Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2010

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i did not see him making Just Cause 2 his GOTY; I was like "hubuduWHAAAAAAAAAAAA???"

Kane & Lynch 2 is spot on. One of the few games that I just sat down to the side of my TV and Booed! Pretty good list though. I might shuffle the order just a bit though. *Looks at FF13*

Dimensional Vortex:

The Great JT:
I'd just assume every game was in his "Bottom 5." Nothing against Yahtzee, it's just his reviews make every game sound like they're not worth it and praise is very hard to find in his reviews. I know in his Batman: Arkham Asylum review he said everything he doesn't mention is fine and all, but even so it's kind of hard sometimes to distinguish between, "not mentioning it because it's fine," and, "not mentioning it because it's so wretched I can't bring myself to talk about it."

Well I remember in one of his first reviews he said that "What I learned from my last review, is that no body likes it when I don't insult the game." Also he acts so mean to games because I think that is just in his nature. I actually like him doing that because there are so many game critics that focus only on the good traits of a game and lend 30 seconds to the bad traits. He really counters all the other game reviewers who treat every game with pride, joy and optimism.

Well said. Yahtzee's reviews generally shouldn't be taken seriously, or at least not TOO seriously.

I never realized BioShock 2 got any hate...

Bioshock 2 got plenty of hate, although it seems to have died down in the months following release as the (anti-)fanboys seem to have moved on and everyone else came to realize the game was actually good.

hahaha, kayne and lynch is that bad huh?
I thought he was serious for a second when he said halo reach...
But I personally hated Just Cause 2.....

Halo Reach didn't seem horrendous enough for the award. Fable 3, maybe. But KnL was definitely worse than all of the above. GAH!

Just cause 2 was my sleeper hit of the year too. SO fun!!

Well, Just Cause 2 was fun, but it was too repetetive, it didnt had has many options as Saints Row 2 for example.

That was a great video. I guess Bioshock 2 is a love it or hate it game, personally I didnt really care for it that much. But I didnt dislike it enough to name it one of the top 5 worst games. Just Cause 2 was awesome. So glad it got #1. That was hilarious "Halo reach...JK.." I also thought Demon's Soul was going to be in the worst list.

wow i was shocked when he said just cause 2 i mean it was fun but goddamit the voice acting was total shit!!!!

Didn't see Just Cause 2 getting the top game. It was so painful to play, so utterly pointless and dreadful to control. The only game released last year (or even this generation) that I would put below it is Doctor Who: Return to Earth.

And I thought that Metroid: Other M and BioShock 2 were great games.

I can honestly say I've only played two of the ten games listed. Mostly because there were no PC versions of over half of them. So all I can say about this episode of ZP is: "Whatever..."

I didn't see Just Cause 2 coming. I thought it was fun. For the $6.50 I paid for it on Steam. I would never have paid more. It gets boring after playing it for more than an hour or two, because it's always the same thing. The missions are lame, the story sucks, and the voice acting is terrible. Except Sloth Demon, who had the funniest voice ever, but I played four missions and his voice is replaced by an extremely annoying one.

However, it does have some of the nicest graphics on PC.


"bucket of retard pies"-Yahtzee

for a split second you got me with "halo:reach"...................I'm surprise Kane&Lynce 2 was the worst game of 2010 I'm surprise you didn't choose final fantasy XIII like every other motherfucker out there.

Mass Effect 2 doesn't deserve a place in any "top game of 2010" simply for the way it took any difficulty out of the franchise, as well as having one of the more illogical sequel stories in recent memory.

fucking agreed...................that Human reaper bullshit was fucking stupid. It could go down as "one of the worst plot twist of all time"

So I take it you're not a Minecraft person?

Technically not released yet - most profitable game never released so far :)

Hell yes Just Cause 2, I didn't see that coming but MAN that's an awesome game.

Aw crap, It's too late to play JC2 now. Too many new games from christmas. Damn. And to think it was only a tenner on amazon. I can't believe I clearly missed out a massive chance sitting right in front of me.



Julian Daniel:
I don't get why People like Amnesia. I couldn't find anything scary about it. It's just boring.

