The Big Picture: Nerd Gods

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I would totally worship his version of Death.
Or Terry Pratchett's.

Worshiping Haruhi is already a thing. It's called Haruhiism. They have a symbol (well, technically a flag, whatever).

But on the subject of nerdy religions, for a good year of my life I had to explain to people I adamantly in the Reaper's Game and the concept of a Composer from TWEWY.

He forgot to mention that for several thousand years "before christ", man worshiped many many figures who had at least one of these in their bio: 1. born December 25 2. born of a virgin 3. died and rose three days later 4. claimed to the son of god 5. sunday day of worship 6. claimed to the sacrificial lamb 7. claimed to be the truth, the way the light.

And for those Chirstians out there, go search one of these figures that are just a few I can think of: Horus of Egypt, Mithra of Persia, Krishna of India, Attis of Phrygia, Heracles of Greece, and the list goes on.


Yay, Church of Haruhi! All hail the allpowerful schoolgirl!

Perhaps Kyon will be some kind of demi-god...

He is our saviour. It works.

I have Haruhiism and the Cult of Cthulhu as my religions. People then ask, "What?" and go look it up.

Nice work, Bob.

Sincere outlaw:
The Church of Haruhi Suzumiya...... ok I'll go for that but only if the second season is recognized as false scripture.

Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody was a good episode and The Disappearance movie made up for Endless Eight. Yes, it did. Season two stays.

Another important reason to keep season two is that any good religious source material needs boring parts that can separate true believers from the layman.

The Church of WAAAGH! for me, thank you.

For all the Fry lovers, Hitchens lovers and athiests!

How can atheists be seen as boring? So many of my heroes are atheist (including the great Fry), I mean just check out the wikipedia list of atheists.

What is perceived to be militant atheism is a frank and blunt discussion in an important area which has for a long time enjoyed some sort of special protection from any criticism. A.C. Grayling says about the term militant atheism "how can you be a militant atheist? How can you be militant non-stamp collector? This is really what it comes down to. You just don't collect stamps. So how can you be a fundamentalist non-stamp collector? It's like sleeping furiously. It's just wrong."

I've always hated the idea of "Militant Atheism"

-Militant Atheists argue bad philosophy in coffee shops
-Militant Christians gun down abortion doctors in coffee shops
-Militant Muslims blow up coffee shops


According to the holy rule book of Warhammer 40K, the God-Emperor should allready be among us...

This times forty thousand.

For the Emperor!

I actually already arranged a church of Haruhi. Kind of. The basic theology? The goddess wants entertainment so entertain her by following your callings and expressing individuality to entertain her. Write more, think more, find out how to entertain the goddess. It's kind of like Daoism meets George Carlin.
...actually it is Carlinism as i used to call it, i just added the Haruhi face to attract the aggressive bisexual crowd. And i do have followers. A lawyer who goes by the nickname Flounder applies this to his practice by thinking that what entertains the goddess entertains the jury, and that a jury will be more focused if they're engaged in the trial, so he uses wit and creative approaches in presenting evidence and rebuttals. My girlfriend often walks and plays with the animals she takes care of during her training because the goddess probably likes animals as well. One gloomy bastard who calls himself "Pyramid Head" or "DoesntWantLunch" depending on where you meat him also took it to the next major stage by even trying to come up with a symbol for the group and making a Facebook group. Never did figure out what happened to that project, though i hope i see it again. Compared to his fanfics the idea was fucking genius with how much depth he would put into it.

Still, the gnostic term... i actually am fine with people practicing gnostically. Trying to define a religion based on entire scriptures rather than central messages is just a recipe for fucking disaster, kind of like Scientology or biblical literalists. Maybe if people took religion less seriously, the international death toll would drop.
...rather significantly. Religious differences probably count for a decent chunk of homicides in many regions.

Thor wouldn't have to make a comeback. "Thursday" was named after the God of Thunder, aka, Thor.
Yay, Norse mythology! :D

As for the whole religion thing, I am a firm believer that 95% of them are sexist. I don't know anyone who would say they believe in Wonder Womanism or Zatannaism.

Whenever someone asks me what I believe, I will link them to this video.

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