Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Most Impractical Female Character Hairstyles

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There must be Millia Rage, Bayonetta and Sindel In the "most Practical famale character hairstyles"

Huh, first vid in this series I've watched. Not a half bad effort, but I wish she would stop putting her hands on her hips.

Anyone else getting a serious Phoebe vibe?

Possibly the first video on the escapist I had to stop watching. It's like nails running across my brain. And a lot of comments seem be of a hrrrrr beeewbs nature. The ditzy, Phoebe vibe annoys me personally, and I have no interest in hairstyles to be honest. My girlfriend is looking on in horror at this atm... Maybe I just don't get it.

My bad on the Ayumi thing, a man can be forgiven for assuming a game with a lead female named Ayumi originated in the Far East. Although a European company that makes a game in the west with a cute pigtailed lead female in next to no clothes in an action fighter game called Ayumi is so much worse, its like the cosplayers all chipped in 5 to make a videogame putting everything they jerk off to in a single entity.

Looks like other people have beaten me to the punch on what I was going to say about the content style of these vids, if a bit less diplomatically. What I really want to know is why the lighting is so harsh. Does the lighting, or possibly w/b on the camera, really need to make her look like an early bloom effect, i.e all white, no detail... it just looks unprofessional.

I agree with Lisa on the most part, but I guess if Bayonetta was in the top 5 again I'd raise my query. But it really does depend on what you view as practical or impractical I suppose. For me Rikku's hair in X-2 was impratical, but only because her first class was Thief. If she's a White Mage or Black Mage, it doesn't become so impractical and it becomes merely for show, as most anime and video game girls are with their hair.

Bayonetta's however, was actually practical because it served as a melee attack. Which automatically made it practical. I think it's just a matter of whether it actually gets in your way or not.



Ok, I was completely going to rag on you if you had Bayonetta in this top 5 again, not because of the praticality, just for the repeativeness of it.

So is the princess with the bird on her head similar to guys who have the "Duck butt" hair style?

Well she's is very practical.

Also, Duck butt hair? Example?

Here is a good one I guess

Ah. Duly noted.

maddawg IAJI:
The one episode where Bayonetta may actually be apart of and she isn't included? Seriously?

I guess I can see why seeing as how it is quite literally the opposite of impractical (It turns into weapons and kills angels after all.), but.. I just don't see how all that hair can be helpful when you're constantly shooting people.

Well, to be fair her shoes are ridiculous and she was forgotten about until it was too late apparently. I think we can forgive Lisa for that. Especially after than X-blades joke.

You may not like her Top 5, but she's not the 'dumb blonde' you're making her out to be.

I'd say not knowing how to use roman numerals is a bit dumb.

This is not my cup of tea. There are obviously a lot of men who like this because she's a pretty girl that's interested in games but the topic of these videos are bloody BORING and she is painfully unfunny. (And the person who said that this may take the slot of Dolraleous and Associates are you joking? Seriously? DaA is grade-A funny and this Top 5 series is grade-F tripe.)

What about Bayonetta. Her entire outfit was her hair.

First of her videos i have watched and ........ not interested. Only a girl would make a video moaning about female hairstyles in a game. All the unreaslistic things you could moan about and you chose hair? Well next week watch out for Top 5 game characters with really bad eyeliner. Sigh.

I liked that she tried out some of the hairstyles herself, that was a nice touch, but after watching all of the episodes to date I'm still not hooked. If I see a topic that catches my eye I'll probably check it out but in its current state I don't see this entering my weekly line up. While the episodes have their good moments overall they just aren't very funny.

I definitely prefer Lisa Foiles as a face of gaming rather then Morgan Webb anytime of the week! Note to Lisa, go easier on the blush next time.

Yes, I thought Bayonetta would be on this list.
I am pwnt.

Well played, Foiles. <_<
I guess I've been... Foile'd.


Man, I feel so bad for her I don't even want to criticize.

The Escapist feels like it's turning into a gentlemen's club. I used to enjoy coming here for relevant gaming opinions from females, like Susan...

First it was Rebecca Mayes (let's show a hot female singing songs vaguely related to video games!), then Elizabeth Grunewald ( is all that really needs to be said), and now an ex-teen star bouncing her breasts around while saying meaningless things in a fake high-pitched voice, in perfect waifu fashion. I can't even dislike her, I'm so disappointed.

But whatever. We girls are just a small fraction of your target audience, right, Escapist?

Good episode, but why does it always seem like she is trying too hard to be funny?

1. Get a tan.
2. Either shave those eyebrows or don't make them clash so horribly with your awful hair colour.

Speaking of impractical hair in a battle situation, some photos from the field

Not too good:

Much better:

Cardboard princesses, whose battle tactic was going to be "to scream and run away"

Another fantastic show, the likes of which I enjoy thoroughly and respectfully.

haha I really shoulda started watching this series when it first started
Lisa should wear less make up butttt I'm here so yay keep em coming x)

I'm not gonna lie, I only watch this series because Lisa is unbelievably hot.

i just discover this....but 5 vids bayonetta related?
it like a top 5 ocarina well used games...

haha, "this isn't art, that is your hair caught in your sword"

Oh snap! I remember her from All That. Even her face looks different enough I didn't recognize her.

Riku's new costume was cool. Jessica Nigri justified FF X-2's existence.

Does anyone else thing its just cheap to use sex appeal to sell of these videos?

I would totally buy a Jump to Conclusions Mat, but Michael Bolton was way to hard on it, as was Samir.

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