Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Creepiest Giant Spiders

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No mention of the Spider Daedra in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion? Technically half-human in form I know, but half-human, half-giant spider demons from Hell takes at least number 6.

Now excuse me while I weaponize giant boots on sticks.

I so Agree about Black Ops. That Game Sucks!

No Giant tarantula from Bayonetta? :P
It divides itself into 6-8 smaller spiders then proceeds to EAT THE GIANT BOSS YOU JUST KILLED

Cryostasis has a pretty disturbing spider as well ( skip to 6m15s ).

The spider lair at the Temple of Xian level in Tomb Raider 2 creeped me out. I slowly walked around just waiting for one of those huge spiders to drop in from another dimension and materialize next to me. I'd just freak and start shotgunning it to death. Sometimes you could hear them scrambling around in the dark, plus the ambient music was creepy with all that whispering and dissonant wooshes. And then they bumped you off the high ledges and Lara screamed to her splattering death....yeah....I hate that part of the level.

Isn't it the other way around? The smaller the spiders are the more venomous it is then a giant spider?

Deadliest spider is tiny Black Widow, while the Tarantula spider stings abit?

Also fun fact. People eat roughly 8 spiders a year while sleeping.

It depends actually. Differant spiders survive by differant means, and the relative strength of their poison usually has a lot to do with how they take down their prey, and/or if they kill and consume everything right there, or if they like to store it and put it away for later.

There are some very nasty spiders that have venom that is basically acid, and that's why they are unusually deadly or damaging. Brown Recluse spiders are like this if I remember. This is because they tend to liquify their prey or at least it's internal organs and then drink them (for all intents and purposes). One of those bites you and it might kill you, or necrofy a portion of your flesh and do some serious damage.

I believe Turatulas [SP] are one of those spiders that like to keep snacks around for later, their venom is designed to make their prey sick/slow so it can't escape rather than actually kill it outright. The idea being that it can either eat the helpless animal right there, or there is a good chance it will be too weak to go anywhere if it wants to hang out for a while before lunch.

Spiders are generally not bad things as far as people are concerned as their usual prey are insects and animals that are detrimental to human interests. However in general they tend to be very nasty in the way they hunt and dispose of prey in a lot of cases. Given how painful it is to be killed or eaten by a lot of spiders (some of which like their prey to still be alive) it's terrifying to imagine what it would be like to be on the receiving end. Hence the general dislike of spiders.

At any rate, seems like Lisa and Garfield have something in common. :)

i love these little top 5's. i never played limbo but yeah...that was one creepy spider

I'll admit I can't really agree with the subject matter, but this is still a good video and hilarious as hell =)

Lisa Foiles, I am disappoint! I've expected these half bionic deamon spiders from Painkiller. At the same time, I have to say they're not that giant.

Not that disappoint all over sudden

mfG diebane

But you have amazing weapons to kill it. Things aren't as threatening when you can kill them easily and spectacularly. In all of those you really don't have much. In Zelda you have a bow. In DMC you have a sword, et cetera.

Spiders are friends!
They kill musquito's, man's true enemy.

I was thinking the metal spider queen from Brutal Legend.
combining two of humankind's greatest fears. giant bugs and robot uprisings.

I just paused this on 0:13, but I just have to say this:

The first 5 or so seconds of this vid were the funniest I have seen in any Escapist video ever. It was...ok yeah it was fucking hilarious.

That said, Lisa's Top 5's are starting to grow on me. At first it seemed a little "herp derp ima bimbo"-ish, but it quickly became pretty damn funny.

I never liked that spider from Devil May Cry 1. Always got on my nerves on how many times I died fighting that jerk.

Creepiest giant spiders seems a little's like discussing the most painful gunshot wounds.

EDIT: Ah right, feedback. I didn't particularly like this series at first but, given the apparent toning down of her appearance and the fact that this video was actually genuinely funny, I might start watching this regularly. I don't know what Lisa's done to her delivering to tweak it but she's actually pretty funny now :D

Dam what about the spider from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, that was pretty big and nasty and it was definitely an arsehole.

Yet another great episode, Lisa.

I have to say the Spiders from Borderlands: Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC would have been on my list though. They rise from the ground like zombies, travel in packs, leap insane distances, and are a PAIN to kill. Especially when playing solo.

-Raptor, out.

This is turning into a good series. I really like the presentation of it.

