Unskippable: Let's Play: Legaia 2: Part 16

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So if that was your guys' way of asking if we want more "let's play" hosted by you two - the answer is "do want!"

Because I couldn't leave a comment for Part 17 I suggest that the next Unskippable: Let's Play should be The Warriors which is a really well done two player adventure brawl type game or Apocalypse with Bruce Willis because it's riddled with stupid cut-scenes, crazy gameplay, an erratic camera, and a plethora of different ammo types you can shoot from the Bruce Willis characters super gun. If another RPG is gonna be played I suggest Skies of Arcadia.

It was fun to watch this on stream, and watching this again is awesome.


Not Yet.

Yeah, you guys should probably do this on Saturday or Sunday next time. I don't remember what was happening that day, but it was a Monday. Chances were I was at school.

I loved the Let's Play. This was my first one and it was a good one to break the ice. The only complaint I have was that the Escapist made the video kind of hard to find on the site (at least when I first started to watch it... I ended up bookmarking it and just going from there every week). I also didn't really see it promoted either... Other than that, I'd love to see another one. Since I didn't know it was going on when it streamed, the day/time doesn't matter to me. I'm happy just watching the posted replays every week.

Great series of episodes, since i'm in europe live watching is a bit tricky. And i didn't know that it was going to be broadcasted.
So maybe do a little more advertising before the show.

I really enjoyed this series. Great job. Keep it up!

I'd love to see another.

lol, you loved the battle system to eternal sonata, which I personally hated, but didn't like the one-of-a-kind system from Legaia 2? I've lost hope for continuing this site *sigh*...Not to mention the "good" review for a Michael Jackson game, lol.

It'd be neat next time if they chose a game they could both play at the same time. (Something akin to the Secret of Mana suggestion, but not Mana itself - everyone, including Graham and Paul, is too familiar with it.)

Looking forward to more Let's Plays!

Just started playing SMT:Devil Summoner named my character Ayuta Toolik or his nickname A TOOL.

I'd like to see more Unskippable Let's Plays!

Also, I jsut recently got into Mystery Science Theater 3000, FUNNY stuff! XD

(sorry for the bump everyone)

I just finished watching all of these, but not because I didn't like them-- it's because I thought they were so good that I'd only treat myself to watching another episode when I had nothing to catch up on.

Unfortunately when you broadcasted this originally I was at work so I could only watch the first 20 minutes or so while I was on a break.

I hope you guys do more of these! I really, really do!

I just found all of these the other day and I just finished watching them. It was hilarious! I loved that sheep! I can't wait until you guys do more Let's Plays!

Do this shit again.

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