Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Most Ridiculous In-Game Vehicles

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Im not sure if this has been brought up yet, but a gyro isnt a helicopter, its a rotary wing aircraft, thus it funtions as a plane and can only achieve vertical lift by having a strong head wind... the rotary movement is only to provide an aerofoil

I still can't give a crap about the content of these videos due to Lisa the eye candy. Seriously, cover her up more or I will continue to just sit slack jawed staring until the credits roll.

But Lisa. What about the Druid Plow!

My reaction to the first 30-odd seconds... Marry me? :)

Nice Job Lisa!

However, I would like to mention my sadness for the Dodo from GTA III not being mentioned.

argrargleblarg she's a horrible excuse for feminity and is only using her sex because she knows that it will entice the hopeless nerds that make up the escapist.

You guys do realise that making comments like that implies that you are a hopeless shutin nerd who immediately notices such things as a hot chick instead of the video itself? Someone who isn't a hopeless social reject might make note of the fact that yes, she is attractive, but only someone who is convinced every example of femininity is an attempt to trick him will make such a big deal out of it.

As a side note, I love the people who claim to be asexual who come onto videos like this specifically to comment about how little she turns them on. Great, we get it, you don't believe in love or sex or any of that stuff, it hasn't been interesting since the late nineties, you're as pathetic as someone who goes on about sex all the time.

Anywho, I had a point here, there it is.

I like the videos, I like the presenter, I like the topics she's chosen so far, and I hope she will be a member of the Escapist for many years to come.

Hooray, someone I share the same views as! Seriously, there's nothing wrong with this show- it's short, entertaining and just because she doesn't list every known fact about the games she lists doesn't mean that she's somehow ignorant of them. Neither does appearance affect gaming ability - stop with all the snobbery. Chances are that most of the other reviewers use animations rather than appear in person is because otherwise it would be a video where a guy talks very rapidly at a camera for x amount of minutes occasionally intercutting with screenshots. It would be dull. For Top 5 lists it works perfectly well and part of the humour comes from her reactions.

If you don't like her then fine - go complain on someone else's videos instead. Preferably Yahtzee's >:D he doesn't put up with with this shit.

lol #1 reminded me of Cloud's cycle in Advent Children...wth!! awesome

and I had no idea those vehicles were in Saints Row 2...never finished that game, but something tells me I'd only scratched the surface of the world (map)

@Lisa Foiles
Why not a single vehicle from Carmageddon? :(

Ducati is like Ferrari, Aprilia is like Lamborghinni.

Professor Idle:

This girl's delivery is annoying in the extreme. She's not funny and whoever writes her lines is brain-dead. Cute though, and I can only hope she's more clever in person.

I agree that if she wasn't pretty this series would suddenly become a complete flop for everyone. But it's nice to be reminded of Grim Fandango again. I must finish that game....

Shocked by the above - I love Lisa! Its nice too watch some thing that is a little more laid back than most internet shows where they shout at you for not liking the right Final Fantasy game. Now if i could just get my hands on a Ducati...

Yoshi's an obvious choice. It's a dinosaur you punch to make spit fire. Or the gian boot from mario.

The robot ostrich from WoW and chocobo are both pretty silly. The big wheel from Halo was goofy too.

I kinda missed the tuk tuk boom boom from just cause 2.. That is at least my #1 :P

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