Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Popular Songs

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Thank you Lisa for making Tuesdays not the void of internet comatose they were for so long. You have no idea how deathly quiet the hallowed halls of the lolcat got on this, most morose of days. It's like everyone drags themselves out of the weekend for Monday, and then collapses into a day of lethargy because they expended all their creative muscles too quickly. So thank you for this great new web series.

As to if I take it seriously, I suppose my own opinion takes predidence but I'd definitely reference your videos in a debate about any of the topics you've covered for support. I'm am disappoint that there wasn't any mention of Maybe by the Ink Spots, or I Don't Want to Set The World On Fire, or my personal favourite, Fallout 2's A Kiss TO Build A Dream On. Louis Armstrong is a legendarily talented artists.

Listening to some Cage The Elephant now :)

Alright, this loses MAJOR points for me.

It didn't include the MOST badass song in a game and the best use for it too.


I didnt like when Borderlands used Ain't No Rest For the Wicked. I mean, when you're a Cake fan (both band and pastry), you knew that song was coming out and got excited it cause it was a Cake song. And Cake's not (well... wasnt at least) all that known to that many people who could say, "oh, thats Cake" just by listening to the song (and even less know if its cake by the sound it makes while rising. ... oka I'll stop), so I was singing that song before Borderlands came out and people would tell me I need to listen to better bands that they have heard of (douchebags). Then Borderlands came out and EVERYONE knew the song, when I sang it the same people would look at me and say I must have thought I was cool to be singing the theme to borderlands when everyone was doing it.

So yeah... hated it after it go popular, simply cause you odnt associate it with Cake and a good song. When anyone hears that, they (usually/mostly) think Borderlands.

But the rest of the soundtrack list is good. And thats all I'll say or else it was just go into criticism about Lisa.

They put Poe in Alan Wake? Wow. Gonna have to go check that out. And you've made me want to snag the Stubbs the Zombie OST now.

right... 'licensed'
those are good songs
if you're gonna do 'original score', however, you may need a top 100

No. 1 was definitely the right choice, love that song too. "No Heaven" is also great, almost as good!


Which one you ask? ALL OF THEM.

Oh so many loves for the fact that you love Poe. And that so many people in the comments know her work. I've been in love with her stuff for many years now, and almost nobody seems to have ever heard of her.

Borderlands opening... Oh hell yes. Seriously, I like watching the opening just because it's so great and the music fits so well. And yes, it's on my ipod.

Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas I am shocked didn't make it to the list, it's the first thing I thought of when the subject came up. The use of appropriate licensed music and the DJs... so great, and fits the games so perfectly.

I love Cage the Elephant!

ONe song I would have liked to see would be Waltz of the Flowers, which plays in Bioshock when Sander Cohen has his outburst.

Yay Rogue Ale! The Oregon microbrewing industry gets a little free publicity.

I had forgotten how epic the Borderlands intro music was, thanks for reminding me about it :3

My husband and I will let the Borderlands intro repeat over and over because we enjoy "ain't no rest for the wicked" and its use in the intro so much. Good list and good job for being able to make fun of yourself.

Onyx Oblivion:
Time to go and play Borderlands again.

Umm? No Crazy Taxi?

Exactly what I was thinking.

That song is Crazy Taxi.

Yeah, I have to agree with your number 1, that intro got me really hyped to play Borderlands but damned if I was going to skip the cutscene to get into the game.

I completely disagree with Sympathy for the Devil and think it was a poor choice - but Black Ops is a game fill to the brim with poor design decisions so what's one more?

I think the use of Ozzy Osbourne's "Mr. Crowley" in Brutal Legend was fantastic, and considering you already namedropped Brutal Legend I'm surprised it wasn't on there.

I'd also like to give an honorable mention to Blur's use of The Ecstasy of Gold.

I guess it would've been too easy with games that feature radios or track selection (Fallout etc.). Still, the Wipeout series has some awesome licensed tracks.

Lol I love how the comments of the guy #2 which I will call Beer guy are a complete reference to what happened on the comment section last week for the last Top 5. Ice cream guy was cool 2!

And poor Lisa, you can have some of my ice cream. But it's cookies and vanilla just so you know...

