How many games did you buy at retail in 2010?
I didn't buy any games.
3.3% (35)
3.3% (35)
6.4% (68)
6.4% (68)
8% (85)
8% (85)
9.7% (104)
9.7% (104)
9.1% (97)
9.1% (97)
8.2% (87)
8.2% (87)
4.1% (44)
4.1% (44)
37.2% (397)
37.2% (397)
I only buy games digitally.
11.2% (119)
11.2% (119)
Other (Please Specify)
1.9% (20)
1.9% (20)
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Question of the Day, January 5, 2011

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Question of the Day, January 5, 2011


Yesterday, we learned that residents of the UK had bought 63 million games at retail last year - one for every person in the country. How many games did you buy at brick-and-mortar retail last year?


Now let's see... Splinter Cell, RDR... I've given up counting already >.>
Damn headache >.>
It was more than 6 games, then some more ordered online from shops, etc.

Hehe, probably around fifty.

Course I buy for more than just myself.

Definately more than 6, it's the main way I buy games, Besides

erm... 8 i think but i bought FAR more digitally.

Many, but I did buy my 360 last year, so... this year will be not so many.

Over 20, though not exactly sure. If duplicates count, you can add another 7. I often buy copies for others.

I counted up the steam transactions since 2010 started. Bought 30 games just on steam. 5 of those were gifts, and some others are DLC. In total, I have 89 steam games.
And don't forget about AOE3 for 10 cents, even though I already had the box copy.
Not all of them are on PC. I also got Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy 13 and Gran Turismo on PS3, and Metroid: Other M on Wii.

edit: Oh and Minecraft :D

Do online stores (not digital distribution) count as retail?

If yes, more than 6 (10+), if no then 0-5, occasionally they have good deals on so it's still worth looking.

Halo Reach and Rock Band 3 are the only two.

I pre-ordered Reach and ME2 from Gamestop, but that's it.

Do you mean at a retail store or at retail price. if only at retail store i picked up 3 games on sale when hollywood videos was going out of business. Infinite undiscovery, devil may cry 4, and the most recent Star Ocean on the 360. The funny thing is i don't own a 360 i just wanted the games. I need work so bad T-T

Do online stores (not digital distribution) count as retail?

If you're buying new, I'd say so. Used games over eBay not so much.

Just three for me, and all old and discounted ones. I get the vast majority of my fix online, and the second biggest chunk used via eBay and, occasionally, Amazon and a local non-GameStop store. Why pay 60 Euros when you can just as well wait a bit and pay 20 or 10?

Must be all my Xbox games(atleast 15 games) for sure, since I bought my xbox at the same time I joined the escapist.

All I bought basically was the new golden sun, the rest were from steam.

If we were talking only PC games, it would have been much lower, but since I buy PS3 games too... well the only option there is to buy retail.

From my local high street? None. From Amazon? Around ten or twelve.

Hang on, XBLA counts as digital doesn't it? Probably another ten or so from there as well then.

Picked up Red Dead Redemption and God of War Collection and GoW3 so 3 all year at retail.

Pickup about 20+ games digitally though XD

i think i only bought cod7 in retail because it was 10 euro's cheaper then on steam. the rest of my games i buy on steam(:

I'll go backwards. BlOps, Halo: Reach, MK VS. DC, Saints Row 2, DA:OA, COD4, RDR and I'm sure there was some more at the beginning of the year but I forget.

8 including a few over amazon and several in the same bundle (Baldur's Gate and Fallout collection, which amounts to 5 games and 2 expansions)

I bought one or two through Amazon, if they count as "brick-and-mortar retail." I bought quite a few others through Steam.

I can think of three right off the top of my head; Mass Effect 2, Halo: Reach, Fallout: New Vegas. I'm pretty sure I bought more in retail stores, but I'm blanking on titles.

-- Steve

The only big game I bought at retail last year (that I remember) was Mass Effect 2. I had to go round 5 different games stores before I found one that had a copy for the PC, and when I finally did get it the second disc didn't work, so I ended up getting a digital copy from EA. This is why most of my big purchases are digital these days.

I bought about 30 games retail and about 5 digital. I buy a lot of games and I'd buy more if I had more money. Also all were brand new, I only buy second hand games if they can no longer be found new and are discontinued.

I also reviewed all of them on my blog that were released in 2010

I have no clue how many games I even bought this year, let alone went to the store and bought.

Blazblue, Black Ops, Starcraft 2. Rest I did digital.

About 35.

i stopped buying pc games retail, but i bought about 5 xbox 360 games. however, i bought about 25 pc games digitally.

I only get second hand games that are years old.

I live in china and thus cannot access a retail store. I can't buy things very easily either (credit card doesn't work with steam here) so I resorted to cash transactions with my brothers who then gifted games on steam. I also got a heap (5+) of gifts at the end of last year. Was sweet.

I only bough only StarCraft 2 everything else I shamelessly torrented.

RDR,spinter cell conviction,black ops,halo reach,crackdown,bioshock,alan wake,new vegas and
thats only 360, fuck

I bought around 10 games at retail this year I think, maybe a bit more if you count used games. It doesn't compare to the 26 I got digitally, though I blame steam sales for that..

iv bought maybe 20 disk games, namly, mechwarrior, command and conquer generals and c&c 3, starcraft 2, diablo 2.... freelancer (good game btw, not a whole lot of people have heard of it), ... HL2 (after which i devoutly bought 99% of my games through steam) battlefield 2..... far cry.... and thats about all the disk games i own, over my whole life, maybe 2 of them i bought this year...
the rest of my 150+ games i have on steam
my old computer had 3 DVD drives so i could install games with less 'insert next disk' prompts and so i wouldnt have to switch out disks when getting on a different game
my current one has 1, and i only needed it to install the OS, for starcraft 2 (dam u blizzard, and i hate ur website), and when i want to play some mechwarrior 4
(to be honest, there are more disk games that i own on that list, but most of those are **** that i cant remember, and i bought them ages ago, and my only console is the PS2, do have some good games on that, but i rarely use it anymore due to my comp)

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