It's not overtly scary. Most of the scariness comes from your own mind, that requires a certain level of intelligence.

Is that in defense of the game? Because that is borderline retarded.

He just got the wrong end of the stick, what he was probably looking for is "imagination".
It is your imagination alone that creates the scary ideas in the setting and gaps the game gives you to freak yourself out.
Lack of imagination tho means you're just sitting there in the dark bored rigid.

You can see something similar in Portal, there is no actual story told only hints of some grand scheme, and all the rest was what your mind made of it.

my favorite thing in this top/bottom 5 was actually the clockwork orange music playing in
the backrgound

That was fucking hilarious.I haven't grinned so hard at a ZP episode in weeks. I only didn't laugh out loud because I was busy stuffing my fat face with chips.

Anyway, I'm glad he gave credit to RD:R because it was one of my favorites from the past year. And I really wish my computer would run Amnesia :( :( :( Also, I didn't think Other M's combat was bad. I actually liked it; I thought it was one of the few things Team Ninja did right by that game.

I'm happy that someone else acknowledged how good Just Cause 2 was. It was tragically ignored as a GOTY contender by most people despite being this year's best example of a game being fun above all else. Yahtzee, I salute you, and I must also agree with your opinion on Limbo and Red Dead Redemption, the other games on your list that I played.

Sorry if this has been said, way too many comments.

I find it odd that the bad music was used as both theme music for one of (IMO) the best movies ever and opening music for one of (IMO again) the best games ever. Was it chosen purely because it sounds ominous or does Yahtzee have something against Clockwork Orange or Bad Fur Day?


Hehehe Nice Lists Ben, had me for a second there when you said it "murdered a classic" I thought you meant Castlevania, but nop... I have to agree with that List. At least the Worst of 2010 since the Top was more like YOUR top while the worst was more like THE worst lol.

Castlevania was already murdered way before this latest piece of crap. It was murdered by all the other shitty 3D Castlevania games.

Haven't played any of the games on the list because I'm poor. Someone give me money. Please? Have a heart people, it's Christmas in a year! I've got kids and stuff.

Lol well I would like to ask if you are poor then how did you get to play the "lastest piece of crap" from Konami? But knowing that is one of those Love it or Leave it games I won't try to sway you one way or another...

My top 5 aren't quite the same as anyone here... But if I had to include a bad game there in the worst 5 I would say Front Mission... Good controls, bad story, bad customization, no music in the background and poorly Balanced multi...

I must be the only one who actually likes Bioshock 2

The gameplay in BioShock 2 is much better than the original, but gameplay wasn't exactly BioShock's main appeal, that was the atmosphere and story.

Great review, hilarious as always.

Good start of the year, that video...

Yahtzee, there's one minor critique that I have to send your way: IT'S 2011 AND YOU ARE STILL USING A CRT SCREEN!

Time for an upgrade, don't you think?

Don't know if it's just because I played the demo, but I didn't care for Just Cause 2. The grappling hook is hilarious, but the shooting is kinda blah and the dialogue sounds like a bad porno. Agree with the rest of the list except the fact that Reach isn't on the Top 5, but I know how you find Halo mediocre and such.

Whoa didn't expect 1 or 2 he probably liked them for the vast gameplay time you can spend on the two, personally I thought they were both mediocre games at best. Both having nothing special on story front and the voice that was incredibly poor and between everybody on the internet and me Just Cause 2 was the only game I've never completed but Yahtzee isn't someone to get angry at.

Hmm not sure about everyone else. But i think that Batman Arkham Asylum was easily better than Red Dead Redemption at least

it's kinda sad that he managed to describe my new years day....

Speaking for myself I will say that I oddly enough own his top three games.

Truthfully I will also say that "Just Cause 2" seems like a pretty consistant choice from him, because it's a decent free roam game, with a lot to do, and a fairly irreverant attitude. Looking back at his love of "Saint's Row 2" (which I agreed with him on) I can see how this was his pick.

