Please Stop Making Me Hate The Simpsons

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Because the Simpsons airs on FOX, and FOX hates you.

You forgot John Doe, Drive, Defying Gravity, Brimstone and a few others that were great... it's what FOX does xD

There was a joke about it in the American Dad episode "White Rice" where Francine gets a show and its cancelled after one joke and I had seen that joke from miles away cause it's just so true :P

I'm all for cancelling The Simpsons if it will get people like this editor to complain less about stuff that they advertise as objectively bad.

Oh, Fox. How silly you are.

I pretty much stopped watching TV thanks to the stunning quality.

SVU and Mythbusters make up most of my viewing time, aside from documentaries -- long live Nat Geo!

The one that really bites me is Firefly. I thought Futurama was pretty good (I own all the seasons) but it had a good run. (most shows don't get 4 seasons as well as movies). The one I will disagree with is the Critic...I really didn't like the show. I can't explain why exactly except I found the main character to be more annoying than funny. The others I can fully agree with. As far as the Simpsons goes I tend to agree. I stopped watching several years ago but I remember laughing until I almost cried when the family was zapping each other in psychologists office and he yells "this is not the way to get healthy!!!" Season one I believe. That was some good stuff...

Blind Sight:
This reminds me of a scene in John Birmingham's 'Axis of Time' trilogy, about a bunch of naval ships from 2024 that get sent back in time to 1942. Someone asks a character what they're got saved from the future, and she replies 'all three decades of the Simpsons. Yeah, I'm regretting that now.' or something like that. Of course, this is also the universe where Pearl Harbor 2: Back on the Beaches was made, so maybe its some kind of reality where horrible tv and movies last way too long.


The show ended for me when Marge got buff and raped Homer.

I love how the rape of a man played for laughs is completely fine, but if anyone ever tried to do that with a woman there'd be hell to pay.

Do you love it really? DO YOU!?

The Simpsons has gone way downhill. I used to watch it religiously on Sky everyday and new eps on Sunday. Haven't bothered for years now.

Fox have always tried to act like the big shot and they believe that wielding the axe demonstrates that they are the corporation with the power to do as they please. What they don't realise is that other networks have much the same thing, but they would cancel poor shows.

Fox is owned by News Corporation - the plaything of Australian Megalomaniac Rupert Murdoch. This company runs the Sun and News of the World newspapers here in the UK and their management is much the same - get someone controversial and funny to run a column while they are this week's next best thing, then drop them straight away, as soon as they go a little cool. Their political view even shifts from election to election, picking the party that looks likely to win and throwing their lot in with them, faster than you can say "fill your boots"

I know that Futurama was one of the lucky few that managed to make a successful comeback (as a fan, I'd certainly say that it's a plus), but then so did Family Guy, on the back of DVD sales. What I would say in mitigation is that Fox isn't the only party guilty of cancelling a show before it's time, thinking along the lines of Farscape as an obvious example, but Fox has been rather more guilty of messing with the schedules and complaining that people don't then watch the shows.

Perhaps if Fox is going to be a bit petty about this, they should consider shorter seasons of shows and tweak the whole running order after 12 episodes, when new stuff comes into play? In the UK, our seasons are 6 episodes long and that is plenty of time to get through one decent sitcom - Blackadder gave us a different take on 4 separate time periods in 4 seasons of 6 episodes each. That's under 3 hours for a brief, but messed up history.

Then there's the flip side of the argument. The Simpsons. I own about the first 8 seasons on DVD and I've never had it in me to head to the shops and buy season 9 onwards. I bought the movie on DVD, but that was different, as I genuinely laughed at some of that plot... for a while. Sometimes, things do go on for too long, but the people behind it can't see that, as they're making money out of it. I'm still not sure what Groening was thinking with "I'd like a Simpsons Episode for every day of the year" Are you seriously going to sit through one episode a day? October will be almost entirely Treehouse of Horror and December will be a loop of Xmas specials. Have you really thought this through, Matt? The only reason you won't is because you've been paid for doing something that you teacher told you was bad back at school and you've become very wealthy off the back of News Corp. Well done.

