Critical Miss: Y Ddraig Cach

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Wales IS basically useless. Not necessarily all of its people, but as a nation it's really got nothing going for it.

I really feel like Canada, while large and mostly empty (well, the US is mostly empty too) still has the image of a liberal government that the US just doesn't. Politically, Canada is very different to the US. Wales is just an offshoot of England that gets its own language that is largely useless.

nice :)

Being Welsh rocks, Fairy Pants obviously hasn't banged enough sheep.

Lads, it's a comic about a strange woman, her pet mouse and a great many jokes about dongs, feces and farts.

Simmer down a little.

Hey. That is totally unfair, man.

Suchong is a rat.

Just want to clarify a few things from an 'English' perspective - like most 'English' people I'm actually mostly foreign, half Irish as it happens.

"As someone pointed out, every nation on the British Isles hates each other, hates England collectively (even England hates England)"

English people don't hate anyone else in the Union, it's a myth. They mostly don't care either way. The only thing that does rankle is the venom they get back from *some* Welsh people and regretfully, a lot of Scottish people, which is grossly out of proportion. Scotland was an independent country that VOTED VOLUNTARILY to join the Union because it was broke. There was no invasion, it was a volunary act. (If you want to go back further and talk about invading armies then most countries' past is littered with mis-deeds and slaughter, England itself was cobbled togther from several kingdoms.) IMHO if they want to waste energy hating 'the English', whatever that actually means, then let them. Just don't believe that this is a two-way thing because it isn't.

There are individuals who feel the same way as the character, the cartoon did a good job of sending up such petty minded people and the concept of 'acceptable racism', but I don't know any people who hate Wales personally.

Oh, and while we're at it:
- The UK includes Gibraltar and some other places.
- There is no Welsh component to the Union Flag because Wales is not technically a Kingdom, it is a Principality, which is why it has an Assembly not a Parliament. No one likes the Union Flag, least of all 'the English' but since the alternative is design by committee (look at the EU Flag) I think we can all agree to dislike it equally.

Dragons ARE cool though.

Ha, I'm a Canadian with a Welsh background. Double Offense: +50 points.

omfg i cant belive you did that im gonna write a letter and...oh fuck it your right im welsh and I hate this god dam contry -.-

the strip was funny until the end and then I just kind of scratched my head, largely because..I didn't get the punchline. Even as a Canadian knowing what he was generally goin for really didn't make it funny. :S

Im welsh and proud! and if we are grouped with canada then so be it, it's not a bad thing to be likend to canada, canada's nice and the people polite. also loved this strip. lol

i am WELSH here me raw


I live in Canada!

I am disgusted my this strip.
Just because I like the odd bit of sheep is not a reason to hate me!

i think i see a typo at the end
did you mean to say that the welsh are like canada's america??

Made me laugh and I'm Welsh born and bred living in one of the most welsh-speaking areas of the country (>50% fluency). For those who persist in thinking that Welsh is a Northern thing try visiting places like Colwyn Bay or Rhyl, they may be in North Wales but many of the locals sound English. Welsh is an East/West thing, not North/South, the counties with the highest proportion of Welsh speakers are Gwynedd and Môn in the North West and Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire in the South West.

And for those who wonder what we've done take a look at the World Heritage Site at Blaenafon, one of the birthplaces of the industrial revolution; look at the Royal Navy, started by Henry VIII (take a look at the Tudor's royal crest, none of the modern namby-pamby lions and unicorns, he had a dragon as a supporter, the Tudors/Tudurs were Welsh).

Oh yeah, and whilst I don't think we need to put our flag on the Union one (ours is better as it is and actually means something to most of us) I've done a possible Union Flag/Draig Goch/Baner Dewi Sant crossover as my avatar.

I'll start out by saying that this comic made me laugh harder than any online comic has ever made me laugh before, but that's probably not a surprise since being American automatically makes Canada jokes funny to me.

I must say that I'm surprised at the number of offended Canadians that have replied here. Now I've never actually met any Canadian (besides Scott Ramsoomair at ConnectiCon) but I automatically assumed that all Canadians knew that neither America nor the rest of the world actually hates or even dislikes Canada. In reality Canada is like Ned Flanders, too perfect if you will, and we're kinda jealous of that so we pick on you with stuff like "blame Canada" once in a while. Being only one person I really don't have the authority to speak on behalf of all Americans, however I'm pretty sure that's what the general consensus is.

As for the Whales/England relationship, I can't say anything because I have no knowledge on the subject...or at leased I didn't before this thread, but I must say that I've learned quite a lot about UK relationships after reading all these replies.

And although I knew next to nothing about Whales before, I'll forever think of them as "England's Canada" after this comic.

I don't shag sheep, I make love to them.

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