
Perhaps if we all ask Matt Groening to not pick up the Simpsons for a new season he'll instead focus on Futurama, or make an even better new show.

On a tangential note, I liked this article, but I've never seen most of the aforementioned shows. That's mostly due to the fact that I rarely watch TV, though.

I'll give you props for Firefly, but the Critic?? Even Futurama's pretty forgettable. Yes, I've watched it, and generally enjoyed it, but I've never laughed. Not sure why it's such a cult classic to be honest.

What they should cancel is Family Guy. Assuming that's on Fox, I don't watch yankee channels.

I find it cruellly ironic that the person with first comment on this got suspended for disagreeing with the article in a slanderous way, when all the article does is slander a TV network when they know nothing about how networks work.

Why does fox cancel these shows? Because they hate everybody..hell, just look at their news show!

While I agree that the seasons being shown recently on TV are pretty dire (17 and 18) I did pick up 20 on blu-ray and was pleasantly surprised. At least it's still kinda funny. Unlike Family Guy which as soon as it was brought back was terrible

And I REALLY don't see what people saw in Firefly. At all.

Get over it. Simpsons is a great show. Your opinionated little rant changes nothing about that, thankfully. They also won't cancel it because of you, which is another bonus.

Why you'd waste your time watching and writing about something which you clearly can't stand anymore is mind boggling. It isn't like it's a new show at the escapist you're giving a go, which takes you by surprise at how good/bad it is. Nah, you've had SEASONS to stop wasting your time and yet here you are.

"Meh" seems an appropriate word.

Why would you want to kill free programming? Most simpson episodes are terrible but there are a few good ones and it's worth keeping the show around for the few diamonds that come about. Obviously enough people like the show since they are allowing to make more seasons of it and I don't really care if some retard that doesn't know how to switch a tv off when he isn't enjoying himself want's to write an article bitching about it still being on

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