Far be it for me to single out one story that started so brightly, only to be spread so thin over later seasons. There are other successful series that should also face the axe, but haven't done so, for commercial reasons, or even out of spite. These things happen and we just hope that by saving Futurama, we haven't doomed it to become the 31st Century Equivalent of the Simpsons.



Since Fox still has three seasons to apologize for, I give you the show that someone should be smacked in the head for cancelling:



Everyone I've ever shown it to as absolutely adored it. My ex-roomie still spouts quotes every now and then. Sometimes I like to use the "W" word, wussy.

I actually had to bribe a friend of mine into watching it after I bought it on DVD, he just refused to watch it at first. But after the first episode he was hooked, he hadn't seen anything like it on TV before.

I love this scene, and it becomes so much more funny when you know the background to it.

I like the Simpson's, you know that generally T.V companies usually have different financial pots for show development and continuation of shows. It's quite common place for older more established shows to bankroll newly developed ones.

SO I would say that the Simpson's was actually responsible for Fox taking gambles on shows like the Tick and Firefly, programmes do not get cancelled because of old shows stealing the limelight they get cancelled for many reasons.

Without the Simpson's Fox would play it safe, with reality shows 24 hours a day, no dramas and certainly no Animations. No precedent would have been set and we would end up with "animal survivor."

Also it boils down to people hating the Simpson's not based on anything other that, "I watched a half hour cartoon five years ago and it didn't fit in with my world view or humour, So I have boycotted it since!"

Basing your opinion on perhaps 3 episodes at best is not a great way to go about things, especially as the new series are great! Before you call for cancellations picture Fox using the money on making.

Liberal Survivor, where they place 4 liberal thinkers on an island full of killer bears and every week the viewers want to be eaten. No guns though liberals don't use them!

Or a programme devoted to the elevation of Rupert Murdoch to emperor of the universe!

Pirate Yoda Online:
Oddly enough, Matt groening did very well here:

He moved all of the decent writers in the Simpsons onto Futurama, because he recognised that it was far easier to write origional material about outer space than bout one town in America.

However, Fox are stupid (They cancelled Family Guy twice ffs), and belive that anything which ran as strong as the simpsons and for so long must be holier than Jesus and indestructible.

So, The Simpsons trundles along, shite as can be, recycling old jokes, until Fox finally realise how stupid they have been and put the old dog down for good.

How is Family Guy any better than the simpsons? At least the simpsons has SOME jokes. The only thing FOX did right was to cancel family guy.

They did bring it back though. So Fox FTW still

simspons is still good for me.
even after all this time, if i come home turn on the television, and find theres nothing on. if simpsons is on, then fantastic. ive something to watch ok the quality isnt as good as years ago, but i still think its fantastic.

You watch such crap, writer. None of these shows are any good. Go watch some good tv, get over it.

STFU, Family Guy is at least funny. unlike ts

Umm, is it bad if I still enjoy The Simpsons? I mean yeah it's not as good as it used to be but there are way worse shows out there.

I made a post about this many months ago during the last season of the Simpsons saying it should most likely be cancelled.

I understand people say its better than what else is on. thats fair enough. But compared to what it used to be like, id even go as far as saying up to around season 16 it had been on a slowish decline since season 10, the quality was still ok and made me laugh not in the old way of pure gut wrenching laughter as the first 8-10 seasons but more on just laughing at something totally stupid.

But since season 16 and especially the last 2 seasons 21 & 22 almost every single episode is terrible. I hate to say it and people may disagree, some of the story lines a remakes of old ones, the jokes (if there are any really) dont make me laugh. Some episodes i can watch and no laugh once through the whole thing im just kind of watching it for the sake of it.

I think the simpsons is the greatest animated show and one of the greatest shows of all time even with its decline in quality but i think it should end sooner rather than later so that it is remembered more fondly than it might in a few more years.

Also the cancellation of Futurama was the biggest mistake ever. I know its been brought back on another network and though occassionally funny it is nothing like the futurama's of the original 4 seasons. The great 1 liners seem to have gone and it doesnt (yet) feel like the futurama of old.

