Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2010

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I wish Final Fantasy XIII was higher on the list. Then again, I didn't play Kane and Lynch 2, so I suppose I'm missing out on crappy stuff.

When he said halo reach i kind of agreed. I felt it was a huge let down in the halo series even though being a huge fan series. I appreciate that they wanted to change things up and deviate from the classic halo formula, but I loved the classic halo formula. Also I feel like it was geared towards new players and that bothered me with the main example being reticle bloom, which equalizes skill. I also agreed with fable 3 because fable was brilliant, but it's sequels have been degrading.

On a sidenote, anyone else interested in a Zero Punctuation for Minecraft?

All I can say is: I really liked Kane and Lynch 2. I know it's not that great gameplay wise, and I know this is very crucial to games. But they really nailed the aesthetics and atmosphere. Near the end, I was sick of shooting the droves of enemies, but my feeling of misery and frustration mirrored the characters' feelings. While the story wasn't excellent, I was able to sympathize with the characters and actually care about their destiny. Games should be fun, but I was attuned to the gloomy mess that was Kane and Lynch 2.

It wasn't a great game, but I wouldn't call it the worst of 2010.

Wow...that. Music. Was. Annoying. As. Fuck.

Please, I beg you, NEVER DO IT AGAIN. The poetic speaking was a nice twist, but for the love of no one cut the fucking music out.

Maybe we all just got used to the silence, but I seriously couldn't focus on what he was saying with that music in the background.

I think there's some anger in his putting BS2 on the list. Probably worse games but it's twice as bad when a company you know can do a good game just does a few changes and basically sells the same game over again. If it was a totally new game maker making BS2 as a new game no one had seen before, it wouldn't have been on the bad list.

Nice to see Amnesia on the top list :)

This top list is pretty much very similar to my own,which is quite a coincidence.

Spot on vid nonetheless.


been a while since you made me laugh so hard.

You have a F@NBOY$ avatar.

Shit yeah

indeed :)

Srdjan Tanaskovic:
Well I didn't except Yahtzee to hate Other M that much

Watch his review... he damned it quite thoroughly.

Red Dead Redemption? Yahtzee didn't exactly shred it, but... I thought he gave Mass Effect 2 more praise (which, BTW, has only been awarded GoTY by Eurogamer - now the Brits have to tell Americans which games are the schizz).

Srdjan Tanaskovic:


Srdjan Tanaskovic:
Well I didn't except Yahtzee to hate Other M that much

That game pissed me off so royally that when he mentioned it I went into a rant to everyone nearby about how fucking offensive that game was and how much I think Team Ninja should just fucking stay away from game franchises with female protagonists. Other M is one of the very few games that I call outright sexist I hate Team Ninja for Other M.
If I don't control myself I'll make a 3000 word essay right here about my hatred towards this game so I'm gonna stop there.

Team Ninja didn't have anything to do with the story. And Just what makes it sexist? that Samus takes order from a man? by that logic the army is full of racist people

Fair enough Team ninja had nothing to do with the story, but you wanna know what makes it sexist? How about Samus going from silent protagonist who is effectively just an asskicker to a whining emotional wreck who won't do a fucking thing until she's told it's okay. A submissive character who won't shut the fuck up and who cracks under pressure at the first sign of conflict they not only retconned Samus they retconned her into something she is the exact opposite of. Other M's story was melodramatic bullshit Metroid prime 3: Corruption had an emotional moment at the end that put every line of dialog in Other M to shame. God dammit I want to stop talking about that piece of shit!


Also the rag he used was Maple Leaf Rag.

... Jesus, I listen to too much music.

Hmmm. If you recognized this one, maybe you could go back to the Soulcalibur IV video and tell me the title of the music Yahtzee used for the 'technical difficulties' screen? Been trying to find the answer for ages now, unsuccessfully.

Honestly, outside that review I have never heard that song before. It sounds like it came out of the early 40's which at times can be some hard music to locate.
I'd suggest narrowing a search around jazz from that time, or it could possibly be a cover of a rag done by a jazz band really.

Holy shit, that music During bioshock 2 was from conkers bad fur day N64.
you fucking rock yahtzee

Major Cooke:

I wonder if Garry watches Zero Punctuation.

If he doesn't, I'm sure half of Facepunch is bleating to get him to watch this video.

I must still be the only one who actually liked Other M.

What was with the music in the background? I hope that doesn't become a habit, now. Anyway, I agree with you, as usual.

Holy shit, that music During bioshock 2 was from conkers bad fur day N64.
you fucking rock yahtzee

*sigh* Can someone else tell him? I don't have the heart.

