Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Popular Songs

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great #1; but where the fuckballz was Brutal Legend, that game was amazing with the music

Not reading the whole thread, here, but my all-time favorites would be Mad World, used for Gears of War, and the OST for Battlefield Vietnam. Tanking the hell out of everyone while listening to "Fortunate Son" by CCR? Hell yeah!

It ain't me...
It ain't me...
I'm no senator's son...


Gran Turismo 2 yeah OK I suppose, Would have chosen GT3 though and Feeders - Just a day.

Thought you totally rocked it on this one. While usually fun and silly, which are not bad things, this episode also actually said something a little more about games than just a commentary on their art design, which you were probably running short on topics for.

the ending after the credits was really depressing. it kind of made me want to shower you with fluffy stuffed animals and juice boxes.

I don't know about anyone else, but "Lazy Generation" in the beginning of Burnout 3 created one of the most memorable intros I've ever seen.


Still, "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" certainly fits the feel of Borderlands, and its intro was also pretty awesome.

I agree so whole-heartedly it is scary. Borderlands was the first game to make me seek out and purchase the intro music. I have become a Cage The Elephant fan because of Borderlands. and the use of the song was perfect all the way down to the dynamic volume shifts as the scene unfolds. Like some have said already, I often left the game on the title screen during breaks just to see/hear the intro again, and again, and again... My only question. Was it such a great combination that it was the inspiration for the whole list? Would you have done this particular top 5 if it weren't for Borderlands? Now I have to get my copy back from my nephew.

Nice list, I really did like most of those picks. That part of Black Ops was great, the Borderlands intro was fantastic.

I'd like to bring to your attention (and to the attention of our fellow escapists) a fantastic piece of work. Homeworld is a RTS game from 1999. Now the game itself is known for its fantastic soundtrack, which was all non-licensed music except for one particular tune. Now this tune is called Homeworld, by Yes. It was composed by the band specifically for the game, and included in their album "The Ladder".


Homeworld as a whole got mad reviews for its soundtrack. When you come back to find your only known home engulfed in planet-wide inferno as Adagio for Strings plays... Chills. Every time. *off to install Homeworld*

OT: Thus far, this is my favorite "Top 5". Lisa wasn't wearing something skimpy, and the topic material was legitimately interesting. It's not like Lisa isn't attractive, but that shouldn't be the focal point of the show. This one took a better direction.

When Lisa got upset I was almost expecting the guy with Ice cream to break the silence by just sayin:


A mention of Alan Wake and no Poets of the Fall?


Oh, and nice (involuntary?)Dreamcatcher reference in Black Ops there.

Edit: If I were to make a list like this one, I would definitely include Tales of the Abyss. Karma is an awesome song, and the way it is used in the game is terrific.

Lisa, I <3 you. "ain't no rest for the wicked" is my ringtone and my personal theme.

Cage the Elephant. HELL YEAH!!!

All of their songs are "wicked" :)

Agree with #1, but the music you could listen to in vehicles in Battlefield: Vietnam was frriggin' balla. Then again, it wasn't a huge part of the game.

Not a fan of this one. The sequence in the beginning had nothing to do with the rest of the piece, it was just a bit of poorly executed completely divergent humor in my opinion. As for limiting a top five to licensed music, I can understand why you would do that, but personally I am far more interested in games that created their own music which we still love and remember and many have done that at this point.

Bah, I would have had "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within in there. Besides my bias of I Stand Alone being one of my favorite songs, it's just so awesome when the screen goes all dusky and the instrumentals kick in, because then you know it's time to fucking haul ass.

I was just about to say...

Gran Turismo 2 yeah OK I suppose, Would have chosen GT3 though and Feeders - Just a day.

I would have to respectfully disagree, unless you are talking about the UK remix version of favorite game. Didn't have as much weight as the US version.

I'm a big GT fan and I can honestly tell you that I think GT2 had both the best intro and best intro song. Something about the way the old movie still effect and the cardigans blend together. Seeing a car drift around the corner as the chorus rings out "I'm loosing my favorite game..." is just epic. It should have been higher on the list. The feeders matches the growl of an engine better, but the Cardigans were pure silky elegance.

Totally agree with no.1 I bought the album after hearing that track.... FYI the albums sweeeeeeet!

Nope, totally disagree with number 1. That song is plain awful.

I know this has been said millions of times through all the comments, but Lisa Foyles agrees with me in that borderlands' intro music is the best tune in any game ever.

Wow. This just made my day.

Anyone have Lisa's phonenumber?

So, Sympathy for the Devil in Black Ops, but not Gimmie Shelter?

I haven't played the game, so is it just used in the marketing?

I can't think of a single time you hear Gimme Shelter in-game and Sympathy for the Devil was a way better choice then Fortunate Son because it's so clichéed. Also, "Top 5 Best" is redundant.

man i couldnt help but feel sad when you were crying lol im just a softy

All That mug?

I am seriously considering on playing Alan Wake and Stubbs the Zombi just because of this video... WTF this actually made some sense and wasnt all that about making "Fun" of the games but a real critical view on the musical aspect??

i guess they knew the tone was too serious and had to add the "joke" at the beggining and the end

I saw the intro and felt like you needed a big hug, so...

::HUG:: ( ^.^)>( T.T)

I liked the little skit at the beginning, hope you include more :)

Wait, the #1 song that establishes your standard for "how you use licensed music in games" is the ONLY music that appears in the game, and it only plays for the intro. Don't get me wrong, Borderlands did a lot of things right and I enjoyed it immensely, but aside from that one instance of that one song it was completely devoid of a musical score.

Also, for #3 classic rock was sort of the "theme" music for Vietnam, watch any film with stock footage of that conflict and I guarantee there's rock in the background. (or Ride of the Valkyries... :D ) I'm not saying you're wrong in giving distinction to the decision to put classic rock in, just pointing out that it's repeating a tried and tested formula, rather than trying something innovative.

What was the function of the 1m:15sec of filler, Cher?

If you like the idea of #5 you should check out the "Destroy All Humans!" soundtrack

Rogue Hazelnut Brown - freakin' great choice of beer.

GT2 = Amazing Song choice. No doubt about it.

Still alive in Portal. You can download it on itunes I think so it's mainstream. Best song in game ever really just cannot beat the creepy little mood it sets.

I wouldn't make it number one, but Swamped by Lacuna Coil in Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines really added a great touch to the credits.

While not actually in the games the 2 best advertisement songs have got to be Gears of War - Mad World

And the new one for Crysis 2 - NIN Just Like You Imagined

Ah Stubbs, what a great zombie you are


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