Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Most Impractical Female Character Hairstyles

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I liked the episode and to me this was one of the best. This one had ,in my opinion, a good blend of perkiness, funnies and I did not gett annoyed at any blonde-moments.(blonde moments are ok but up to a certian degree).

Keep the good work up! :D

Well, she called me out (I so thought that Bayonetta was going to be on the list).

I think she's completely won over this community, and in great style too. ;)

Stop growing on me!! I'm trying not to like you!!

Did she really just call it "Final Fantasy Ex"? D'oh!

I'll admit it, I was laughing out loud throughout the entirety of the Nariko clip montage. That was beautiful... Just brilliant, right there.

This series has definitely grown on me, and I look forward to the next installment. Keep it up!

There never was such a thing as FFX-2...never...

But I loved that little 'yo' at the that more often ;)

I would've considered Bayonetta, but just because her hair is actually mental, like seriously, crazy.

But she's already won 2!
That would just be silly.

Suprisingly good series. Keep it up. Though only one of your videos have been one where I haven't thought that Bayonetta shouldn't be nominated. Maybe you should change that?

Wait, what? Valentina was wearing a bird on her head? I thought that was her head!

Bun anyone ? It's really practical :)

Ok that was pretty damn funny XD

I wish i had long hair like Lisa.
also pass some of that "kool-aid"
very hilarious list.

Bayonetta's hair is totally practically. It doesn't get in the way and rather than impeding them it's a very powerful weapon.

Bayonetta hair.

Summons demons.

Tell your friends.

I'd never thought I'd say this,but I actually enjoy this series about a chirpy blonde making lists about(for the most part) fashion.
Keep at it you crazy girl.

At the end I was thinking that it could be better, but then Beyonetta joke won my heart - you win this time, but you know we'll "meet" again next week. XD

Hey, now that was funny. Good times! Best one so far, I reckons.

Funny video! It's amazing just how crazy some of the hairstyles can get in games. Bird-on-head is a very powerful statement of self-confidence in one's ability to make it look good, if you ask me!

I must, naturally, take issue with the lack of mention of Jade from Beyond Good and Evil in the short part of the video featuring practical hairstyles [as is required by forum law regarding obligatory mention of insufficiently recognized classics in all possible situations]. Short hair. Hairband. Very important when your career consists of looking at things through a camera (often while moving very fast), hovercraft racing, and fighting dudes wearing powered-armour.

Refused to watch your videos until now because I thought you'd only be on here because you were really pretty, but that was surprisingly good.

She seems to be degrading comically with each episode. Then again, i was never one to laugh at impressions.

That being said, I like her list, but you cant put bayanetta up there because her hair is both clothing and an attack, so anything that can be used in combat as a weapon makes your argument in valid.

That... and she picked a few girls who had pony/pig tails after she said those where practical hair styles. So I dont know... her list is really a two person list, but I'm not exactly the target demographic since I dont find the comedy that great.

I think these videos have been getting progressively better. Early on i thought "Oh no this is going to be another oversexualization aimed at gamers, similar to what happened with Olivia Munn" I loved attack of the show but i grew tired of them just banking on the fact that Munn is very attractive and put her in ridiculous outfits (e.g. french maid episode). Later she has had some time as a correspondent for the daily show and she is hilarious as always. I just did not want the escapist to fall into that trap for lack of better words.

I love to shower my enemies with pieces of scalp, +1 to practical.

A slightly parallel thought to mine own is that she finds Rikku's First hair better than her second. While I personally think Ms Foiles looks much better as her natural hair colour. I really thought Bayonetta should of been top or at least an honourable mention. If males are ever done it will just be constantly taking the piss out of Final Fantasy and Solid Snake's hair.

I was totally thinking Bayonetta was gonna be on the list, then I was like "wait, but isn't her hair also her weapon, witch would make it very practical". So yes, I did jump to the conclusion, but then I jumped again, to the same conclusion you did.

lol, Bayonetta's hair IS practical for her epic summons :D

It's true. Ayumi's voice did make me kill myself. I'm just a disembodied spirit right now. For reals.

"I am teh greatest treashah hunter EVAR!"

Really, Ayumi? Because you sound like you wandered off the set of Sweet Valley High.

Bayonetta's hair is the most practical thing about her. It's just a big conical bun-beehive-thing. And then it summons demons and stuff. Plus it covers her like a bodysuit, except when it doesn't.
If Lisa has a Most Impractical Femur Size countdown, Bayonetta top the list.

Haters gonna hate :)

Good episode, finally finding a groove and going with it.

And Shia deserves all the shit he gets.

Seriously, Lisa, how come Bayonetta didn't make the list? She's got hair everywhere! True, she's one of the few gaming heroines who can actually use it for both combat and cover, but can you imagine yourself wearing a catsuit made entirely out of your hair? I know I can. ROWR. Lemme save up for a Ducati and let's have a drink, shall we?

..."give me down to theere hair, shoulder length or longer..." Er *ahem* sorry. I thought the choices seemed pretty much entirely random, but there were some good chuckles. Like the reference to Hair. Why no, I'm not a musical theatre nerd at all!

Yeah Lisa is HOT!

The one episode where Bayonetta may actually be apart of and she isn't included? Seriously?

I guess I can see why seeing as how it is quite literally the opposite of impractical (It turns into weapons and kills angels after all.), but.. I just don't see how all that hair can be helpful when you're constantly shooting people.

These are funny.

And girly.

And nerdy.

That's a weird combination. I like it.

Oh, and these guys?


1st time and last time I ever watch this chicks videos.
The humour is weak, she tries WAY too hard and the content of her movies is just a niche untouched because NO ONE CARES.

I want to point out:

Rikku, Ayumi, the chick from street fighter are all of Japanese Origins and bagging on the japs for making games where the chicks have really eccentric hair is just sad because everyone knows the Japs love their eccentric hair and costumes on characters.

Heres an idea Lisa, talk about things we care about without the breathless feel to the video.

Heres some examples:

The current climate of egos on games such as Black Ops
How much more could Quantum Theory rip off Gears of war
and when will the Wii make a game that isnt a total gimmick

Thankyou! Someone with a freaking brain!
Seriously people, how can you not see how bad of a presenter she really is?
And the content, coupled with the always miss humor makes this easily one of the worst series the escapist has seen.

Yeah, they're missing the point.

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