I think "Just Cause 2" would have benefitted from letting you design your own agent (like you could you criminal in "Saint's Row 2"). I also think it could have used some sex in there with all that wonderful violence and destruction. :P


Amnesia is kind of "meh" from my playing it so far. I think Yahtzee rated it so highly simply because it's one of the very few attempts people have made to make a game that wasn't just a glorified shooter. Sort of like how he rated "Grand Theft Auto IV" fairly highly but then recanted it by saying that he was so let down by gaming as a whole that he was looking for any glimmer in the then-stinking morass of developed game, and it simply got a reasonable review by being less-bad than what else is out there. Amnesia sort of gets a high rating by default for being one of the only actual horror games anyone tried to develop.

That said, as far as the type of horror involved, I will say that the game is definatly kind of low-brow. See, the whole "the best horror is what people create in their minds" bit is what is done for the masses, people that can't deal with being really unnerved or offended by someone. It's the kind of horror you see most in mass-press writing for the casual reader like what Steven King puts out, especially nowadays. It appeals to the masses, but by their nature the masses are hardly an intellectual elite.

Smarter and more "hardcore" genere fans have the issue of usually being quite jaded, and also have a firmer grasp of reality and tend to be harder to get into a mood of suspension of disbelief. The mark of a serious horror creator is someone who can come up with a concept that is going to take that guy who is sitting there expecting horror and saying "okay, scare me, Lol!" and be able to come up with something inspiringly freaky or shocking, above and beyond the occasional 'jump out scare'.

Amnesia is kind of a "by the numbers" approach to horror, I'd rate it as being solidly average, well told, but really not much that hasn't been seen before. I also think the lack of any combat elements is kind of a crutch rather than a feature. The issue being that I don't think many developers can achieve the middle ground needed to have a combat element without turning the game into a shooter. Games like "Resident Evil" and "Silent Hill" got it right, and I think part of what made those games classics of the genere was that through arming the character in going out to deal with these things, he/she was behaving like a normal person would under such circumstances. While not smooth the combat mechanics reinforced the horrific nature of the game, and the capabilities of the enemies as much a anything and encouraged you to avoid confrontation, while at the same time not making it entirely nessicary. In Silent Hill Or Resident Evil, you might be able to "buy your way out of a problem" through combat (which makes sense) but there simply aren't enough resources to do that everywhere, and using those bullets (which are finite in supply) here, means you won't have them for something worse later. Thus in cases where you have an option, your going to find ways to get by the monsters without using your weapons above and beyond anything else.

All the praise for a lack of combat seems to be misplaced in my opinion, I tend to think it was more a matter of them not being able to come up with a compromise that worked (like many classic horror games did) rather than a major design desician.

I can see why it's on Yahtzee's list, but I also can't shake the feeling that it wouldn't be there if we simply saw more quality teams working on horror games. With the guys who did "Silent Hill" working on absolutly abyssmal "Saw" movie tie-in games, and Capcom being some of the worst offenders in the "let's turn our horror titles into shooters" crowd, and a lack of interested developers in general... well I think it's one of those "any port in a storm" situations.

Ah! Oh Yahtzee, I'm sure people were firing up the hate mail for the end there, you sexy charismatic stallion!

Huh I was expecting Dragon Age Origins to be on here....

way to go yahtzee ,the guy who loves storylines and games with "SOULS",give away all this shit for the FUNZ in Just Cause 2(fun game btw :P ).
Also i am sorry,but...Just Cause 2 isn't the greatest game of 2010.Yahtzee probably made this top when he was drunk or something,i mean how could he forget about Mass Effect 2?
And,Bioshock 2, a bad game? What,did some video game company pay u to say it sucked? It was one of the best games i have played,it has one of the best feelings u can get from a game,great atmosphere,great setup,nice steampunk theme and a very interesting story,everything being put togheter with nice combat mechanics.

Sry for the bad least you can have something to trolololo on me :P

Srdjan Tanaskovic:
Well I didn't except Yahtzee to hate Other M that much

It's mainly because of Samus being a whiny bitch when Ridley shows up and being a pawn of society like anyone NOT in classic video games. The gameplay isn't anything new besides the need to spam the control pad when a boss breathes fire or something at her.

Finally someone who didn't include Mass Effect 2. You didn't disappoint, Yahtzee.

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