Question of the Day, December 12, 2010

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Question of the Day, December 12, 2010


To celebrate our weekly issue all about game genres, we looked at 12 games that defined - if not created - their genres. How many of them have you played?


Gituar hero. Loved it but expert was an inmenetrable wall of difficulty.

Anything that wasn't on PC. Except for DOOM.

So, most of 'em.

Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Doom, Resident Evil and Guitar Hero.

Enjoyed all of them except for the final one.

Geez, only three of them.
I guess that makes me a noob.
By the way, I was about to question Guitar Hero being on the list, but then I remembered there was a distant time where it wasn't just an endlessly rehashed and repackaged franchise, and was actually a fresh new genre altogether.

Mario and Tetris.
Loooove the tetris.

John Madden Football?

That's REALLY genre defying. The same that Fifa was Genre defining an so was Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix.

Also, I have played everyone BUT John Madden Football, because we don't have American Football in the UK.

3 out of 12
(Tetris, Doom and Guitar Hero)

Yeah...not a retro gamer :P

Just Tetris, Doom and Super Mario Bros here. I've played sequels to several of the other games on the poll, but that doesn't count now, does it?

Count Igor:
Mario and Tetris.
Loooove the tetris.

Tetris shall never die!

I played over half the list. Not always a fan (Doom), but I've played them.

I've never liked Amerigan Handegg and I don't see the point of Guitar Hero. The other ones I've played and on occasion still do. X-Com is a classic.

Not enough people have played King's Quest; this saddens me greatly (I haven't, either, but I have played the fifth and sixth games).


Doom, Tetris and Resident Evil. Doom is still my favourite game of all time, I play Tetris occassionally and I have a lingering fondness for RE, although I kind of lost interest in the series after 3.

only 19% have played tetris?

Only a couple. That's if you count whichever one of the many, many versions of Street Fighter II I played. Do they all count?

Where is Half-Life on this list?


I don't like it.

To my huge shame, i haven't played X-Com, Dune 2 (did play Dune 2000 though) nor the first Civilization.

Haven't played others either, but i don't care about them.

who hasn't played Tetris? XD

huh I've actually played all of those games, most of them when they were new as well.

Only ones I didn't play when they first came out I think were Guitar Hero and Resident Evil, played them later on.

All of them apart from John Madden football. As real football is a different game altogether.

Where is Half-Life on this list?

It's not on there because it didn't define the genre, you could argue that it reinvented the First Person Shooter on the PC, but it didn't define it. Dune II wasn't as popular as say C&C or Starcraft but the majority of game play elements it introduced are still in RTS games today, that's what they mean by defining a genre.

John Madden I assume is on there because it started the ball rolling on sports games, there were sports games before it, but it was the one that moved them beyond pong with different skins.

Same goes for a lot of other games on the list. Though I do question the lack of ZORK.

I played:Guitar Hero,Doom,Super mario Bros,Street Fighter 2,Tetris and Resident Evil

Played all of them, except for X-COM, Ultima and Guitar Hero.
Pretty good I guess

psh, why no Barbie Horse Adventures?

I've played all except King's Quest and X-COM.

Played all of them except for Ultima.

Not necessarily to completion. Just played them.

only Tetris I'm afraid, but it was brilliant!

Also, where is Viva Pinata? That game is AWESOME!

Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Doom, Resident Evil and Guitar Hero.

Enjoyed all of them except for the final one.

Well there you go and say all I have to say.

X-Com is still my favorite on that list.
Its hard, its merciless. But i just love it.

DOOM and Tetris made up pretty much all my childhood from ages 3-5.

Oh how I love those games...

All I can say is more people need to play Ultima. If you're a fan of RPGs of any kind: PLAY IT!

I would have thought Tetris and Super Mario Bros. would have been higher on the list...or rather there would have been more votes for them.

Need to be able to select Tetris more than once. That thing has eaten so much of my life...

I played Street Fighter II, Civilization, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty, Doom, Resident Evil and X-COM: UFO Defense. The things is, I played them as they were released. And mostly only on the PC.

Hell except of SMB and R1 I play them all to this day.

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