Critical Miss: Lord of the Wrongs

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im totally for an english orc! Everything else boooo! XD

LOL Same dude XD I'd love to be an English Orc

That and the last panel made me burst into laughter

"We out, digga'"

That's hilarious. So is disabled Balrogs.

Thanks for that little bit at the end there, Lily Allen.

Funny comic though, keep it up.

The funny thing about this comic is that this is the same site where many people freaked out about Dante's new appearance. I'm willing to bet that a lot of people also echoed the sentiment of Gamespotters when Silent Hill's protagonist was changed to a woman.

It's all a matter of what your sacred cow is.

There were different races (or at least populations) of hobbits in the book, though. The ones who built ships and swam were considered odd by the main character-hobbits, weren't they?

It would be odd to have a very wide selection of skin-colour inside one of the small populations(of course if the place has a population history similar to US, or immigration from other parts of the world that could happen), but hobbits from different places could and should be different in skin-colour and size etc.

It would be like casting black or asian people to play native Americans in a movie(or have one black guy amongs them).
Or one of my pet peeves;
casting neanderthals as darkskinned and haired and have the modern humans freshly out of Africa be white.

*Bursts in way too late*

Soylent Dave:

JRR Tolkien:
[They had] thick curling hair [on] their heads, which was commonly brown.
[...] Their faces were [...] broad, bright-eyed, red-cheeked...

The only bit of that which you can infer as "so they're white" is 'red-cheeked' - but white people don't have a monopoly on red cheeks; it's just more obvious the paler you are.

Not too mention that white humans don't generally have 'thick, curly, brown hair' - not unless there's some non-white ancestry involved in the not-all-that-distant past. But that's conjecture as well, because we're talking about hobbits, and they can have curly hair just because.

In summary then, Tolkien describes Hobbits of the Shire as having :

1. Thick, brown, curly hair

What are you talking about? Never in my life have a seen a coloured person with brown hair. Every single one I've seen has had BLACK hair. I just find it odd that you would elaborate so much on this point when it is by far the weakest and most nonsensical. I am pasty white and have curly brown hair. So all in all both the "red cheeks" and "brown hair" imply a fairer-than-black complexion, otherwise they would have black hair and the redness in the cheeks wouldn't be apparent.

Now, I coulnd't care less if they cast a black person as a hobbit, but really, try to have some basis in your arguments.

Some Indians (as in actual friggin Indians, not Native Americans :P) have brown hair, myself included.


previous poster:
If I was born black my personality would be different, just in the same way if I was born a woman. Our skin colour partly defines who we are, its not a big factor but still a factor none the less

This is actually the definition of racism... the belief that behavior is defined by race.

No, no, no. You miss the point here.

It's not racist to acknowledge that the skin color of someone plays a role in his/her personal development. But not because of genetics (that would indeed be racist), but because how the rest of the society treats someone according to his skin color.

When people cross the street to avoid you, when women clutch their handbags as you pass by, when the police arrest you when you enter your own house which happens to be in a white neigborhood, do you think you'll have the same approach to life as the average white guy?

That's where PC fails. It's not enough to claim "Everyone's equal", while shutting your ears and singing "La-la-la, that's racist to say otherwise" whenever someone point out "actually, that's not true". Yes, everyone's equal in principle, but, no one is de-facto. Instead of focusing on fake problems like the "representation of minorities" in movies, wouldn't it be better to concentrate on actually giving them an equal place in everyday life?

To quote Chris Rock, "There's a white, one-legged busboy in here right now...that won't change places with my black ass."
How many of white Political Correctness most zealous advocates would accept becoming black, given the chance?


Soylent Dave:

The problem is that the Harfoots are described as "browner of skin". Browner than what exactly? Browner than orcs? Browner than Haradrim? Of course not. What he means is browner than Fallohides. Which could mean any number of things.

Harfoots = Browner
Haradrim = Brown

So who the hell is darker than who? Its pretty obvious from the context of those quotes you so willfully removed them from.

The point being that Harfoots are browner than the other two hobbit varieties - which clearly indicates that Hobbits of the Shire are not uniformly pale and white.

I could also point out that Tolkien describes men of Far Harad as being 'black men like half trolls with white eyes and red tongues', while Haradrim are simply 'brown' (or have 'dark faces' and 'long dark hair' according to Smeagol), and that men of Dunland are swarthy with dark hair - which seems to be quite a lot of ethnic variation in a relatively small area (roughly the size of Western Europe).

So Halflings being similarly varied isn't much of a stretch.

*Bursts in way too late*

Soylent Dave:
white humans don't generally have 'thick, curly, brown hair' - not unless there's some non-white ancestry involved in the not-all-that-distant past.

What are you talking about? Never in my life have a seen a coloured person with brown hair. Every single one I've seen has had BLACK hair.

[...] I am pasty white and have curly brown hair.

The point I was making there is that curly brown hair indicates more recent black (or brown) ancestry. Yes, even if you have very white skin (I know people with black grandparents who are as white as me, and I'm Gollum-levels of pale...).

(My point got distorted a bit because I don't have brown hair so people with dark brown hair and people with black hair all look the same to me...)



Here's another great idea! lets take a race that lives in a country with a similar climate to England and throw the occasional black person in! Oh wait that makes no sense as that race wouldn't of evolved the skin pigment because the sun isn't that strong in the setting they're in.

I'm not very familiar with LotR mythology, so perhaps you could explain a few things to me. First, is the Shire the only place where Hobbits are found? If so, is the Shire located on an isolated island or otherwise completely different from the rest of Middle Earth? If the answer to either of those questions is "no", and evolution as we understand it truly takes place on middle earth as you seem to be saying, then I don't see why there wouldn't be non-white Hobbits. If Hobbits aren't exclusive to the Shire, then you likely would see the occasional non-white, just as you saw the occasional Moorish merchant/travelling scholar/physician in Medieval England. If they are supposedly exclusive to the Shire, and the Shire isn't geographically isolated and/or unique in some way, then it's likely that other Hobbit-like peoples would have evolved to fill the same evolutionary niche that Hobbits filled in the Shire, similar to Neanderthals in our world. That is, of course, assuming that evolution in LotR works in the same way as on our world, if at all, but if it doesn't, then it somewhat damages your "evolved the skin pigment" argument.

there is no evolution in LotR, gods made everything.

can Humans or Elves say digga?

Nice :)

This one is the best one I read XD

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