On topic: I agreed with most of this, or what I knew about it. I was surprised that he didn't have Mass Effect 2 on his top five somewhere, though. He seemed to have a reasonably high opinion of it.

Hahahahahahahahah! ROFL!
I'm srsly laughing so hard:D
Epic music choice also!
Thank you, thank you.
Bioshock 2, surprise but well done.
But think halo reach should have gotten a place in the worst 5.

I agree, although I did not expect Just Cause to be number one. I seem to remember you saying that you enjoyed playing Mass Effect 2 so much that you wanted to keep playing it when the time came to write the review.

Julian Daniel:
I don't get why People like Amnesia. I couldn't find anything scary about it. It's just boring.

then you have never been scared by anything in life and have transcended to a level of consciousness free from human emotion.

This isn't me but it was exactly like watching myself in a terrifyingly accurate sort of parody

He prized Reach first, that makes it official. Don't shoot the messenger, it's how it works.

Gotta say, I was hoping ME2 would show up on the list, if only so it wouldn't be so console-heavy (or have Dead Rising 2. Did not enjoy.) Bottom 5 was much more fun for me. Good call on Bioshock 2: the Suckening.

Julian Daniel:
I don't get why People like Amnesia. I couldn't find anything scary about it. It's just boring.

The power of Amnesia is the power of suggestion, and therefore if you play Amnesia with that boring, pissed off outlook, you're going to get a boring, pissed off game.

Might not always be the case though. Some people just aren't prone to the kind of understatement that leaves things to the imagination.

Well played as always. However, MOH should have gone down as one of the worst. That game just plain sucked.

AHHH YES! I knew Kane & Lynch would be your no#1 worst of the year (but damn it, you really threw me off when you said Fable III & Halo Reach). As for Just Cause 2, I honestly did not see that one coming. I could've sworn the review for that was quite negative when I last watched it. But anywho, bring on more decent indie games in 2011 ;)

I only saw a lets play of Amnesia through 1/4 of the game and it was pretty scary, but I was kind of disappointed that *SPOILER* the dog that he was running from could be killed so easily. That ruined my image of the rest of the game. Is it really that good?

I heard very little of Just Cause 2, it was huge for like a week or two, then seemed to disappear...

I was going to write a defence of Final Fantasy XIII, which I quite enjoyed playing but then after thinking about it for a bit I think Yahtzee is actually right. The fights are boring, mostly automated and pointless, you do run down a corridor being randomly assaulted by automated battles.

It doesn't really qualify as a game except in the basic sense that if you turned off the controller it would just sit there and do nothing, at least after the first cinematic, the one that takes about 30 minutes.

So if I take it by it's merits:

Graphics: 10 (best looking 360 game I've seen)
Story: 9 (I like this sort of stupid BS)
Gameplay: 1 (isn't much of anything)
Voiceovers: 3 (I didn't vomit while playing once, which can't be said of Star Ocean:TLH)
Origionality: 0 (It's number XIII and they're actually taking AWAY features)

Overall 4.6/10

This may be my fault as I've run out of category ideas, what other things are jRPGs supposed to have again? I've forgotten since this generation I have only really enjoyed one of the many I've tried. Perhaps I'm just getting old and jaded.

You know, I kind of expected Just Cause 2 to be on the list, but not at number one. Honestly aside from Fallout: New Vegas it's the only game I've really enjoyed this year. After putting almost 30 hours into it after getting it during the Steam holiday sale I almost feel bad about not paying full price. I played the demo when it was released but it didn't really click, I think it just takes a bit to get used to the controls and the limited time frame of the demo didn't facilitate that, but after you start slingshotting across terrain, tying pursuing vehicles to the pavement and watching them catapult off bridges, tying peasants together, and crashing jet fighters into military commanders it becomes very lovable.

i liked bioshock 2... Alot.... but it wasnt as good as the first. See id rate Bioshock a perfect amazingsauce 10.... bioshock 2 id rated a 8.5 out of 10

His top game was my top game for 2010! Cool!

nothing about mass effect 2? although he did say bioware games cease to impress him in his review...they are gonna be amazing. no need to reiterate it I guess

Did NOT see Just Cause 2 coming but... considering I've been playing it for hours already today without being the least bit bored, seeing that game pop up as #1 just made me squeal with happiness.

Julian Daniel:
I don't get why People like Amnesia. I couldn't find anything scary about it. It's just boring.


OT: I totally saw Kane and Lynch coming. I didn't see Just Cause 2 coming, though, and it made me happy. :D

I heard very little of Just Cause 2, it was huge for like a week or two, then seemed to disappear...

Everyone who raved about it got sucked into so deep they never came out again. :P

Hilarious video, nice to see that list.

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