Please Stop Making Me Hate The Simpsons

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If I had millions of dollars, I'd use it all if I could get one more season of firefly.

im just glad they brought back futurama, that shows funny as hell. its also more mature humour but still good for kids to watch.

cant wait for more new episodes.

I think you miss the whole point of network television. It not how good the shows are, it is how many people watch them.

Thank you for remembering The Critic. It's one of my favorite shows and I have to stay up until three thirty in the morning to watch it on tv here(something which I gladly do).

A single tear rolls down my cheek for Seymour the dog... but there's a bitter flood here for the Hero of Canton...

same here.

oh, how much I love futurama and hate Fox...

This reminds me of what Channel 9 in Australia was doing with Farscape.

Now, for some reason that I can't quite verify, I get the feeling Fox had a hand in this. But of Course, Farscape was a US/Australian Co-production.

Regardless, it fell victim to precisely the same kind of rubbish as all the series you've mentioned here...
So, yeah.

Heh, I've never seen Arrested Development, Firefly, or The Tick. I hardly give live-action series a look (even if based on a comic). . .

Okay, now I want an apology, Elizabeth.

Why isn't King of the Hill on this list? I know it's in syndication on FOX, but that doesn't change the fact that the show was indeed canceled. And we're talking about a show that managed to grow a soul during the same period of time The Simpsons lost much of its own.

More than any other series cancellation in your list, I feel King of the Hill's cancellation as the hardest "slap in the face" from FOX.

I liked the Simpsons, thought it was good, if not really great. I was not a huge fan and I'm not usually affected that much by nostalgia.

This week I was zapping at the TV and watched some minutes of a recent episode (on Fox, don't know if it was the most recent season). In the time I watched there were about 5 or 6 jokes. All of them horrible, stupid and utterly unfunny. I really don't know how a show can get so bad.

The grand dad Simpson
The father Family guy
The son American dad

Where does the Cleveland Show fall in?


Ok, let me say a few things, yes the writing dropped in quality for the simpsons but saying "The simpsons suck, ban nao plz!!!!1!!!" isn't going to make us take you seriously, secondly, WTH is that clip from the tick, That's NOT from the tick, now THIS is from the Tick.

Actually FOX got a double-play with that one. First they canceled the cartoon and next they canceled the live-action show. The cartoon a.k.a. the real Tick, was one of the best things to happen to TV (I'd have to say the live-action... well.. sucked) Well Firefly might tie for that position though, of course!

Actually I think I saw the show re-running on disney XD, but that was a while ago

To answer the question posed in this article:
approximately 100% of the American TV-watching public are idiots who will conform to whatever cultural trend they're told to conform to. That's why trends change so quickly; people are hypnotized by their magic box into following certain fads, like, say, these weird "Silly Bandz" that are popular among my age group right now.If people are convinced something is popular, then it becomes popular until they get bored with it and someone has to come up with a new way to make money.

1. I do not watch American TV, with the exception of PBS nature programs and the discovery channel. Thank god for BBC!
2. The Simpsons marches on because people are told that it's popular. If people got convinced that the Simpsons are dogshit,then they would stop watching it.

This formula sums up both how and why a TV show such as The Simpson turned from greatness to pile of pandering excrement: my mom hated it but now she watches it.

Seriously, my mom used to think the show was a bad influence on me and would forcefully change the channel as soon as something rubbed her the wrong way. Now she has no problem watching it whenever it happens to be on and somehow enjoys the stuff like Kiefer Sutherland from 24 being a guest star.

It should've stopped after the movie.

on the subject of loving futurama..
i was mad at the parent company of comedy central (viacom) but i have decided to forgive them becuse they are bringing back futurama XD

the main problum with Simpsons is its so old it now has amassed the kind of fans that will cling to it no matter how horrible it is because it was once great and its familiar sadly it will probably be near impossible to take down now.
for now let's just ignore it like that weird uncle at the family reunion ...

on a side note has simpsons really become less lude or have we just become more tolerant?

I actually have a simpsons poster of season 7 or 9 nine on my room, its like a where's waldo with the simpsons.

I will never forgive Faux for cancelling Firefly. It's almost less forgivable than the way they're ruining the country.

While I agree with the general consensus on The Simpsons, I would like to address the idea of your American-style TV shows with ridiculously long seasons which happen to drag on with this link:

British Brevity is something that should be practiced more by American television producers. Yes, the British have made some shows that have lasted for years - but they tend to be the sorts which you can jump into without having to Archive Binge, and that, in my opinion, can only be regarded as a good thing.

I had half an hour to kill and decided to watch the Christmas episode of the Simpsons, I thought it might even have a worthwhile song or two. I actually laughed out loud when Katy Perry showed up, it's a shame the series lost moments like this so long ago. The rest of the episode was mediocre, which is still good by their recent standards.

Hmm..I think I'm the only one in the world who still likes The Simpsons..
and absolutely hated every single moment of Arrested Development. That show should never have made it past the pilot episode to begin with.

Frankly, The Simpsons are definitely on the decline. But I'd rather watch anything over the American "let's try to be as annoying as possible" humor.

Firefly of course was the greatest tradgedy in the history of cancelled television, and for that, Fox must burn.

As for the live-action Tick, meh, it was pretty terrible honestly, a good idea poorly executed. Now, if we were talking about the animated series, there was a show with some traction and a good grasp on the bizarre sort of humor that is "The Tick".

I'd submit one possible addtion to the list: "Drive". They aired four episodes in the space of eight days (EIGHT DAYS!) and killed it before they could have realistically had any idea what audiences thought about it. Fox's excuse? It was dropping their viewer numbers for the show in the following tiem slot, "24". Nevermind that the particular episode of 24 that had the drop in viewership was up against the season premiere of "Dancing With the Stars," a show which (for no reason I can fathom) at the time had viewership second only to "American Idol". Don't even consider the possibility that "24" was getting a bit tired by this point. When you introduce a show with the cast breadth and character depth of "Lost," it's going to take more than a week for people to get into it, but it's the type of show that builds a large following through word of mouth as it goes on. It just takes more time than a whopping eight days.

Anyway, I'm done ranting, return to your regularly scheduled forum browsing.

As a former Simpsons fan, I think the show needs to go. Too many good series, including Lie to Me, Human Target and the Chicago Code were all scrapped while Fox continues to beat the dead horse that is the Simpsons.

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