I really enjoy this show, especially since (with all due respect to all the males) it's nice to see some female with gaming knowledge. It's silly, quirky, and just all around fun. Thanks for making Tuesdays entertaining! Really makes me want to check out the Zombie game.

The "All That" mug was a nice touch and who eats ice cream with a spoon that big?


Onyx Oblivion:
Time to go and play Borderlands again.

Umm? No Crazy Taxi?

Exactly what I was thinking.

That song is Crazy Taxi.

Hence why I did not download the PSN/360 port. No Offspring...

I'd slide all of these nomination one slot and replace no.1 with Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

How awesome is this special remix of 'Angel' by Massive Attack?

Or how about this epic song by Darling Violetta? A Smaller God indeed.

Lacuna Coil, Swamped.

Or this track by chiasm called 'Isolated'. Haunting indeed.

Or how about this exceptionally haunting song by Tiamat.

There are sooooo many more awesome songs in this game. I reckon it takes the top 5 all on its own.

There's Rolling Stones in BlOps?! I thought it was just on the trailer... that's another thing I'm missing out on...

Great choice for number 1, Lisa! Keep up the good work!

The Cardigans -- totally. I fracking love that song!!

being a little bitchy here But that shirt makes your arms look really long and thing..... There like skeleton arms, ahh!! creepy.

Those arms are going to creep me out now, everytime I watch.....

Holy shit Lisa is Slender Man in Disguise!

OT: I really liked this episode. The skit in the beginning was cute and funny and your list was good to. Totally agree with your top pick.

Best video yet! Number one pick was fantastic for licensed music. The first time I put in the disc and got that intro I knew the game would be awesome and I was right!

Also glad to see Lisa looking stylish in jeans and a tee. Reinforces the idea that she's more than just something pretty to look at. Yes I think she's pretty but I love the lists despite what SOME people think =).

It's an okay list. Not much variety though and I prefer the music made specifically for the game in question, so Baba Yetu and Tristram theme for the win.

The entire soundtrack of GTA: Vice City. No question. Debate over.

I personally like the opening of The Saboteur, with Koop Island Blues. I'm 99.9% sure that's lisenced, and the music on the radio certainly is.

I'd slide all of these nomination one slot and replace no.1 with Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

-Youtube snip-

You're on to something there. I wouldn't say that all of the songs featured in Bloodlines are "top 5" material, but the game had some pretty awesome songs(I'm looking at you "A smaller god" by Darling Violetta). But what bugs me is that my favorite song from that game hasn't been posted yet(I think). I'll just go ahead and remedy that.

Daystar Clarion:


Daystar Clarion:

That isn't a licensed song...

Methinks some people to need realise this.

Title says "Best Popular Songs".
Still Alive is more popular than songs listed in this video.

And if you watched the video, you'd realise she was talking about licensed songs, because, you know, she says licensed songs.

Or does she? Pics or it didn't happen. (get it?:D)

Okay, you've proven your point. I still think that Still Alive is so awesome it breaks any limits lesser ones create. Still Alive deserves some time on air in every video with word "song" or "music" in its name.

WHAT!??, No Paint it Black from Twisted Metal Black!??, man I loved that game simply for that song, I even hitted the credits as many times as I could to just listen to that track, it fitted perfectly with it's twisted and macabre story and characters.

Other than that, great list, I'm loving these Top 5's so far.

Cursed Frogurt:
Oh god I hate Change The Elephant. The singer makes me want to listen to destroy my radio. Oh Lisa Foiles, say it isn't so.

Cage The Elephant.

This episode proves what I said last week in that these are genuinely funny videos now in my opinion. I was wrong about Lisa; she has a natural funniness to her. The delivery just needed tweaking. Looking forward to next week :)

I love the sketch at the beginning. Did anyone else feel that was a subtle stab at the haters? xD

I've been lurking in the forums for a while now, and I must say, kudos to Lisa for taking the criticism the way she did. Just remember forum, someone's always watching...(probably a Mod, but still)...





everybody's got a shit episode

remember MovieBob's The Expendables

I have to admit, I cracked a huge smile to the borderlands intro.
I even quit the game only to start it back up to watch it again.

Enjoyed the video. Mostly because I like the taste in songs.

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