Critical Miss: Derezzed

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HA! It all makes sense now...

Its definitely a terrific soundtrack and some great visuals, but I doubt these get recognized by the Academy. You know how they hate giving awards to those eeeeevil genre films. I'm sure it will be nominated but I'd say the prize goes to Inception.

Oh right, OT; Hilarious comic as always, thank the users I enjoyed the film.

More accurate comic: replace "io7" with "Gawker", replace "Kotaku" with "Gawker" and replace "Tron: Legacy" with "Anonymous". Pretty much the same punchline.

lol. That was the most awkward thumbs up i have ever seen.

6 out of 10 for me. Mediocre acting, mediocre story, cool visual effects and CGI.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

Incidentally I haven't seen the movie yet so I have no opinion. Haven't seen the first one either.

10/10 from me, for the movie and the comic.

Seriously, I loved this movie! It's perfect. I don't get why people aren't flocking to it like they did to Star Wars in the 70s.

that blonde female starts looking more sexy than the main character...
another reason to ""read on""!!!

I liked it (though not all of it)

It's definitely a good sequel. Saw it today, loved it - don't see it leading to a sequel though, as some reviewers say

Despite being a cult franchise if there ever was one, I can see why they decided to try and do another "Tron" movie and even hint at a sequel. Like it or not, Tron was a hugely influential movie on an international scale.

What surprises me with all the comments is that nobody (on these forums of all places) has pointed fingers towards "Reboot" or Kia Asamiya's [SP] "Compiler" and "Assembler" series, not to mention "Seriel Experiments Lain". All of which covered a lot of the same material, but in a somewhat more updated fashion. Tron was cool given that you could see everything as analogies, even if it made no sense in the context of actual science fiction and how computers work. Other concepts have managed to go there and write around the idea of anthromorphic computer code.

This is to say nothing for the simple fact that "Virtual Reality" is now part of the popular meta consciousness. This includes ideas like someone's brain being trapped inside a virtual reality construct.

Simply put I think the big failure with the franchise was in doing a sequel, instead of a reboot of sorts where instead of a gun that "digitizes" physical objects, the whole concept could have been made to work with a virtual reality operating system that was being experimented on, and someone being stuck in there due to corperate subterfuge (probably not realizing that the mind is still present).

I'll also be honest in saying that I fail to see why you need to have a human factor involved in such a movie at all, as demonstrated by "Reboot" which itself became a cult classic, surviving for multiple seasons.

It also occurs to me that two of the sources I mention above (I consider Compiler and Assembler as the same basic series, just focused on differant characters) deal with the concept of virtual entities being brought into the real world. "Compiler" being a comedy about Domi-Matrixs from a 2D computer reality invading our world, with a pair of them falling in love with a couple of guys and deciding to defend it instead. Not deep, but the theme is noteworthy, it's pretty much Tron in reverse, with what amounts to the MCP becoming humanity's defender and other systems trying to shut it down. "Seriel Experiment's Lain" suffered from trying to be too deep, but was based heavily on the mystical signifigance of numerology, and how since computers work based on numbers and math they were basically a giant spell. In simple terms a secret society called "The Knights Of The Eastern Calculus" is working to pretty much create and kill god to absorb her powers and hijack reality. To do this they basically wind up creating an aritificial intelligence, manifesting it in real life (as a girl), and then trying to feed it back into the computers and destroy it, leading to a world that hackers could control the reality of by hacking. There is more to it than that, it's believe it or not the simple version (It's Japanese, what can I say?). It's another work that seemed to be heavily inspired by Tron's idea of an "alternate computer world", that again covered similar concepts in a more updated fashion (or at least when it was released).

In short, Tron's sequel suffers for not being able to cover the material as well as works that the original inspired.

holy crap.

could you make the blonde girl's tits any larger? lol.

=_= I'm watching you, bird...

Gawker sucks. Tron was fantastic.

I'm not entirely sure what a security breach has to do with Kotaku and i09 them having an intense dislike for Tron: Legacy. Those critics are perfectly entitled to their opinions about the movie, or anything else. Usually this comic is pretty funny, poking fun at office politics, strained social interactions and conventions of gaming simultaneously. Do you really want to be just another comic... Oh wait, I get it now.


Also, I liked the "Weird Al" reference. I didn't like that you put an apostrophe in yours.

Only one film can go up to eleven.

that is awesome.

Actually, the Gawker breach was probably to get at certain e-mail address and passwords relating government employees. The typical bad password behaviors of the average populace carry over to government employees, hence nabbing a Gawker .gov e-mail and password has a decent chance of being used elsewhere successfully.

Aside from that... Typical Hollywood: Make pretty visuals, market like hell, and collect the money from the easily entertained masses. Damned be plot, logic, and integrity. Hollywood hasn't produce anything of value in quite some time and are just shilling whatever they still have the rights to for profit. They don't need quality to get a payout, hence it'll suffer to no end. Simple game theory explains it all.

