Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Creepiest Giant Spiders

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I don't know if anyone have mentioned it before here and I'm not going to find out either (12 pages? no way..). But, the fact is that BOTH Scorpions and Spiders are in the class Arachnida. Which means they are kind of, sort of, a little bit alike. :)

Only read up to page 3, but from waht i've read apparently the teleporting spider in Darksiders isn't considered creepy to a lot of people...

Piss people off? Black Ops blows Black Cock. LoS looked terrible but not that terrible!

Brutal legend's spider cave when you have to get the web spindle kinda creeped me out

I think General Caprakan from "Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom" should get an honorable mention.

He's a giant Spider on par with the Gohma Spider from The Legend of Zelda (in all its/her forms).
But it's made out of this viscous, slimy, oily, gross body made out of the oozing physical manifestation of evil. And an alternate form (won't go into details because of spoilers) that reminds me of the infection from "Princess Mononoke" (you know the stuff that looks like purple oozing worms manifesting and bursting out of Ashitaka's body)

Seriously. Check it out.

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