God.. i loved that show :(. How can you beat one liners such as , Zapp Branigan "You win again gravity", Dr Zoidberg - "Help friends a guinea pig tricked me". - "Help bender you've gotta spring me, I won't survive in here IM TOO PRETTY"

Haven't seen a simpson episode in years, and i don't know anyone of my friends to have watched any either. Family Guy has pretty much made that show a moot point. (whether or not FG is better is a whole other issue)

Futurama is the only show on the list i wholeheartedly agree with. Best damn animated comedy series! Must have watched each episode of season 1-3 6+ times on Adult Swim! Its unfortunate that CN gave it up to Comedy Central :( But hey at least its still on TV :D

Well spoken, sir.

I saw the way down was starting in season 6. Season 7 is the last that I found worth looking (though note: I'm not sure of what season is what, so it may be 5-7, 6-8 or some other).

They start to go "let's deliver most political correction messages" and less "we're comedy, we have to look to make people laugh". It stopped being about funny and more about "Ooooooooh! we've drawn the Queen of England! Aaaaaah! We've got this rockstar to put his voice". And they pay newspaper to publish that as news. Next Simpson will feature the garbage bin of Obama's father in law's step-ex-cousin.

I will only watch the episode that features "The Simpsons' die a painful but funny death".

Wouldn't be adding much to the conversation but the Simpsons was a show of the 90s, and there it shall remain. I own Season 1 to 10 on DVD and I'd rather the remaining seasons were erased from human memory than exist for the few good bits since then.

My brother and I grew up with the Simpsons, waiting every Sunday for the new ones. I can still watch seasons 4-8 and be in genuine tears of laughter, now when I accidentally see it on Channel 4 the new episode bring an entirely different set of tears.

Homer: Oh my God!
Lisa: What is it?
Homer: Tramapoline! Trampopoline! [runs out]
Bart: He said what now?
Marge: Please, don't bring home any more old crutches!

Looks like I'm one of the few who still enjoys watching The Simpsons. The new ones are no where near as good as the older ones, but they're still fun to watch!

The Simpsons probably has gone on a bit long. Firefly definitely shouldn't have been cancelled. That show was probably the best sci-fi series I have ever watched. As for Arrested Development, the few episodes I have seen were so boring I switched channels.

I love the simpsons and while the show has dropped in quality in the last few has dropped with only a few notable exceptions, i still enjoy watching it. I mean the 21st and so far 22nd seasons have been quite good, no where near as bad as seasons 18, 19 and 20. But really I love this show too much to let it be dragged on forever. Please fox let the 23rd season be the last, let the show go out on a high. And Matt Greoning & co, come on it been over 20 amazing years time to move on, Futurama is back, time to past on the torch

You forgot John Doe, Drive, Defying Gravity, Brimstone and a few others that were great... it's what FOX does xD

There was a joke about it in the American Dad episode "White Rice" where Francine gets a show and its cancelled after one joke and I had seen that joke from miles away cause it's just so true :P

Ah yes, Brimstone. A show that was near and dear to my heart. It was pretty taxing if you were a fan. Sci-Fi actually was going to pick this one up. They even started showing the episodes in their prime-line up nights and hosted a live webchat for the premiere of them with some of the show's stars, producers and writers. But at the last minute sci-fi instead opted to continue the USA canceled, G vs E. Which I assume didn't work out for them. Hopes lifted, then dashed, in short order. I'd still love a return for this show, but after all these years that seems unlikely. The tragedy of it to me will always be how close it came to salvation.

electric discordian:

I'm happy for you that you like the show, it carries a lot of nostalgia for me so for that reason I don't exactly want to see it canceled. But it has become monstrously unfunny. So I don't watch it. It's not a boycott, and it has nothing to do with my "world view", (I don't think we could do with less privatization and therefore, less Simpsons) it's just a matter of personal taste. Every time I do watch an episode I am quickly reminded of why I've stopped. If you asked me academically, I'd say the show is long over due for cancellation. That wouldn't stop fox from trying out new shows, all networks must. And that wouldn't mean the reality TV dinosaur would come roaring back, it went extinct for a reason.

