Escape to the Movies: The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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I get really tired of him bashing Christians any time there's a movie with a hint of Christianity behind it. We don't ask him for his opinions or theories on faith, we ask whether a movie is good or not and the God bashing gets old really really fast.

Soo... the fact that my opinions on the allegory probably conflict with all about (except possibly the person immediately above me? o.o), and my coming in really, really late to the conversation aside...

.. Beh, all I'll say is good lord I hope they do Magician's Nephew. I have always, always wanted to see a professional rendering of Charn.

And it would be so, so infinitely awesome if they render Jadis' description of the war between herself and her sister as a flashback. I wanna see the children of Lilith have their apocalyptic civil war XD

Not to mention it'd be interesting to see how these people imagine the book's other allegory >.> Though I guess I hope they don't dare portray that one; it'd be a shame having that mystery resolved. Imagination'll always do it a hundred times better.

So.. yeah, if they make one based on the Magician's Nephew, I might actually bother to pay some attention to this set of films and not just go back to the books for the umpteenth time.

great review, but I think The Silver Chair is MUCH more confusing than The Last Battle and that to do The Magician's Nephew they'd have to go back in time because that was book #1. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was book #2....

I've read them all, how did you guess?

you could always set up with a scene with the professor, or someone telling a story about narnia, since by about the time the book came out thats what tehy were doing anyway (even starting the first line in the book with "there is a story that must be told..."). especially if tehy're making these movies in order of book publication (instead of what i originally heard was just do the ones that had the kids playing a major role as the protagonists).

Given the actor who played Eustace (and was amazing at the part) is now like 18 or more, my hopes for The Silver Chair with him is practically none existent.

Unless they set it in a University Campus, in that case, the teasing to Jill will need to reflect the more matureimmaturity of that age group.

I hope the Narnia films do return and continue.

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