I'm Sad Now

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well i seen the future of movies in 2011 and it dosen't look great. theres been saying of works of films like rockey 7, saw 8, the zoo keeper (with the large guy off the mall cop) whos talking with zoo cretures now, kane & lench from that disapointing video game i'd played and other films that sceard the daylights of me if they making them.

theres also late 20th centry films to todays remakes or sequels. like mad max 4 and the remake of total recall i seen that thay might make.... i hope not.

some i can say that thay might be good like bioshock the movie or superhero films. tho, knowing Hollywood and british film makers, they most lately might make a gray and pitless dead joy, full of misery and stupidady..or it woulden't just disapointingly ok films.

hope this wiriting is ok enouth for you, users. if you have any questions or thoughts let me know.

thank you for reading.

im so happy im not a movie snob and will watch just about anything and find enjoyment in it XD

Batman3, Godzilla and Transformer3 are must sees for me. Even if they don't measure up, get mishandled, and have bayslosions.

Never was all that excited about the Spiderman movies so a big meh on that end.

the only real downer is that their won't be a DC crossover, which really isn't that smart financially speaking. Even if the crossover sucks big donkey balls, it'll make some serious bank!

Inception? Bob, there was Inception after The Dark Knight. And The Prestige. And Batman Begins was still good. The Dark Knight Rises will still be really good.

Brokeback Mountain was NOT a major conversation piece until Heath Ledger actually became a household name (courtesy of his unexpected demise, which was one of the magical alignments that made the Dark Knight so successful). Yeah, it was a hot topic among film critics/auteurs around the Academy Awards months, but few of the public actually got around to seeing it until the Dark Knight made him famous.

Maybe if you focus on... oh say, non-super hero/comic/monster movies, your outlook wouldn't be so bleak.
I personally don't give a flying crap about any of these films, save maybe for Batman. Hearing that they will all be terrible or not great isn't very disappointing for me. Lots of completely shitty movies come out every year. What if you focused only on romantic comedies? The year would seem pretty bad too.

Silly manchildren have to stop fantasizing that their nostalgic dreams will be perfectly realized in every movie that seeks to squeeze one final buck out of an old teen boy entertainment franchise.

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