Will you get Fallout: New Vegas now that the patch is out?
I already have it!
47.2% (448)
47.2% (448)
Yes, I'll definitely get it now.
7.9% (75)
7.9% (75)
I'll wait to see if it fixes everything, then yes.
17.4% (165)
17.4% (165)
No, I don't trust the patch to do what it says.
3.7% (35)
3.7% (35)
No, I have no interest in Fallout: New Vegas at all.
15.7% (149)
15.7% (149)
Other (please specify).
7.2% (68)
7.2% (68)
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Question of the Day, December 17, 2010

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Question of the Day, December 17, 2010


Fallout: New Vegas was a fantastic game marred by heavy bugs that for many rendered it all but unplayable. The patch that supposedly fixes these issues is now live - are you more interested in getting the game now that it supposedly works for everyone?


I already had it, and got rid of it.

Didn't like it very much. Nothing to do with glitches.

I'm not interested enough in it to buy it just yet. I will do if I ever get bored with the games I currently have, though. I've heard good things about it despite the bugs.

I'm gonna buy it when the price is down to 15 or so. Never buy games at full price unless it's some game I'm dying to play.

Patch smatch... I bought it day one! (and I love my classic vault suit)

Got the Collector's Edition for my birthday a few days ago, so I already have it, but I decided to wait for the patch to come out before starting a character. Pretty stable so far, but then I've only gotten to Primm.

Got the PC version on release day, haven't played it much on account of my PC being in a consistent state of grinding, hanging and generally being bloody annoying. My brother is getting me the 360 version for Christmas, as planned well before the patch.

I think i can hold out till its on sale at STEAM. somewhere in the 50%-75% off. But then there should a GOTY edition right? ^-^

Ill just wait for the GOTY edition or something like that with all the patches and DLC

No option for, I have it and have already published mods for it fixing some of the bugs? :(

Bought it on Steam couple weeks before it was published. Haven't played it too much yet, just a peek of ten hours or so.

I bought it release day and have 100% it (achievements).

I never had any game-breaking bugs, although I did have occasional crashes (saved a lot so not an issue).

The only larger bug I had was a companion who wasn't following me but counted as doing so (so I couldn't recruit a new one). That was annoying.

Patch or no patch, i'm not getting New Vegas because i'm just not that interested in playing it.

I'll wait for the inevitable GOTY/full edition with all the DLC integrated, AND a discount.

I already had it. Bugs were never that big of a problem for me, but I might start playing it again now that I know I won't run into anything that would make my game crash... hopefully.

I got it on release day. Aside from a few minor issues, I didn't really experience the enormous amount of reported bugs. It's a great game, they just need to release DLC that will allow us to continue playing after the end game (IE Like Broken Steel)

I'm one of those people who never has issues with bugs, I was just waiting to get the cash for it

This poll doesn't really make sense as most of the people that noticed the issues with game only noticed them because they had bought it already.

The patch will definitely help with gameplay, but I don't think I am going to be playing again for a while. I have already played through the game 3 times, glitches and all.

Side note, I saw the trailer for the new DLC coming out, Dead Money, and couldn't help but be reminded of the trailer for Brotherhood of Steel, which was probably the worst game ever. I know it won't be as bad as that, but seriously, didn't they realize this when they made that trailer?

Got it on release day and I've not really had issues with bugs - just the odd graphic glitch here and there for the most part. To be honest I'm looking forward more to the Dead Money DLC than this patch, simply because my 360 version has been perfectly playable.

I don't have any interest in new vegas. But I'm glad the patch is out, I just hope it actually does what they say it does.

I asked for it for Christmas, so I'll see in a few days.

I had preordered the Collectors Edition and learned a good lesson in doing so... Best Buy isn't getting any of my money anymore.

I chose 'other' because I'll wait until the inevitable GOTY edition comes out.

When I've gotten through Fallout 3(it's on my to do list), when some more bugs are cleared out, and when the price drops I'll probably buy it.

I haven't actually ran into many bugs except a few CTD and a freeze every now and then, though it might be because my video card is ass. I fixed this solution though by downloading mods :P

I'd always planned to get it over the holidays in the hopes that it'd be patched by then. It was a bit worrying that the patch came so close to thoe holidays themselves... but now that it's out I will pick it up between Christmas and New Year's when I'll actually have time to play it.

-- Steve

Already had it. I didn't run into many bugs, but the game itself didn't interest me.

The patch has come out but my game still crashes unexpectedly.

As already stated above, I'm going to wait for the GOTY edition with the patches and DLC bundled in.

I might get it sometime in the future (i.e. sometime next year)

Still havn't finished Fallout 3 and until i do i have no intention of getting Vegas, especially since all i'm hearing from steam friends is how same-y it is.

I do the ol' "Save before doing ANYTHING" when playing New Veagas. I do it with all RPG's. Its tedious but works. One time I had Boone & Rex following me to Jacobstown, I turn around & Rex is gone. Turns out he's half stuck in the road. I love to h8 this game. Thank the maker for "Save before doing ANYTHING"!

I already bought it, but put it away. There were other games that distracted me.

Now that the patch is out, I'll be more likely to pick it up during Christmas, though.

Nope, it's still the same boring game that Oblivion was. No amount of patches could save the engine from putting me to sleep. I rented it for 1 day from gamefly (almost two weeks of shipping for a few hours of playing lol).

The patch seemed to have added bugs for me. Serious my game was nearly bug free then patch and people flying in the sky oh so high.

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