Castlevania LoS props <3 Awesome as per usual, keep up the fantastic work.

Enjoying this series. It's nice to see a video where someone isn't being a complete self righteous Jackass (looking at you Extra Credits), just having a good time and being funny.

For those that complain and flat out troll it, i didn't realise you were legally required to watch every single video on this site. But of course, if you don't like something everyone has to know of course.

Keep up the good work Lisa.

EDIT: Whilst not wanting to admit i was looking at your chest, i like the ironic touch of wearing a spider necklace..

I fucking HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE spiders, but I really want to play Limbo now.


Also fun fact. People eat roughly 8 spiders a year while sleeping.

More fun fact! That isn't true, that was an old wives' tale started to show just how silly old wives' tales can be. Spiders are afraid of us, and while do they like moisture and warmth, they hate movement of things of are on and would never willingly enter a giant monster's mouth.

OT: God dammit, why did I watch this episode knowing I have a fear of spiders...also, I am trading Black Ops in (don't hate, just not feeling this one...), but not a chance in hell for me getting Castlevania.

I love that game EDF: 2017! I got my first chance at playing it in the game room of Anime Conji last year. It also has giant ants and alien space ships. Phantom's scorpion tail is made of lava so it's still a spider...CHEATING SPIDER!

Wow, this thread is just a bit creepy.

I didn't watch the videos about fashion or whatever, because they were du;I mean "not specifically catering to my area of interests" >_>

But this one was okay...... has room for impr...*AHEM*..hmm, yes, what was that? never mind, i didn't say anything, I'll be going now. Is it chilly in here? I feel chilly. I'll myself out.....of this thread...about a video....which is AWESOME!! Great!

Okay the hitting yourself jokes were kinda funny. But I was getting the impression you are hating on spiders a little too much. Perhaps a bit of denial, hmmm? Plus... spider jewelry? I'm just saying.

I really need to play Limbo.

The lists are so odd... but they are pretty good I would like more interesting list

p.s. Demon's Souls has a very scary spider and what about Darksiders that bitch can teleport.

None of those seemed particularly creepy, (well, ok, Limbo "Crazy ass WTF stabby spider," I guess) especially the boss battles. Maybe it's just me, but things typically aren't as scary when you're established to be killing them in spectacular showdowns.

EDIT: Idea for those frightened of spiders; watch this breif documentary.
Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Spider Webs
Much to learn here, there is.

The robot spiders in Duke Nukem 2 still freak me out. Bleeech.


Onyx Oblivion:
I hate the Dragon Age spiders. Startle the shit out of me when they drop from the ceiling with that terrible, grating sound effect.

when I started my mage and it dropped down from the ceiling onto my head it scared the heck out of me, was not expecting that.

Hey, list is missing The Spider queen from Okami. She was mix of spider and the girl from grudge. Buuuut she was killed with flowers and painting so Im not sure.

Alternatively, it took the power of a sun god to kill her. The Spider Queen was scary as hell when you accidentally wandered into her hidden boss alternative forms as well. Generally that lead to INSTANT DEATH.

Didn't she also have multiple eyeballs?

Dragon age spiders.

I always chain lightning them cause i hate them so much!

Loving this show.

Ive always wanted a giant spider to play with.

Aww, no love for the completely unthreatening (but giant) spiders from Resident Evil? The required you to (occasionally) actually use those 400 blue herbs you had saved up.

P.S. I love this series. I don't understand why people don't like it. Not everything has to be a thesis.
P.P.S. I am a straight female, if that makes my opinion on the show any more valid to anyone. (I also wear glasses. *high fives Lisa*)

Spiders in Dragon Age freaked me out because they dropped from the ceiling. However, the scariest spiders I remember are from Baldur's Gate 1, because when they bit you, if you didn't have an antidote potion on hand you'd have to sit healing yourself until the poison ran out. And god forbid you run out of healing potions and spells, because then you have to sit and watch as poor level 1 Imoen slowly eats it.

Although not true spiders, I always felt the Paramites from the Oddworld series were arachnoid enough to seem like one, and freak me out with their hissing.

Why comment just to say you don't like something? I'm going to ask this until I get a satisfactory result.

I liked it. Didn't know that many off the list, but then I've not been gaming for a couple of months now. Also, I listen to Yahtzee way too much, so Castlevania was never on my list of games to buy.

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