Trailers: Resistance 3 Trailer

Resistance 3 Trailer

Four years after the events in Resistance 2, Joseph takes up the opportunity to deliver a blow to the Chimeran invasion forces.

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This makes me want to buy a PS3, mainly because the live action footage and now the music reminds me so much of Disruptor, Insomniac's first FPS back on the PS1.

Looks alright, the sledge hamer bit was silly. Wish i had a PS3 to play it tho =[

Man, I hate the lead time that Sony starts advertising their games-- SEPTEMBER??? Fuck you guys! You're not going to make me want to buy the game more: I'm already in. You're just gonna piss me off as I'm sitting around waiting for it.

If it is four years later I think it is safe to say that they occupay not invade.

1) I thought the science guy killed himself in Resistance 2, judging by his journal notes.
2) So Hale's really gone, huh? I liked him. More than "Oh, look at me I'm so tough and angry" Joseph C.
3) Is it just me, or is the guy who's playing Joseph look a little too skinny? He was a walking wall of meat in the game. Then again, maybe the guy at the end isn't Joseph. Possibly the guy from the PSP game?
4) Four years. I'm surprised there are any humans left. Things weren't exactly looking up at the end of the second game.
5) Can't wait for this game. Getting it the day it comes out. YAY!

Sniper Team 4:
3) Is it just me, or is the guy who's playing Joseph look a little too skinny? He was a walking wall of meat in the game. Then again, maybe the guy at the end isn't Joseph. Possibly the guy from the PSP game?

Well, I'd assume he's lost some of his meat during the 4 years of struggling to survive.

OT: I wonder if they're going to do live-action with the game itself, it'd certainly be interesting. Other than that, I'm seriously excited for Resistance 3. It looks like it's going to be a much more focused game, unlike Resistance 2 where they just seemed to concentrate on bigness and huge numbers rather than overall polish (face it, while 8 player co-op and 60 player multiplayer can be great, about half of those numbers are unnecessary).

Here's to a great gaming year in 2011!

I never got into the Resistance series. It looked like a standard shooter to me. This looks a bit like a survival game. I might give this a go. Oh and, it cant be hard to record new samples and sounds. I've heard those bullet ricochet sounds in many other games and trailers. Kinda kills the momentum in the trailer for me. (Thats just me)

Oh and the sledgehammer bit looked really lame.

I love sledgehammers. Using a big brick tied to the end of a stick to smash things speaks directly to the core of my being. That said, I'm excited for this, and actually booted up my PS3 to play Co-op resistance 2 with my dad the other day, so I'm hoping that the Cooperative game modes come back again.

I always thought the Resistance series looked cool but I dont have a ps3
oh well maybe some other time

the sledge hammer looked kinda stupid but hey it could be cool (its no crowbar but still)

that was an awful trailer

I loved the first game but the second one was so differant it could have been a seperate series and i didnt enjoy it. I really hope the third one returns to the style of the origional one

are the cutscenes going to have live actors playing them like in the c&c series? cause that would be rad XD

Gotta get me some that post apocalyptica alien invasion, during the 1950's!
A prequel? I want to see what happens after Resistance 2.

The part with the sledgehammer looks like an arena challenge like a thunder dome for the post apocalyptic world. Which would be cool depending on how it is set up he might have to do it against his will to get to another section or something along those lines

I might get a lot of hate for this, but this trailer reminds me a lot of half-life 2


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