Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2010

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i know you may have been drunk, but the only 4 you got right there were "Just Cause 2" "Dead Rising 2" "Metroid other M" and "Kane & Lynch 2" :P

Generally because i think that Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy 13 and Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 were by far not the WORST games of the year, they definately could of used some polishing but they were enjoyable and i actually bothered to complete them (however little effort it took)...

Otherwise i don't understand how you can post an indie game as the top 4th and 5th, i know they're good, however in my personal opinion they weren't top 5 worthy.

One more thing is that, Red Dead Redemption was an interesting game, but it soon got boring for me, most of missions i could actually skip by holding down the gallop button and watching Television, as it followed the NPC's around the map for an hour or two. the combat was a little shabby but decent, yet not particularly enthralling... also with the tedious repeats of missions, "Follow this guy" "kill his enemy" "save the girl" i got no real sense of feeling or immersion.

But this is just my personal opinion :)

I can agree with many of the placements. Though I kinda wonder what 2011 will hold ^~^.

FF13 sucked, like most of your choices Yahtzee.. Bioshock 2 was a pretty big disappointment compared to Bioshock. Why I say FF13 sucked is because Final Fantasy doesn't know what they're doing story wise anymore, they've lost the spark they had with games like FF7, FF8. It's more of a cutscenes than a game now; and if they wanted that, they should just make another movie.

Do you not think that a free roaming game can have too large an area? After I completed the story of Just Cause 2 I tried to increase the % completement, but it took at least an hour a percent. WAY Too many fiddly things to do!

Great Episode as usual!

Just Cause 2 really deserved that position. This was a pretty good list overall.

Well, I finally played all of the Top 5 here, unless you don't count Case West as the miserly man's Dead Rising 2. I sort of wish Case West was longer (it took an hour less than Limbo's evening).

And making my situation even more in "smiley town", I got them all, except for Red Dead, 50% off the standard prices. Just Cause 2 was $30 as a download I got last night.

I don't fully understand Yahtzee, he advocates the importance of story in games and yet makes his top two games of the year ones with a minimal amount of story (good or otherwise). Maybe he just thought none of the games of the year where story was at the fore were all that good (yeah that's probably it). Ah well, at least he gave me a new word to add to my ever-growing list: saccharine.

I just noticed that most of the Top 5 have emphases on corpses, except of course Just Cause and except maybe Red Dead. Oh, and I'm getting Off The Record 1/2 off, which is technically Dead Rising 2 with a third eye.

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