Trailers: Bulletstorm "Bulletpoints" with Cliff Bleszinski 2

Bulletstorm "Bulletpoints" with Cliff Bleszinski 2

Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director at Epic Games, is asked if Bulletstorm is good for young children.

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Oh, his face. Just brilliant.
I really want to see more of these, and I can't say that for many adverts.

erm, silly question, but why advertise to buy the special edition to get GoW 3 beta if you can buy it for the PS3 and PC aswell?

"Oh yeah, I just preordered my special edition of Bulletstorm!..wait what GoW 3 beta? But I don't have a xbox, I have a PS3/PC!"

That's what I'm thinking...unless the special edition is only for xbox.

Anywas on topic, looking forward to Bulletstorm, so getting it xD

Tissues and Lube. Stay Classy, Cliffy.

He uses hand sanitizer, but apparently not protection.
Looks like one bullet hit it's mark!

Haha! Best trailer ever. Can't wait for the game, also... this convinced me to buy it.

Like I need more convincing to get this game...
And now if anyone says Cliffy B is a wanker we can just show this video and say "And?"

Classic joke, reminded me of Demetri Martin.

It's times like these when I wish I could afford to buy everything that has a good advert just to encourage companies with terrible/boring adverts to up their game.

Seriously weird trailer. Still gonna buy it!


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