That Game I Should Have Liked

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For me it boiled down to being just another point and click action game that was bogged down by unintuitive menus and gameplay (if I could actually dodge and range was made more important in the rolls,ect it would have been awesome).

I absolutely love The Witcher, I think it's one of the greatest RPGs I've ever played (and I've played my share), but I guess some people can't really get into it.

Well, as a person who read every single The Witcher book before playing the game, my sympathy for Geralt was already set-up, and IMO in-game Geralt was spot on with the book version. Sure, he was a dick, but I really wouldn't want him any other way, because I would be like 'WTF? This is Geralt?'.

The game is IMO great. Nice story, probably the best grey-and-grey morality system since long time, wonderful quasi-dark climate. Also, I'm probably one of those 5 people in the world who actually enjoyed the combat system. Switching between strong/fast/group style and iron/silver sword is easy and intuitive thanks to the hotkeys, and I think it's a refreshing change from 'click all enemies to death' style of combat in most RPG games.

Can't wait for The Witcher 2.

Did you play the game with english voice-over? I'm playing it in its native Polish and its fantastic. I flat out -love- this game. The english dub is -terrible-. I rather like Geralt in Polish, even if he's not gimmicky-likeable because he's too busy being a hardass who gets shit done. hahaha...

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Well, as a person who read every single The Witcher book before playing the game, my sympathy for Geralt was already set-up, and IMO in-game Geralt was spot on with the book version.

This. There's a lot of allusions and references to the books, many places and characters have backstories from there. Makes the experience much richer. Though i guess it's true the presentation is lacking without having that.

And there's also the factor that only the first and third book have been released in English, the publisher is skipping the second (it's a short story collection which sets the mood for the saga) and fourth is due 2011. While throughout continental Europe the whole series has been published long ago in many languages.

I'm in the exact same place with Assassin's Creed 2 at the moment. The loving detail in the architecture, character designs, use of language...I want to love it so badly. And then they make me play as Ezio, a boring douchebag with hazy characterization, silly eyebrows, and a stupid, conspicuous cowl.

Yeah it's funny how main character can ruin the game. I personally hated Kratos from God of War. It was a pure example what would happen if you gave badass swords and godlike superpowers to a little whiny bitch. But game itself was fun (even if i had to play as a fish/cow so I wouldn't have to look at his ugly face). Now, Witcher for me was a one-time deal - game that you play once, complete once, and never return to it. It had its limitations and unnecessary mechanics but I wouldn't say I hated it. But some games I loved and spent countless hours playing them; like Baldurs Gate collection, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, even Morrowind, I've never completed.... Crazy, I know.

Well, at least you're not the kind of guy that reaches the conclusion that you are the one that is right, and that everyone else should have hated the game as well.

Bah, I hate those guys - and so should everyone else!

I liked The Witcher and Geralt didn't bother me right up until I realized I'd spend hours, or DAYS even, in the same town and/or the very boring woods outside. The world just felt too small and bland. I never got past the second part of the game. I have no idea if you ever leave that dreary city. After multiple tries over a year or so I always get too bored and move on, which I've never done before. To this day The Witcher is the only game I ever play that I never completed.

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