Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2010

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I must be the only one who actually likes Bioshock 2

Nah, you're not. I quite liked it, too, though I kind of wish you could reload your character after you finish the game. :/

Also, I knew he was going to put Kane & Lynch 2 as #1 in the worst games of the year. :D

i actually thought hed for sure put fable3 on as worst game. a lot of people hated it. also,


hed love that game, and we havent had a positive review in a while. i have no doubt itd make it to the top of his game of the year list, if he had played it this year

I must be the only one who actually likes Bioshock 2

I liked it:

Stop blaming Team Ninja for Metroid Other M.
Nintendo wrote the story and created the game engine and D-Rockets was responsible for shoving Samus's ass in our faces every other cutscene. Team Ninja just aided Nintendo in creating the gameplay style they preferred.

Totally agree with FFXIII. I loved the FF series on the PS1 but in the last decade its gone from gold to shit :(

Oh man. I did not see Just Cause 2 coming at all.

I bought it a while back during a steam sale and I instantly fell in love. I though it was an absolutely astounding game and I had no idea what I was missing. I even went back to watch Yahtzees review, and it looks like he kind of just didn't talk about how much fun it gets.

So yeah, seeing that up there was a big welcome surprise.

It's clear that Yahtzee likes nothing but indie games and sandbox games now. Does he play anything that has a plot? He hates on anything with a cutscene as well as the entire JRPG genre, which is half your plot right there.

Finally someone put Dead Rising 2 on a tops games list :P

Put me down as another person who didn't hate Bioshock 2. I mean, the story is pretty blah and frankly I had no reason to expect otherwise, but it's a textbook example of how to use a sequel to fix everything that sucked about the original: the hacking, the combat, the NPC models that were so cheap it was hilarious, the rapid decline in level design about midway through (although it mostly avoids the last one by not really having any particularly excellent level design in the first place). I just wish 2K had had the budget to put all these improvements into the first game before it was released; because it would have been the best game ever made.

way to go yahtzee ,the guy who loves storylines and games with "SOULS",give away all this shit for the FUNZ in Just Cause 2(fun game btw :P ).
Also i am sorry,but...Just Cause 2 isn't the greatest game of 2010.Yahtzee probably made this top when he was drunk or something,i mean how could he forget about Mass Effect 2?
And,Bioshock 2, a bad game? What,did some video game company pay u to say it sucked? It was one of the best games i have played,it has one of the best feelings u can get from a game,great atmosphere,great setup,nice steampunk theme and a very interesting story,everything being put togheter with nice combat mechanics.

Sry for the bad least you can have something to trolololo on me :P

I get the feeling you never played the original. You're talking about the theme and atmosphere of the game as if it were something you'd never seen before. (By the way, it's not steampunk.)

It was a good list, although I thought Alan Wake would make it in there in some regard, whether on the good or bad list. Kidding us about HALO Reach was my favourite part.

Thank you for all of your reviews in 2010, Yahtzee, and I look forward to 2011!

BTW, yes I am new here. Nice to meet you all. ^^

I can't believe no one saw Just Cause 2 coming from Yahtzee. I distinctly remember it for being one of the few games he actually liked. And by 'liked' I mean 'did not insult so hard as to make its developers weep in shame.'

Just Cause 2 was a ton of fun (especially the so-bad-it's-good voice acting) and one of my favorites of the year as well.

Kane and Lynch 2 go to the same corner as Just Cause 2 when it comes to my taste. For me 2010 was the year of BFBC2, but Yatzhee did only do the SP on that one. (The SP i still haven't touched btw)

Spot on.

Surprised Reach was'nt actully on that list.

I also liked BioShock2 -- it was just one of those amusing games that was fun because you got to play something Big and Awesome.

Also, they fixed the hacking an added a couple things that undid one of the "dumbing-downs" that Irrational did when they turned System Shock into BioShock: real-time hacking, where the world doesn't freeze while you hack. Excellent.

I thought he would have put FF 13 higher.

That was the funniest he's been in quite a while

Finally someone who didn't include Mass Effect 2. You didn't disappoint, Yahtzee.

