LoadingReadyRun: Ways to Avoid Christmas

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Only one way to deal with Christmas


I lol'd at the vuvuzela

Ah. This brings back memories.

Funny really. I think it was last december that I went trough most of the LRR archives. (the parts that worked, anyway. Some of the old Quicktime videos just refuse to play no matter what I do.)

Where would we be without the Sam Raimi. XD

Great round up of previous sketch's (particularly liked the Not-So-Wonderful Life)

It's also great to see the ol' Sam Raimi back in the "X Way's to Y" Vid's it's been so long.

Congratulations, LRR crew, you have finally created a stinger that induces psychological trauma.
Zombie Santa has been added to my list of phobias.

Anyone else impressed as to how well the mail fell directly into the shredder?

Speaking of which, I hope this season's Daily Drop results in some destroyed fruitcake. Who's with me?

Very tempting, I must admit.

Bah! Humbug!

That shredder was awesome. I bet it took forever to get it right.

Oh Matt you silly Grinch.

Good LRR, gave me a nice chuckle.

Cameron Sours:
Convert! (Nice internal reference)

Also, This: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1401143/

The "It's a not so wonderful life" one was also an internal reference of sorts from an old video "It's a Wonderful Game": http://loadingreadyrun.com/videos/view/184/Its-a-Wonderful-Game

Anyway great episode. I was laughing out loud for the Bzzzzzzzzzt, extreme muffling, screening mail, a not so wonderful life, and convert.

I dont get the "not-so-wonderful-life" joke, can someone please explain it?

Oh good, I was beginning to worry I was the only one who hated this season. Then again, I work in a mall. I've been tired of Christmas since before Hallowe'en.

I work in retail, I know the feeling. (Side Story) I got this job not that long ago and moved in with my sister for the time being. So two days ago a giant blizzard hit and I got sent home early, so I come home to my sister and her husband blasting Christmas music. After a few minutes of that, and against my families wishes, I went back out into the storm to buy booze. I was surprised to see so many people in the liquor section at the store during the worst storm this season, but I guess they know priorities. I get back with two cases in hand, open the door and see my sister putting in the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD. The booze run may have saved my life. I hate Christmas.

Great video as always. When I saw the inflatable Santa I knew it would somehow link to the "War of Christmas" video, and sure enough it did.
Quick question though, while I like the reference to Conan's Witness, does Mat's conversion in this video mean that this actually happened before (chronologically) the Conan video?

It's not so much Christmas I hate, it's those (expletive deleted) Christmas Carols the stores play. I don't mind the Mannheim Steamroller Jazz remixes, but listening to the same damn carols every time I enter a store makes me want to pierce my eardrums with an icepick. The only non-standard Christmas songs exempt from the "I like" are "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" and "Dominic the Christmas Donkey". The "Hee-Haws" are what kill that one for me.

Even this one isn't bad...

And you guys forgot... Don't watch Christmas Specials!

............ Really?
Thanks man. It took me 3 YEARS to get that song out of my head!!!!!
I only listened to it cause I thought it was the "you're a mean on" song!!!!!!!

OT: my sides are still hurting from laughing so hard from "not so wonderful life"

another great video

Laughs all around, although I especially liked the EMP, screen your mail, and The Not So Wonderful Life. Bye Graham. :(

How many takes did that paper shredder thing take? Also, I love how Matt made a pillow fort.

The shredder was pretty cool, but what if there was money inside?

Does no one else see a problem with activating an EMP by phone?

Awesome special effects with the EMP there. I thought you guys actually pulled it off for a bit there!

And I must say, Matt had one hell of a pillow fort going there. That was pretty sweet.

I dont get the "not-so-wonderful-life" joke, can someone please explain it?

Its a reference to an old Christmas movie called "Its a Wonderful Life". A guy feels worthless around Christmas time and is about to jump off a bridge, when a random "guy" (angel) stops him and shows him what life would be life without him. They guy feels appreciated and then goes on to have a happy Christmas.

Nice. I'VE HAD IT! I must obtain sheet music for that Back-ground piano piece!

In-jokes from a completely unrelated series, NTAS, made the "Kill The Log" part much funnier than it should have been. LOOOOGG'D! "Why do I keep on mistaking people for logs!"

Oh god, don't jump Graham!! XD

Anyway, fabulous. Matt did a great job on this.

The Vuvuzela one was hilarious. I liked how you didn't even write "Use a Vuvuzela" you only wrote "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ."

Frankly, I don't hate christmas, but people go waaaaay too gaga over it.

Also, PERFECT casting Matt as the cynical christmas hater. He always seems to play that character, and go for your strengths, guys!

So many LRR references in this one, mostly to old Christmas related videos.

Let's hope the Inflatable Santa doesn't get Rosco P. Jangles IV, we don't want a repeat of what happened to his father.

X ways to Y always makes me laugh.

I dont get the "not-so-wonderful-life" joke, can someone please explain it?


X ways to Y always makes me laugh.

I dont get the "not-so-wonderful-life" joke, can someone please explain it?


ACTUALLY! Yes and no
Its a call back to one of their previous videos

Ahh.... The Sam Raimi... Take that you damn corporate logo! :P

Personal favourites include the Not-So-Wonderful life takedown (poor Paul :P ) and the shredder inside the front door mangling Christmas Cards XD

Poor Jer, though... I wouldn't wish vuvuzela droning on anybody!

I think that 'BBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ' is the most effective (and funniest) method by far.

the log!
My dad use to have the tv on to that on christmas day

My grandfather (mother's side) used to sit in front of the tv and tried to warm his hands by the 'flames' when it was on. -_-'

Even though I'm dead broke, I still sort of enjoy the Christmas season. Probably because of Santa Christ:

If The Sam Raimi can kill Bruce Cambell then it can kill Zombie Santa...for those who don't know we've been calling old St. Nick a zombie because he's been dead since he was killed by a jet in the X-mas of 1963. The Krumpus was the ancient version of coal in your stocking. Instead of getting coal which would only be a gift strictly for adults you'd get beaten with reeds if you were naughty.

Here's my contributions to the war on X-mas

Man, that is one old school reference! Made me go back to watch It's A Wonderful Game just for the lulz. Also good to see Crom make a return, those there could of been more crazy eyes or swords. Also good to see the return of the Seven Foot Santas!

Great vid, good lulz.

Oh god....speaking of Christmas carols early in the malls, yesterday I was at Future Shop looking for a gift when all of a sudden this god awful, make-you-cringe, carol came on, I think it was Miley Cyrus....I wanted to stab my ears

Loved the Sam Raimi.

It's the return of the green, giant hat!

The Sam Raimi solves everything.

Loved the mail screening and the massive green hat. Great episode =D

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