Which non-gaming activities do you most use your console for?
Watching DVDs or Blu-Rays.
42.8% (445)
42.8% (445)
Watching video-on-demand or streaming services
14.2% (148)
14.2% (148)
Watching downloadable movies and TV shows.
5.5% (57)
5.5% (57)
Listening to CDs, MP3s, or other music.
2.5% (26)
2.5% (26)
Using the internet.
5.1% (53)
5.1% (53)
I just use it for gaming.
24.1% (251)
24.1% (251)
Other (please specify)
5% (52)
5% (52)
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Question of the Day, December 20, 2010

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Question of the Day, December 20, 2010


A recent study shows that the current generation of videogame consoles is seeing increased use for non-gaming purposes. Do you use it for anything else?


Watching DVDs and gaming are the only things I use my PS3 for. Don't care much for the other stuff.

Wheres the option i dont have a console?
the last console i had was a ps2 so i guess watching Dvds

The main console I have is a Wii, which to my knowledge cannot play DVD's without some sort of illegal file or something, so I would sometimes watch stuff through the BBC Iplayer channel.

I figure as a computer person, my console's ancillary function is actually the games, but I voted for internet use.

Mine gathers dust.

My PS2 is also my primary DVD player.

Just gaming, I have my PC and TV for all the other stuff

DVDs, mostly. Blu-rays on occasion. That's about all, apart from gaming.

I actually keep meaning to hook up my PS3 to Netflix, but haven't gotten around to it. I occasionally download an Anime show to check out on XBox's service as well, but not that often.

My PS2 is pretty good at gathering dust.

I use my 360 for chatting with my friends while not playing.

Its fast, easy, and unlike my phone service dosen't charge me for how long I use it.

Wheres the option i dont have a console?
the last console i had was a ps2 so i guess watching Dvds

My last console was an Atari 2600. I can't make the DVDs fit.

So far I've only used my Xbox as a DVD player. Quite practical. However I've heard that in certain other places of the world you are able to download movies as much as you like. Netflix and the likes...

Nothing like that here in Europe as far as I can tell. It feels like I'm being left out more and more... I'm a consumer. Why won't they let me consume?!

Not to mention seemingly tons of interesting movies that aren't even imported to the north. Ugh... Why can't globalization grow faster?

The closest thing I use my consoles for is checking the online services for free DLC or Video Game Demos :P

Other than gaming I'd say I use it as a stereo system. At one point I had over 140 cds ripped onto my 360 hard drive.

My PS1 is a storage compartment, current contents being a few random rubbery bits from CD drives, an expired condom still in the wrapper, and a few coins. The PS2 is a paperweight since it's doing the same crap all Fat PS2s end up doing. AKA: "HERPDEDERP I CAN'T TELL A DVD FROM MY OWN COOLING FAN!"

well our dvd player has crapped out so why buy a new one when i have a PS3 sitting there next to where it was it has bluetooth so i can use the controller even if in sitting behind the coffee-table which is almost as useful as a blutrack mouse which still tracks if the surface is your dog or the coffee-table in fact that coffee-table is the centre of my problems i should smash it

My PS3 is almost officially a designated Blu Ray player. I just can't seem to...like my PS3 as a gaming platform. I really tried but I dislike what it offers...except for the blu ray capabilities which I love. I will sometimes use it for the playing of MP3s as well.

Never owned a DVD player or a BluRay player. So when im told the PS3 does all of that and play games, the obvious choice was get the PS3.

Life long PC gamer so other than the occasional DVD/BLUR watching thats about all i watch it for. Also i use the PS3 as the internet link to my HDTV so i can stream on that :D

gaming, and accumulating dust in a corner.

Assuming "downloadable" = "downloaded", then that one. I stream a ton of movies off my PC, but I also have Netflix. Actually for the last 6 months or so I'd say I've put more time on my PS3 watching movies than actual gaming.

just gaming.
I have DVD player for dvd's see.
And a computer for internet.

For me its a mixture of gaming/ movie watching/ music listening/ pronz watching, and facebook.

I voted other, partially because the main thing I use my family's Wii for isn't really represented, and partially because it's different from the non-gaming activity my parents use the PS2 they bought as a cheap DVD player replacement for, and there isn't a "more than one of the above" option.

I have a home-brew enabled Wii, which I do not use to pirate video games. Instead, I use it as a way to get videos and music up over a TV and sound system that doesn't have hookups matching my laptop. It's a nice way of space-shifting my media files, especially since my laptop has a 15.6 inch 16:9 screen, while the TV in question is an old 32 inch standard def monster; it's roughly equivalent to the 4:3 area of a modern 40+ inch HDTV, and makes watching videos that are already somewhere in the area of standard def a whole lot better. I didn't vote "watching downloaded videos" because I feel like that would imply that I got them through the console's built in video store, like the shows you can by on the PSN store, which obviously isn't the case with a Wii.

Sadly, that Wii doesn't get used for much more than that; I do most of my gaming on my PC, the rest of my family doesn't play videogames, and as a result, the family's Wii library is somewhat lacking in quality games. Then again, I can only think of three or four games that I don't have that I actually want -- the Wii's hardware has so much potential, but the software is somewhat lacking.

I mainly just use my consoles for gaming outside of that I use my Wii for a bit of web browsing and my 360 is my main DVD player.

Porn.............. Amongst other websites on the PS3

All I have an old Xbox wihich is used as our main DVD player because the subtitles work unlike on our other more expensive DVD-player. I chose other because that is the primary function of my console.

I use my PS3 to watch TV. The PlayTV tuner allows you tocwatch an record TV broadcasts. Even over your PSP. It's only just got the series record function that has been missing and it is one of he best Freeview DVRs I've seen. You just need a big hard drive.

Well when my computer stopped working the Wii works well enough to check the internet

I don't own a console, but I do see my PC as a viable gaming platform. I will be getting a PS3 in a few months and I will use it for Folding@home just as I do with my PC when I'm not gaming.

i selected other, because i tend to download movies, copy them wirelessly over to my PS3, and watch em there. in fact, this is what i use my PS3 for more than gaming. funny how it works.


That actually goes with the gaming. Whenever I don't have to use the headsets to keep people asleep, I usually bust out Gaming + Music for the sake of feeling bad-ass and curbstomping fools along the way.

All of my Wii usage and about half of my PS3 usage is streaming Netflix. So glad I don't need those discs anymore.

Netfix instant streaming. So nice not to have to watch it on my computer.

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