Zero Punctuation: Holiday 2010

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To be honest the 2008 clip show was alot better. This one just seemes disjointed and somewhat unfunny.



Well seeing as how it was so disjointed. I'm just going to comment on how much fun I had reading "Mogworld" over the weekend. Got it for Christmas and was pleasantly entranced by Jim, Meryl, and Thaddeus. Fun book thanks Yahtzee.

It sounds like your book ended halfway through, then. The first half was great, the second half was a load of arse-talk and rubbish... At least, that's how it went for me. But yeah, Meryl <3

Back to the vid:
Was it just me or was it poorly edited? Could just have been Opera ballsing up, I guess.

I totally agree actually about halfway it got kinda wierd still a fun read though.

I found the last half to still be a fun and good read, abeit somewhat slightly darker, and dragging in pace a bit, like it could have hadmaybe 50 pages removed and been better because of it.

I wouldn't be to surprised if it was just 5 minutes of him sitting there. Funny stuff
Enjoy your holiday

Awww... I was actually ready to sit for 5 minutes and contemplate how amazing you are. Also, it's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks the Darksiders episode was one of the best from this year. Enjoy your week off!

I was actually about 10 seconds into contemplating how much I appreciate Yahtzee's Zero Punc when he shouted: "Oh, *uck it, here are some clips(quips?)" The answer is a darned lot. It introduced me to the Escapist community which has turned into a considerable blessing. Thanks Yahtzee! Your videos are hilarious too :)


Random berk:
After the holidays, Yahtzee should do a review of Fable III. I know its quite late to do it, but that is a game that truly deserves to be torn to pieces. Just like it tore my high expectations to pieces. *sigh*, fuck Lionhead, and Peter Molyneaux.

I'm going to show my fangirly-ness here, so don't laugh at me, but...He said something about it on his Twitter. Quote: "Why does Fable have such vocal champions? You want a review, here it is: Fable's never been good and 3 doesn't change anything."

I thought Fable II was enjoyable enough, once you ignored the stupid civilians. The story was alright, if a bit short, and more importantly it left quite a bit to do after the story, to which most games don't pay enough attention. This one on the other hand had much more clumsy gameplay, and the whole part after you become king, which was supposed to be the game's big selling point, was a joke. They started you off on it, and then just said " fuck it, lets cut straight to the end." The game was not long enough, and didn't have a good enough start or end to get away with that.

I hope he soon review Fable III

Is anyone else having a problem watching the video? The audio keeps going, but the video keeps stalling for some reason.


To you, everything is the greatest gag ever... oh wait...


Srdjan Tanaskovic:
At first I thought it would only be a 5 minutes long video where nobody said anything

I was hoping it would be, dear god I was hoping it would be. That would have been one of the greatest gags ever.

To you, everything is the greatest gag ever... oh wait...

1:30 - 1:49 shouldn't have been included. Both were analogies based in ignorance - the former being the analogy itself and the latter being the game which it was about.

This is probably one of the more obscure questions, but in the Force Unleashed 2 clip, what was the make of the combat boot used? I can't make out the logo, and now I really want a pair.

Gotta love the ending, Ode on Melancholy was a nice poem, a bit sad but still great.

lol what was that last bit from? And the one with the kookaburras?

Gotta love this little summary. I must admit it was good to be reminded how he summed up War.

Best one?

I am a monster truck that walks like a man!

And while I enjoyed the bit at the end, Yahtzee is sadly neither Morgan Freeman nor Stephen Fry and should probably stay out of the books-on-tape business.

A great compilation Yahtzee, onto another year of shenanigans! =)

Best one?

I am a monster truck that walks like a man!

And while I enjoyed the bit at the end, Yahtzee is sadly neither Morgan Freeman nor Stephen Fry and should probably stay out of the books-on-tape business.

No he most certainly can go into the books on tape business. I would love to have him in his normal pace of voice though. I would get through a book in a heartbeat.

The ending should've said "And the Black Ops review video" because that was one, long, excruciatingly hilarious analogy. Why DIDN'T he put that "America is an Obese pre-pubescent girl" analogy in there?

By far my most favorite quip from Yahtzee this year was during the Torchlight review... That review had my nearly peeing myself from laughing so hard. When it got 1:40 in, and he says:

"Torchlight is a Steam game, currently exclusive to PC, and I wouldn't hold your breath for a console port. It would lose a lot of the atmosphere of the original since you wouldn't be able to hear your mouse button clicking about 50 times a second. This is something the game has in common with Diablo along with absolutely fucking everything else. You click around town, click your way into some quests, click down to the dungeons, click all the enemies to death, and then click back home again. There's more clicks than a school for dolphin telegraph operators."

i appreciate you yahtzee! at least i found some quotes i missed before to write on my japanese love pillow to make it more authentic...

Awesome vid Yahtzee. Enjoy you holiday dude. Ever since I first found out about your show. I have been eagerly awaiting each new episode every week like a small boy at Christmas.

Happy new year Yahtsee !

Kane and Lynch 2 were robbed!! Worst game of the year and yet...
No mention of how many d*cks they sucked to now only be breathing sp*nk instead of air!!?? :D

Ugh. A Fox News joke. That's original!

"...since the Schlinder's List Easy Bake Oven."

and then I laughed out loud in the middle of the night

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