Damn straight. Seriously, I get the impression that Bioware fanboys are worse than Halo fanboys. Yeah, you don't have to deal with the QQ and racism/homophobia on XBL, but the second you raise even the slightest dissent about ME2 not being the greatest thing ever, you immediately get the tards from out under the woodwork.

The original was superior in the story, the one thing that Bioboys will consistently cite as the overarching reason it's the awesomest thing ever. Plus it had Wrex. And a big, stupid jellyfish. And an Asari that would actually put out.

I'm surprised Mass Effect 2 wasn't on the list.

I agree with most of this list, although I think Metroid was not quite second to last place, more like fifth (it was last place in terms of being a disappointment, but as its own game, it was decent). Couldn't be more right about kane and lynch 2, either.

I considered getting just cause 2 for a while. Might actually get it now, since it's cheap.

I must be the only one who actually likes Bioshock 2

Don't worry, you're not. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it, the combat was actually decent, the tacked-on multiplayer was actually fun (though not too addicting), and there were no retarded pipe minigames. Obviously, the story was not as good as in the first game, but it held itself together relatively well. Its Minerva's den DLC was pretty fun as well.

is the negative music the theme for clockwork orange?

Nice catch, I'm pretty goddamn convinced it is and I was about to search this thread for the answer, luckily the very likely answer was in your reply, the first reply of the thread ^_^

I loved the background music. Why isn't there more background music in Zero Punctuation videos?

I must be the only one who actually likes Bioshock 2

Fear not brother, I loved it just as much as the first. and I loved the first one a hell of a lot.

I was really surprised when he picked just cause 2 as his favorite.

couple of notes:

-I'm not sure how I feel about the new format. On one hand it has less room to be funny than the awards ceremony on the other hand it provides more a sense of closure to the year's reviews... I think I prefer the closure.

-Quite suprised to see RDR come in third. He didn't come out positively about the game at all in his review and only backed up his negative stance in the coorosponding EP article. Still, it's good to see him step back from his inane "box of toys" argument.

-I'm very suprised to see FF14 in only the fourth worst spot, to the point where I'm wondering who this guy is and what he did with Yahtzee.

Huh.. Every single bad game on the list was a sequel? Wonder if this is supposed to tell us something.


Huh.. Every single bad game on the list was a sequel? Wonder if this is supposed to tell us something.

2 of the top games were also sequels.

I'd say with Bioshock, it's not so much against the game but against the fact that they made a franchise out of something that should have been a one time deal. The story is self contained, really, and by the end everything is wrapped up, tale over.

Without the story, the original would have been another dime a dozen FPS doing the rounds, and the second one shows that sadly all too well. Even though it's not a bad game, it had as much business existing as, say, a book called 1985. I kinda see its inclusion as a jab against the greed of the Triple A industry trying to milk the buck out of ANYTHING successful and trying to turn it into a franchise.

Music volume was too loud.

I had to consentrate really hard on what he was saying simply because the music was just a snifter too high.

I keep telling people Kane and Lynch is the worst game series in recent history.

Hey, IO *slaps*, Hitman. It's what you're best at.

at first i was like "he's gonna make halo reach worst because he likes halo fans to be saddened/angered" and then i was like "I KNEW IT!"

and then i was like "WHAAAAAAA?"

I get that those games sucked, but I actually enjoyed Purcell's Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary. Also is there another way of referring to that song besides describing it?


Julian Daniel:
I don't get why People like Amnesia. I couldn't find anything scary about it. It's just boring.

It's not overtly scary. Most of the scariness comes from your own mind, that requires a certain level of intelligence.

Jeez, no need to be nasty about it.

OT: this episode was great! One of the best! I loved JC2, DR2, but i wasn't a fan of RDR and didn't play Amnesia. Limbo was...alright.

Aurora Firestorm:

Huh.. Every single bad game on the list was a sequel? Wonder if this is supposed to tell us something.

2 of the top games were also sequels.

Well, 3 if you count Red Dead Redemption as a sequel to Red Dead Revolver.

I guess I'm the only person who thought that Other M was pretty good. A few major flaws (like most of the plot) and the main redundancy of the motherhood theme, but I enjoyed the game!

So in order to appease Yahtzee you must make an indie horror sandbox action game. Gotcha.

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