They could have locked a bunch of computer scientists, computer engineers, writers, artists, and psychologists (doing studies in iconography) in a room for a few months and produced something of value... But instead, they snatched up whatever trash some of the "usuals" in the industry produced.

The movie was fantastic. Thank you for this- there was no reason for people to be as harsh on it as they were. If there were one phrase that does not apply to this movie, it is "cheap cash-in." And yet people think that it is. It's just meant for a verrrrry specific audience, and that's why I think so many people don't get it. Oh, and just because something has great visuals does not mean that the plot automatically sucks or that the movie is not deep. It is- think about it, especially the interlinking between events in the real world and inside the computer, and you'll know what I mean. Besides, one has to love Daft Punk's score. That they hired Daft Punk to score it means they knew what they were doing, guys. The movie had plenty of soul.

Hmm I thought the movie was very good. Good acting, great sound and visuals, great feel. The only thing that was abit weird was the story but it's science fiction so what do you expect.

The writing in the movie was terrible. But I don't know why I go into movies like this expecting decent writing.

Two reluctant, coerced thumbs up for this one.

Are you frigging kidding me? It was good at the start but then it got BORING!!!!!

It deserves a 6 out of 10 MAX....and even that is being generous. VERY GENEROUS.

I liked it.
Not perfect, by I liked it. Eye candy.

while for whatever reason most here are speaking well of the movie(which I like) I feel compelled to throw in my 2cents: To Hell with the critics! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, even though it did have a few slight weak points, one of which quite was the CGI face of Jeff Bridges

You mean someone on the internet *le gasp* didn't like Tron?!?!?!?!? This one, although clever... didn't even really make me chuckle. Nice try, though, I do like the idea of the comic, but it really just seems like you're jumping on to the "cool to hate" bandwagon, like with Kane and Lynch in that one comic.

I thought it was good. Popcorn movie prime, though. But a good movie.

So a reviewer gives a negative review then all the users on their site get pissed off because of it.

I can't think of a good real life comparison to say why the hacker is a moron.

Tron Legacy was a pretty decent movie though.

Random Weird-Al Yankovic reference FTW!

Grey Carter:

Wait, so is it or is it not great?

It's a dumb movie with beautiful visuals and a great soundtrack based around a completely ridiculous concept that makes absolutely no sense under even the most basic scrutiny.

Much like the first film.

Also. Normally not a "go see it for the actors" kind of guy but holy shit Olivia Wilde. Also, Jeff Bridges as a bizzaro world Obi Wan Kenobi.

Geesh troll much?

Both movies where awesome. If you consider it was made in '82 the original Tron was quite well done, and still holds up to time.

I loved the seconed movie, the only problem I had was some continuity and story glitches but otehrwise very enjoyable.

Please explain how the concept of a Grid like world inside computers is ridiculous? Seeing as multipule other media has basically taken a cue from Tron and done some things simular, Reboot, Ghost in the Shell being a couple examples.

Wait, so is it or is it not great?

It's a classic case of a decent product being brought down by way more hype than was good for it. Most of the negative reviews for the movie are likely coming from people who were expecting this movie to be the second coming of Christ. It certainly isn't that good, but it isn't terrible like most reviews like to say, either.

A fantastic B movie of a B movie.

Its very much a TRON movie, down to the parts where TRON is yet again a minor character XD

as everyone has said already who reviewed the movie, its got a fantastic soundtrack. Daft Punk so totally found the TRON sound. It better win an Oscar for Best Original Soundtrack! cause i can't possible think of one more original this year :P


"Not Sayid, from 'Lost'" Hahaha, pure genius.

I actually really enjoyed Tron. Sure, the ending was a bit poo, but it's a Disney film. It also suffered from the "main character pwns all" disease, but, again, Disney film.


A fantastic B movie of a B movie.

Its very much a TRON movie, down to the parts where TRON is yet again a minor character XD

as everyone has said already who reviewed the movie, its got a fantastic soundtrack. Daft Punk so totally found the TRON sound. It better win an Oscar for Best Original Soundtrack! cause i can't possible think of one more original this year :P


great movie but cant say i'll remember the movie if you play me one of its tracks. You hear the ones from TRON u cant mistaken it for anything else. No doubt it'll be in the running mind u but i cant imagine it winning over TRON :P

Madara XIII:

It was a good movie... if you like pretty lights, and ONLY pretty lights. And Daft Punk I guess.

You trying to say something bad about Daft Punk?! HUH?!

*Rolls up my sleeves* I shall not have you slander such a great band, we shall engage in fisticuffs. Have at thee good sir!

No, I was saying it's one of the good things about it, but like has been said before, if the main reason to see a movie is the soundtrack you've got problems. Buy the OST and skip the movie if you ask me.

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