Review: Bejeweled 3

Review: Bejeweled 3

Match! Match! Match! Who are you to resist?

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Did Zen mode have RELAXING sayings at the bottom?

"I accept that things change and end."

WTF, Popcap?!

I absolutely love lightning mode in Bejeweled 3. Steve's right; it's like Bejeweled Blitz but not as sucky. Getting a good score isn't as luck-based as it seems to be in Blitz, as 3's time gems appear more frequently than Blitz's oh-so-elusive multipliers, and since leftover time gems become flame/lightning gems if time runs out, it helps keep the board flowing for the next multiplier round.

Also, supernova gems are officially the coolest thing ever!

EDIT: I'm blinking at my screen and seeing Bejeweled gems. It's taking over!!!

I think I've finally stopped giggling when I hear steve's surname...

I can't get enough of Diamond Mine, probably because of my obsession with phat lewtz. And I agree that quest mode was over way too quickly.

Also, is it just me, or does this game have some pretty epic music for a Bejeweled title?


The entire video I was thinking 'Man, that guy sucks at Bejeweled.'


The haunts me!

The "Zen" mode did not sound relaxing to me =/

Also, I want another Plants vs Zombies game...or maybe "add-ons" free ofc...Game of the year was free update..I want new plants and more zombies xD

Thanks Steve, great review.

My wife really wants this (I just downloaded the 1 hour demo for her so far) but I'm waiting to get a hard copy instead of just paying for the digital.

I wasn't that impressed by the differences myself and thought Bejeweled twist was still a better game over all, but it has enough new things to make my wife happy so thats all that matters.

While I loved your review, I did wonder why Susan didn't review this one. She usually reviews the puzzle games. Is she feeling ok or did you just win a thumb wrestling match or something?:)

Nice one steve, i might give bejeweled a go my self one of these days.

I think a better question than "Does the world need another Bejeweled" is "Does it really merit a review?"

Why does the latest iteration of a massively successful game franchise merit a review? Ummm....

Good review. Bejeweled 3 surprised me with its variety of modes. Diamond Mine is particularly fun! When I've not been playing Cataclysm, I've been dipping into Bejeweled 3 instead.



Susan Arendt:

I think a better question than "Does the world need another Bejeweled" is "Does it really merit a review?"

Why does the latest iteration of a massively successful game franchise merit a review? Ummm....

I don't want to appear stupid because you're a person I pretty much idolize. But no matter how you much dress this up with butterflies and creepy zen breathing, people already know what they're getting with the game - Bejeweled.

True, but you could say that about any number of franchises - Madden, Super Mario Galaxy, etc. The core gameplay is the same, but the bells and whistles change, and as such, we treat it no differently than any other sequel. Sure, the gameplay can be summed up far more simply than that of other games, but it's still worth reviewing.

I never really understood the appeal of Bejeweled. I've played it myself and I found it to be boring. I couldn't play it for more than a couple of minutes before I stopped.

I love the new modes... maybe because I only owned the classic first game, and never tried 2, Twist or Blitz.

When I close my eyes I see the Lightning screen, with time gems winking at me... the horror!

I know it's a famous game, but it still seems like a bad idea for a review.

And with that said, good job on actually making a 5 minute review out of something everyone has already known about for 10 years.

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