Peter: Everyone, I've got bad news: We've been canceled.
Lois: Oh no, Peter, how could they do that?
Peter: Well unfortunately, Lois, there's just no more room on the schedule. We've just got to accept the fact that Fox has to make room for terrific shows like: Dark Angel; Titus; Undeclared; Action; That 80's Show; Wonderfalls; Fast Lane; Andy Richter Controls The Universe; Skin; Girls Club; Cracking Up; The Pitts; Firefly; Get Real; Freakylinks; Wanda At Large; Costello; The Lone Gunmen; A Minute With Stan Hooper; Normal Ohio; Pasadena; Harsh Realm; Keen Eddie; The Street; American Embassy; Cedric The Entertainer; The Tick; Louie; and Greg The Bunny.
Lois: Is there no hope?
Peter: Well, I suppose if all those shows go down the tubes we might have a shot.

Yeah, I think you might have the wrong target. (from the TVTropes page on Un Cancelled.)

It always seems like the best shows get cancelled because of lack of interest by the public. I gave up on the simpsons a while ago. for me the best episode and a good marker of the high point of the show is 'The Computer Wore Menace Shoes'.

I don't really get it. Why is Firefly to be considered greatness incarnate? I watched all episodes and the movie, yet didn't find it especially interesting (except for one episode).

I don't want to troll, I'd just like to understand what's to be seen in the series.

Fox: The douchebags of TV.

I don't really watch many shows with regularity, and I've only seen about3 episodes in total of the Simpsons. The only shows I watch are either on Discovery or USA, and they both are wonderful so I'll leave Fox to their shenanigans and their increasingly bad Lie to Me.

I think I might become in love with you, Elizabeth. I've only seen the animated version of "the tick". it was not that good I thought. And I never uderstood the deal with arrested development. I hate Fox for cancelling Firefly. I think its the best science fiction series ever created. I would love to see a second season of that show, but at the same time I don't want them too pick it up again. The show left me wanting more. I still remember the show as awesome and new. great dialoug and characters. it was truly brilliant. I remember Heroes was awesome and cool too, and at the end of the first season I wanted more. But at the end of the second season I didn't care anymore. It just wheren't any good. it down right sucked. and then they made another season. So now I remember Heroes as the show that crashed and burned, and not as the awesome show that got ended too soon. the same thing happened with "Chuck, and are slowly happening with "Dexter". I am afraid that if they pick up firefly again, they will taint all my good memories I have about the show. shows that have a story to tell like these shows, can't just go on for ever. because soon they will just be repeating them selves, and the story gets too thin and pointless. What they should do is make a story. and when that story is told and finish they should finish it and leave it alone. Battlestar Galactica is a really good example of that. They should have a three season maximum. sitcom's is different. they are just there to make you laugh. and as long the timing is good, and the character relationships still works, its fine with me.

Very good article. I cant say anything because i have only wathced i episode from season 20.

Keen Eddie

Keen Eddie, yes thankyou for reminding me of another great Fox victim. It was funny, the directing was snazzy and it gave the world a young and gorgeous Sienna Miller.

I don't really get it. Why is Firefly to be considered greatness incarnate? I watched all episodes and the movie, yet didn't find it especially interesting (except for one episode).

I don't want to troll, I'd just like to understand what's to be seen in the series.

Some people go overboard in their Whedonism. Perhaps they are simply too consumed with what might have been themselves. Me? I watched the show when it was on and it's cancellation saddened me a little bit. But it had moments where it was too "Joss Whedon" for me. I watched the movie and I enjoyed it and since you saw it it'll make a good example. I suppose what people liked were the things that were different about it. Most movies, in the situation that the assassin/main villain is now defeated in the precarious location would have the hero kill the villain with a snappy one liner or the villain meet his just fate by some treacherous treachery. We come to expect this in movies. In Serenity, the hero instead leaves the villain alive, in the hopes he too can see the light when he learns what the organization he serves has been up to.

I think it's that sort of thing that made people go ga-ga. And while I never really went Ga-Ga I found it was an enjoyable show for the most part. If you didn't like it, that's fine. You gave it a chance which is more than a lot of people would do and that's all anyone can ask. Different things will just speak to different folks. For what it's worth I liked Farscape a lot more than Firefly, but the internet still sings Firefly's praises. To each their own.

Arrested = Good.

Futurama = airing on comedy central.

King of the hill? :(

Also, I'd like them to cancel anything related to family guy. And that includes those other copy pastas by that guy, but that'll never happen, you know what, hell, jst get that preachy ass hole out of TV in general. I can dream, can't I?

I never did understand the love for King of the Hill. I really didn't.

With regards to the Simpsons, I suspect I am one of the few people here who were alive during a time when the Simpsons was not on TV. For 10 years that show defined my Sunday evenings. Strangely, Elizabeth seems to share my favorite pair of episodes. You Only Move twice has my favorite scene in all of television (The military is invading the complex while Homer and Scorpio have a heart to heart talk about moving back to Springfield) while Cape Feare has the one that caused the longest fit of sustained laughing in my life (when Sideshow Bob steps on rake after rake). Yes the show still produces the occasional quality episode, and yes it still manages to be funny more often than most shows but the charm is gone.

And really I can't blame anyone for that fact. There were only so many stories these characters could ever tell. Over time they became caricatures of themselves. Much of the charm of the show for me lay in the subtle interpersonal relationships and character complexities but now characters are all but one-dimensional. The show stoops to making insipid points with all the delicacy of a reconfiguration of the knee with a baseball bat. Yes, the show probably does deserve to be cancelled but I could never be the one to make the call any more than I could be the one to finally kill my cancer ailing 17 year Cocker Spaniel that had been by my side for most of my life that I could remember.

I cannot possibly agree with the Critic. When a show appears to run out of ideas after an incredibly brief run of less than a season, I cannot possibly hold out much hope. The rest of the list is worthy and I agree that Titus is a show that ought to be missed.

Never did like the Simpsons, and still don't.

I just can't get into it, I'll watch Futurama from dusk 'till dawn, but I can't laugh at old or new Simpsons.

Even so, I can still tell when a show has been dragged on too long.

That said, not too much of a Firefly man. I watched it once, but it's not something I can ever see myself watching again.

Give me Angel and Buffy anyday. But mostly Angel. I must be one of 10 people on the internet who likes Angel more than Buffy.

As this concerns television I firmly don't care.

Though I wish they'd finally cancel family guy and american dad so people would stop blabbering about them. Am I the only one who thinks they're not funny? And no more Metalocalypse please...

Now, who's bitter? :D

DISCLAIMER: I like the simpsons.

As I am not famiiar with the American television that much, I can only speculate.
If a show gets cancelled, it doesnt make enough money, thus it doesnt have enough viewers.
If a show continues, it keeps making enough money to be continued, thus it has enough viewers.
Companies want money, right?
Earning money is more important than being a dick, in their opinion.
Because FOX keeps Simpsons on, it has viewers. It is popular.
Because FOX cancelled, for example, this Firefly show, it didn't make money = it didn't have enough viewers.

I understand that the airing time, developing costs and everything else affects this, but still. If one show has more viewers than the other, it is more popular. Debate about a show being better than others is based on the personal opinion of a small group of inviduals, but here the numbers show the truth, in my opinion.

Yeah Fox doesn't know how to handle good shows. However, Simpsons is still good and you're a bitter self important prick. Also, what the hell were you thinking when you put The Tick on your list? That show was terrible.

many times it seems like fox don't give the show a chance. Firefly got a bad start, since Fox for some reason decided to air Episode 2 before episode one. so people didn't understand who, what, where, and why. Also Fox have a nack of change the chedulde around. so people don't watch the show because it's not airing when they think its airing. Family Guy got cancelled three times. due to lack of viewers, and once some things some fanatics didn't like... and still it sold so much merch that they decided to pick it up again.
It seems like Fox try to kill new shows. and zombiefy the old ones.

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